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Alumonium anodization.pdf 4.18 MB
Applications of high surface area porous nickel as a supercapacitor electrode material and as a hydrogen evolution catalyst.pdf 425.95 kB
Ash et al - Electrode reactions during electrolytic preparation of nickel hydroxide.pdf 186.38 kB
Becker et al - Pulse-Current Electrodeposition for Loading Active Material on Nickel Electrodes for Rechargeable Batteries.pdf 3.05 MB
Becker et al - Pulse-Current Electrodeposition of Nickel Hydroxide - 732815.pdf 5.62 MB
Belanger_CQMF_review2013.pdf 1,005.11 kB
Berchmans et al - Formation of a nickel hydroxide monolayer on Au.pdf 284.63 kB
Bode, Dehment and Witte - Nasa tech translation - For the study of Nickel Hydroxide Electrodes - 1972.pdf 702.97 kB
brief-history-of-supercapacitors.pdf 1.40 MB
Chen et al - Nickel Hydroxide as an Active Material for the Positive Electrode in Rechargeable Alkaline Batteries.pdf 824.81 kB
Cho et al - Supercapacitive Properties of Co-Ni Mixed Oxide Electrode Adopting the Nickel Foam as a Current Collector.pdf 315.17 kB
Dekker and Middelhoek - The anodic oxidation of Aluminium - 1968.pdf 116.26 kB
Dekker and van Geel - On the amorphous and crystalline Oxide Layer of Aluminium - 1947.pdf 1.03 MB
Di Bari - Electrodeposition of Nickel.pdf 4.19 MB
Diggle et al - Anodic oxide films on Aluminum - 2009.pdf 9.36 MB
DIY_Electrolytic_Cap.pdf 2.55 MB
Dube et al - High temperature dielectric study of Cr2O3.pdf 217.99 kB
Dyer - Electrolytic Rectification and Cathodic Charge Reversibility of some Valve Metals (1974).pdf 2.69 MB
Electrodes of improved service life - US6071570.pdf 1.43 MB
Electropolishing_Stainless_Steel_EN.pdf 1.41 MB
Elfwing et al - Method of manufacturing a nickel hydroxide electrode - US4064332.pdf 1.50 MB
Feirera et al - Semiconducting Properties of Oxide and Passive Films Formed on AISI 304 Stainless Steel.pdf 893.71 kB
Frackowiak et al - Carbon materials for the electrochemical storage of energy in capacitors.pdf 1.44 MB
Fu et al - Electrodeposition of Nickel Hydroxide Films on Nickel Foil and Its Electrochemical Performances for Supercapacitor.pdf 753.48 kB
Ganesh et al - New symmetric and asymmetric supercapacitors based on high surface area porous nickel and activated carbon.pdf 1.08 MB
Halper and Ellenbogen - Supercapacitors: A Brief Overview.pdf 997.83 kB
Hassel et al - Breakdown of ultrathin anodic valve metal oxide films in metal-insulator-metal-contacts compared with metal-insulator-electrolyte contacts - 2001.pdf 147.96 kB
Holler & Schrodt - Theory and Performance of Rectifiers (1924).pdf 5.53 MB
Huang et al - Transformation Characterizatio of Ni(OH)2 - NiOOH.pdf 528.14 kB
InTech-Plasma_electrolytic_oxidation_of_valve_metals.pdf 1.95 MB
Irving__LC_electropolishing-stainless-steel-implants.pdf 3.17 MB
Kim and Park - Electrochemical Oxidation of Ethanol at Nickel Hydroxide Electrodes in Alkaline Media Studied by Electrochemical Impedance Spectroscopy.pdf 261.22 kB
Kim et al - Characteristics of Electrodeposited Ni(OH)2 Electrode for a Hybrid Electrochemical Capacitor.pdf 201.95 kB
Kim et al - Electrochemical properties of nickel hydroxide films deposited galvanostatically.pdf 4.64 MB
Kollender et al - Downstream analytics quantification of ion release during high-voltage anodisation of niobium - 2017.pdf 1.30 MB
Lee and Yoon - Frequency characteristics of anodic oxide films on tantalum - 1973.pdf 429.55 kB
Lee et al - Frequency Characteristics of Anodic Oxide Films: Effects of Anodization Valtage - 1974.pdf 385.41 kB
Liu et al - Ionic Partial Conductivity in Cr2O3 Scales.PDF 23.00 kB
Lota et al - Supercapacitors Based on Nickel Oxide - Carbon Materials Composites - 2010.pdf 6.15 MB
