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Al-Jaber and Salih - Energy consideration in the two-capacitor problem.pdf 57.72 kB
Albert Einstein - Ether And The Theory Of Relativity.pdf 31.99 kB
Amme - Application of Electret Technology to low cost Desalination - 2002.pdf 10.48 MB
Andersen_AETHER_CONTROL_via_an_understanding_of_ORTHOGONAL_FIELDS.pdf 89.91 kB
Andrew_Power_-_Ireland_Land_of_the_Pharaohs.pdf 4.04 MB
Arbab and Satti - On the Generalized Maxwell Equations and Their Prediction of Electroscalar Wave.PDF 150.96 kB
Bettini - Can electromagnetic scalar waves be radiated by a metal sphere.pdf 574.54 kB
Bifilar_Electromagnet.pdf 713.60 kB
biography_of_nikola_tesla_1944_john_j_oneill.pdf 631.60 kB
Blazevic-Transmission_Line_Representation_of_Tesla_Coil_and_Wave_Propagation_Concept.pdf 247.39 kB
[BLDC] Directory
BlueAEH.pdf 268.88 kB
[Blume] Directory
Bob Boyce Electrolyzer Plans d9.pdf 588.67 kB
BookOfAquarius.pdf 1.81 MB
Bryan G Wallace - The Farce of Physics.txt 304.04 kB
Bueno and Assis - Equivalence between the formulas for inductance calculation - 1997.pdf 185.24 kB
Burgharz and Rejaei - On the Design of RF Spiral Inductors on Silicon - 2003.pdf 977.18 kB
[Capacitive_Antennas] Directory
Chris Eckman - Browns Gas - What is it - 2008.pdf 165.71 kB
Chris Eckman - Plasma Orbital Expansion of the Electrons in Water - 2008.pdf 201.03 kB
Circular_Waveguides.pdf 1.94 MB
Claus Turtur - Conversion of the Vacuum-energy of electromagnetic zero point oscillations into Classical Mechanical Energy.pdf 1.08 MB
[Cold_Fusion] Directory
[Corum] Directory
Cozzco Plasma Arc Circuit.pdf 86.18 kB
Cunningham radio tubes manual - 1932.pdf 6.51 MB
David Knight - The self-resonance and self-capacitance of solenoid coils.pdf 299.88 kB
[deltaavalon] Directory
Detectionof_the_ether.pdf 523.22 kB
[Dielectric_breakdown_Avalanche_Multipactor] Directory
[Donald_L_Smith] Directory
Einstein-Antigravity.pdf 228.81 kB
[Electrets] Directory
[Electrolysis_Water_Arc_and_Dielectric_Breakdown] Directory
[Electrolytic_Caps_and_Super_Caps] Directory
Electromagnetic_Energy_GrandChallenge_v2.pdf 129.10 kB
Engelhardt - On the Origin of the Lorentz Transformation - abstracts_4547.pdf 89.07 kB
E Rosa - The Self and Mutual Inductances of Linear Conductors - 1908.pdf 1.45 MB
Extraordinary-Science-Issue-4-1994.pdf 19.62 MB
[Fast_Light] Directory
[Fast_Transistor_Switching] Directory
[Fluid_Dynamics] Directory
Free Energy, Gravity and the Aether.pdf 231.51 kB
[Fuelless_Engine] Directory
Gary Vesperman - Energy Invention Suppression Cases.pdf 731.15 kB
GlowExper.pdf 79.51 kB
Gorbatsevich_-_The_Ether_and_Universe.pdf 850.04 kB
Hassel_Future_Physics_and_Anti-Gravity.pdf 414.01 kB
[Helmholtz_Navier-Stokes_etc] Directory
[Hendershot] Directory
Heterodyning_and_Powers_of_Phi.pdf 81.27 kB
HFAntennaCookbook.pdf 731.95 kB
HHO_Brownsgas_ChrisEckman_TeslaTech2009.pdf 804.54 kB
[ICE_and_Water_Injection] Directory
j.c._bose__60_ghz_in_the_1890s.pdf 542.29 kB
Johansson - Longitudinal electrodynamic forces and their possible technological applications.pdf 558.44 kB
John Bedini - Free Energy Generator - 1984.pdf 614.46 kB
John Bedini - My Work on Rife - Heterodyning.pdf 5.00 MB
John Bedini Technology.pdf 6.14 MB
John Pendry - Manipulating the Near Field with Metamaterials.pdf 342.66 kB
Johnson - Tesla Coil Impedance.pdf 3.17 MB
[Johnson_Magnets] Directory
[Kambe] Directory
[Kapanadze] Directory
Key2Free.pdf 40.00 kB
Kharagpur - DC Machines - coil windings etc.pdf 918.16 kB
king-the-energy-machine-of-t-henry-moray-zero-point-energy-and-pulsed-plasma-physics-2005.pdf 12.56 MB
Kyle Klicker - Motional Electric Fields associated with Relative moving Charge - 1986.pdf 27.85 MB
[Les_Banki] Directory
