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Section One - Nikola Tesla Books

Section Two - Viktor Schauberger Books

Section Three - Water research Books

Section Four -  "Earthship" & "Architerra" style sustainable homes books

Section Five - alternative and passive solar homes books

Section Six - Charles Woods; architectural passive solar design books

Section Seven - Great study Bibles & Christian Study Tools

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Here is the most comprehensive collection of books on Nikola Tesla, and Viktor Schauberger on the web. All of these books are (now) available from "AMAZON. COM"... just click on any highlighted link, or the picture and go right to the page, for ordering or a more detailed description. I have also included my selection of favorite "earth friendly" and environmentally sound construction techniques for your new or existing home.

You'll see "Earthship" style environmentally friendly, sustainable homes... Architerra (my personal favorite - a high thermal mass, passive solar home - "HTM")...underground, active solar, passive solar, earth banked, straw bale, rammed earth, etc., types of home building technique books, as well as books explaining techniques to live more energy efficiently, or completely "off-grid". So, if you're into helping "Mother Earth", and feel like having quite a few 'good reads'...scroll through each page. Enjoy.

Thanks for visiting the on-line bookstore...more items will be added as I find them, so check back soon. FDG.


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