Lyons et al - Redox, pH sensing and Electrolytic Water Splitting Properties of Electroch Gen Nickel Hydroxide Thin Films.pdf 1.69 MB
Masing and Young - Kinetics of formation of anodic oxie films on bismuth - 1962.pdf 657.48 kB
Mayer - Electropolishing of Stainless Steel - US4148699.pdf 466.70 kB
Menukhov et al - Double-layer capacitor - US5986876.pdf 1.28 MB
Method of producing Oxide Ceramic Layers on Barrier-Layer forming metals - US5385662.pdf 421.68 kB
Middelhoek - The Mechanism of Electrolytic Rectification (1964).pdf 293.64 kB
Mohammadayani et al - Sonochemical Synthesis of Nickel Oxide Nano-particle.pdf 907.20 kB
Nickel.pdf 183.67 kB
Oh and Chi - The Electrochemical Behaviors of Barrier-Type Anodic Films on Aluminum - 1999.pdf 1.07 MB
Petzelt - Effective Dielectric Response in Inhomogeneous Dielectrics.pdf 1.79 MB
Rudnev et al - MOx-ZrO2 Coatings with M, Al, Mg, Zr, Ti and Nb on Valve Metals - 2010.pdf 521.53 kB
Scholte and van Geel - Impedances of the Electrolytical Rectifier - 1953.pdf 1.13 MB
Shinohara et al - The Electrolytic Aluminum-Oxide Rectifier (1952).pdf 458.00 kB
Stutts - Preparation of nickel-oxide hydroxide electrode - US4462875 - OCR.pdf 320.02 kB
Stutts - Preparation of nickel-oxide hydroxide electrode - US4462875.pdf 192.36 kB
Techniques for Chemical and Electrochemical Passivation of Chromium Steels.pdf 15.16 kB
Van der Ven et al - Phase Stability of Nickel Hydroxides and Oxyhydroxides.pdf 334.54 kB
Van Geel and Bouma - La deformation des redresseurs electrolytiques - 1951.pdf 4.91 MB
Van Geel and Claassen - Electrolytic Condensers - 1937.pdf 1.23 MB
Van Geel and Pistorius - Current-time relationship in the forward direction of Electrolytic Rectifiers - 1959.pdf 1,000.22 kB
Van Geel and Pistorius - On the residual voltage with electrolytic capacitors - 1956.pdf 360.72 kB
Van Geel and Schelen - Some properties of Oxide Layers produced on Aluminium by Electrolytic Oxidation - 1957.pdf 444.68 kB
Van Geel and Scholte - Capacite et pertes dielectriques d une couche d oxyde deposee par oxydation anodique sur de l aluminium - 1951.pdf 867.97 kB
Van Geel et al - Photo effects with Anodic Oxide Layers on Tantalum and Aluminium - 1958.pdf 486.75 kB
Verkerk et al - On the mechanism of anodic oxidation of Tantalum - 1958.pdf 140.85 kB
Vischer et al - Anodic Oxide Films Of Nickel in Alkaline Electrolyte - 1983.pdf 826.90 kB
Vischer et al - The anodic oxidation of Nickel in Alkaline solution.pdf 411.54 kB
Volger et al - The dielectric relaxation of glass and the pseudo-capacity of metal-to-glass interfaces - 1953.pdf 883.19 kB
Wang - Electrochemical syntesis of nanostructured materials and related anodic behaviors - 2011.pdf 7.17 MB
Wang et al - Synthesis of Nickel Hydroxide and Its Electrochemical Performances.pdf 303.18 kB
Wen-bin et al - A novel method for oxidative energy storage in nickel hydroxide film electrodes.pdf 631.95 kB
Winkel & Verkerk - On the Mechanism of Electrolytic Rectification (1958).pdf 885.22 kB
Winkel and de Groot - Impedance of Dielectic Layers - 1958.pdf 433.13 kB
Winkel et al - On the relation between current and field during anodic oxidation - 1958.pdf 831.96 kB
Womack - Fabrication of a Surface Enhanced Nickel Ultracapacitor Using a Potassium Hydroxide Electrolyte.pdf 9.33 MB
Wu et al - Electrochemical Synthesis of Nickel Oxide Nanoparticulate Films on Nickel Foils.pdf 814.61 kB
Yang et al - Electrochemical Behavior Analyses of Anodic Oxide Film Obtained on TA2 Pure Titanium in Sulfuric Acid Electrolyte - 2017.pdf 920.67 kB
ZHANG Jie - A method for fabricating Ni - NiO nanocomposites for supercaps.pdf 1.84 MB
ZHAO et al - Preparation and electrochemical performance of nano-scale Ni(OH)2 doped with zinc.pdf 787.57 kB