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Directory contents of /pdf/Patents/Elmore/

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all-band.pdf 1.03 MB
AllBand.odt 7.07 MB
AllBand.pdf 2.65 MB
Distributed Antenna System using overhead Power Lines - US2009079660A1.pdf 433.93 kB
Introduction to the Propagating Wave on a Single Conductor.pdf 1.12 MB
Method and apparatus for launching a surfacewave onto a single conductor transmission line - US2004169572A1.pdf 664.85 kB
Method and Apparatus for Launching a Surface Wave onto a single Conductor Transmission Line using a Slohed Flared Cone - US7009471.pdf 636.84 kB
[n6gn] Directory
Surface Wave Transmission System over a Single Conductor Having E_Fields Terminating along the Conductor - US7567154.pdf 1.51 MB
System and Apparatus for transmitting a surface Wave over a single Conductor - US2009284435A1.pdf 1.33 MB
System and method for launching surface waves over unconditioned lines - WO2005114776A2.pdf 1.16 MB