Spatial Energy Coherence
 Copyrights(c) 2006-2011, Dr. R. R. Stiffler 


This circuit boards is being offered for Research,
Teaching and Demonstration purposes only.
Current Design

The SEC 18-1 is a fully tested and tuned Exciter. A mounting socket is
provided for the transistor. The PCB comes with one (1) spare transistor
and a plastic spacer for mounting the PCB (screw not included).
The Exciter 18-x Series of circuits contain a simplified active tuning
indicator mounted on the board. L3 Coil is included with each board.
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$5.90 with Tracking than your order can not
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I do not offer refunds on board purchases because each board is built for each specific order.
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on refund transactions. I also understand that PayPal may charge the receiver of the refund
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