Longair - a commentary on Maxwell ls 1865 theory.pdf 814.06 kB
Loop_Feed_with_enhanced_performance.pdf 1.99 MB
MacFarlane - Application_of_Hyperbolic_Analysis_to_The_Discharge_of_a_Condenser.pdf 2.12 MB
[Madhatter] Directory
[Magnetic_Amplifiers] Directory
[Magnetic_Flux_Switching] Directory
[Mandelstam_Papalexi] Directory
[MarinovMotor] Directory
Maxwell - On Faradays Lines of Force.pdf 3.05 MB
MaxwellOnPhysicallines.pdf 4.06 MB
Maxwell_-_On_Physical_Lines_of_Force_1861.pdf 6.11 MB
[McKay_Gray_Material] Directory
[Medhurst] Directory
[Meyl] Directory
[Minorsky] Directory
Monstein, Wesley - Observation of scalar longitudinal electrodynamic waves(2002).pdf 187.87 kB
Morgan - Wireless Telegraph Construction for Amateurs - 1914.pdf 4.05 MB
[MotorControl] Directory
Nagelberg Shefer - Mode Conversion in Circular Waveguides.pdf 5.48 MB
NASA - Asymmetrical Capacitors for Propulsion.pdf 993.46 kB
NASA Advanced Energetics for Aeronautical Applications - VOL II.pdf 2.29 MB
NASA Advanced Energetics for Aeronautical Applications.pdf 4.69 MB
OrangeGlow.pdf 332.17 kB
Oscillations and Regenerative Amplification using Negative Resistance Devices.pdf 353.25 kB
[OzzieFreeman - Fater Fuel - free e-book] Directory
[O_Nichelson] Directory
[Parametric_Excitation] Directory
PatrickKellysTopTen.pdf 179.58 kB
PaulDeelyElectrolyticCapacitors1938.pdf 105.11 MB
[Paul_Stowe] Directory
PhiladelphiaExperiment.pdf 1.40 MB
Pied-Pipers-of-Babylon-Verl-K-Speer.pdf 16.01 MB
Poljak-Modeling_of_Teslas_Transmitter_using_Wire_Antenna_Theory.pdf 294.09 kB
Price et al - Schumann Resonances in Lightning Research.pdf 421.78 kB
[QM] Directory
quantum_vacuum_charge.pdf 126.18 kB
Raymond Kromrey - Operating Principles of the Ferromagnetic Generator.pdf 863.67 kB
[Reactionless Drive] Directory
[Relativity_vs_Aether] Directory
Robert L. Henderson - Quantum Mechanics vs. General Relativity.pdf 16.42 kB
[Rogers] Directory
[Ronald_Hatch] Directory
Schelkunoff_-_The_Impedance_Concept_and_Its_Application_to_Problems_of_Reflection_Refraction_Shielding_and_Power_Absorption_1938.pdf 16.46 MB
Smirnov-Radiation_of_Some_Fractal_Structures.pdf 620.15 kB
Sonntag ao - Implementation of the Neumann Formula for Calculating the Mutual Inductance between Planar PCB Inductors - 2008.pdf 797.81 kB
Spatial Energy Coherence By Dr Ronald Stiffler.pdf 4.90 MB
Stefan Bittner - Wave-dynamical properties of dielectric resonators investigated with microwaves.pdf 2.25 MB
[Steinmetz] Directory
Stroobandt-_Effective_Diameter_of_a_Single-Layer_Helical_Coil.pdf 324.30 kB
Tamburini - Encoding many channels on the same frequency through radio vorticity.pdf 1.68 MB
[Tektronix_TDS_Manuals] Directory
Terman - Radio Engineers Handbook - 1943.pdf 17.69 MB
[Tesla] Directory
[TeslaSwitch] Directory
TheSilverBulletAndTheSilverShield-2-25-11.pdf 1.51 MB
[Thornhill] Directory
Thyratrons_Preamble.pdf 320.91 kB
[TM_mode_waveguide] Directory
ToAllPoliticians.pdf 195.21 kB
Tom Bearden - The New Tesla Electromagnetics and the Secrets of Electrical Free Energy.pdf 2.16 MB
Uno_Ingard_Acoustics-Handbook_of_Physics.pdf 2.31 MB
USArmy-ZeroPointEnergy.pdf 271.15 kB
[Veljko Milkovic] Directory
VladimirUtkin.pdf 2.92 MB
[Vortices] Directory
[Waser] Directory
[WaveGuides] Directory
Waveguides.pdf 1.46 MB
Wheatstone - An Account of Some Experiments to Measure the Velocity of Electricity and the Duration of Electric Light.pdf 3.14 MB
William Avery - The Dispatch of Merchants - 1976.pdf 870.59 kB
Williamson_and_vd_Mark__Is_the_electron_a_photon_with_toroidal_topology.pdf 268.18 kB
Wire_length_Geometry_Velocity_Factor.pdf 26.48 kB
Witte_Battery_Bible_1922.pdf 9.63 MB
Yang and Pasko - Three-dimensional finite difference time domain modeling of Schumann resonances.pdf 222.16 kB