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Directory contents of /pdf/Eric_Dollard_Document_Collection/

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[..] Directory
3MAY2012.pdf 1.45 MB
27APR2012.pdf 288.66 kB
Bolinas Incident by Eric Dollard.pdf 5.22 MB
Build your own Alexanderson Antenna by Eric Dollard.pdf 16.59 MB
[Build_YO_Alexanderson_System] Directory
Condensed intro to Tesla Transformers by Eric Dollard.pdf 14.29 MB
Condensed_Intro_Tesla_Coils_OCR.pdf 1.86 MB
dollard_coil_Bolinas.jpg 39.71 kB
EPD Update.PDF 264.44 kB
Eric+Dollard+Condensed+Intro+to+Tesla+Coils.pdf 23.14 MB
Eric Dollard - Posts on EnergeticForum.pdf 10.19 MB
Eric Dollard Introduction to Dielectric and Magnetic Discharges in Electrical Windings (complete OCR remake).pdf 896.17 kB
Free-Energy Research of Eric Dollard - Collection of Contributions to JBR.pdf 34.13 MB
Functional Thinking - An Interview with Eric Dollard by Tom Brown(OCR).pdf 526.45 kB
Lakhovski_Multiwave_Oscillator.pdf 287.41 kB
Notes_on_PP-18-AR_Military_Volt_Converter.PDF 416.27 kB
[OCR_in_progress] Directory
[Reference_Material] Directory
Rotating Magnetic Field.pdf 164.46 kB
Symbolic Representation of Alternating Electric Waves by Eric Dollard.pdf 18.09 MB
Symbolic Representation of the Generalized Electric Wave by Eric Dollard.pdf 46.15 MB
System for reception and Transmission of Telluic Waves by Eric Dollard.pdf 2.11 MB
System for reception and Transmission of Telluric Waves by Eric Dollard - newer.pdf 144.77 kB
Theory of Wireless Power by Eric Dollard.pdf 28.34 MB
Theory of Wireless Power by Eric Dollard_OCR.pdf 7.04 MB
The Oscillating Current Transformer - Eric Dollard.pdf 2.02 MB
Transmission of Electricity 1 & 2.pdf 53.83 kB