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This webpage is an altered version of, and an addition to, the basic report on implosion, by Callum Coats (author of Living Energies and the Eco-technology series books) and is intended to advance on his initial undertaking. Many thanks are due to Mr. Coats, in respect to the enormous work that he has already done. He has been the true pioneer, and, has single handedly brought Viktor Schauberger's theories into a new light and true public awareness. I have taken great liberty by modifying the original proposal by Callum Coats ( ), and hopefully, by thrusting "Global Energy Technologies, Inc" into the mix, we can force large corporations, governments, and "big business" to take a serious look at Schauberger's amazing implosion devices.

In June of 2001 the proposal to do a report on Viktor Schauberger and "Implosion technology" was begun by Callum Coats; A number of planned steps are being made for the development of Implosion technology. Doing this report is one of those first steps, coupled to practical research and development undertakings in the United States, Austria and Australia. This report contains sufficient information to start with research and development and with the re-building of some devices designed and made by Viktor Schauberger, which applied Implosion technology aided by diamagnetism and anti-gravity. Frank Germano, founding member of International Turbine And Power, LLC, and now leading the team at "Global Energy Technologies, Inc." will lead in the investigation and implementation of this technology, and explore the potential of large-scale commercial utilization of the devices. Several units have been designed and the necessary funding for this project is currently being located.

Individuals and groups of people are actively pursuing this area of interest world wide. Such respected names as Curt Hallburg (Sweden), Dr. Evgeni Sorokodum (Russia), Kim Zorzi (USA), Prof. Robert Patterson (USA), Prof. Tony Shennan (Australia) to name a few, have joined forces, as it were, and have formed a world-wide consortium and knowledge base. Study and experimentation has continued after Schauberger's death, especially during the last 20 years. A substantial amount of information exist in his own writing, in books, articles, reports and historical accounts, including what took place during and after the Second World War. The motivation for this report is my focus on getting this Implosion technology and some of Viktor Schauberger's other inventions established and applied in our society. The many life threatening environmental deadlocks of our present time, are a legacy of the type of technology we currently employ, using fossil and nuclear fuels.

Finding scientific, practical, and sustainable solutions has now become a matter of survival, for us and for many plant and animal species, in the short term. Another motivation is my determination to help break the "stalemate" situation which has held this Implosion technology from being developed for over half a century, in spite of today's environmental crises. The development of scientific knowledge cannot be halted indefinitely, but for a relative short period of time. Making a report, assimilating all the available information, and networking, is the first step towards that goal.

The objective of this report: It is the objective of this report to, 1.) provide extensive information on Implosion technology and on the inventor, Viktor Schauberger, and his numerous designs and devices. 2.) To establish networking and associated activities. 3.) To stimulate further research and development worldwide, and 4.) To assist fundraising applications for practical research and development work.

Basis of understanding: To do justice to implosion itself, it must be described within its full context. That context is "living water". In my view, this can logically not be otherwise! In order to understand Implosion technology and to successfully apply it, an understanding of the principles and mechanisms involved is required. These are displayed by all aspects of "living water", with all of it's features and characteristics, and by it's inherent qualities and potentials. Holistic thinking is required to understand what Implosion technology is, what is involved and how it works. Thinking in processes, rather than in fixed concepts, wherein the totality in which any natural phenomenon occurs, is understood and accounted for. Our more familiar linear way of thinking nowadays, thinking in terms of cause and effect, does not suffice! The existence of implosion and the nature of diamagnetism are known, to an extent, yet largely ignored by modern physics. Since Schauberger's time, any physical proof has all but  disappeared, so they remain to be investigated and formally clarified.

Today's technology: The basis and primary mode of today's technology, is based on explosion - expansive, centrifugal movement. We have directed our attention on thedegenerative forces in nature by using combustion, heat, friction and pressure. It is known that the efficiency of this energy base (fossil fuels and nuclear energy) is not more than 35%, that it exploits the natural resources, and is responsible for extensive pollution and damage to the natural world. It stands to reason that we now look the other way to a frictionless cooling and compacting of matter through the geometric coiling action of the cycloidal spiral movement in a VORTEX.

Until recent times, we have been incapable of clearly seeing the simplest natural phenomena, while being continuously surrounded and bombarded by them. We fail to notice and are unable to decipher a myriad of examples which illustrate the activity of the spiralic, imploding principle. There are many vortex examples: e.g. shells, galaxies, antelope horns, sunflowers, pine cones, tree branches, tornados, cyclones, hurricanes. These are the after-images of pure, creative activity, working through a specific movement. These are obvious and clear physical imprints of the imploding activity. This activity is the mechanism by which the "World of Energy" connects with the physical world. Callum Coats' argument is that we should use this formative principle as an energy base. In short - The spiralic contracting movement, as in a vortex, has not been utilized technologically. An energy source, which sustains us and surrounds us in abundance remains untapped. There are very good, and urgent reasons for investigating this as yet untapped vortex energy thoroughly.

The principles involved with Implosion technology: All movement is the outcome of attraction or repulsion; between expansion and contraction. All life forms develop as a mirror image, or, as  consequence of this activity, between polarities. By imitating the examples which nature shows us - both the creative and formative natural processes can be enhanced to a maximum output situation (e.g. the smaller a hole of the vortex is, the stronger the suction will be). When this natural principle is artificially accelerated, this energy source is made available.

This technology utilizes the levitational properties of water and uses diamagnetism, as raw energy, present within a biological vacuum. This technology copies creative processes, therefore it yields positive and sustainable results in excess. (Some of Schauberger's' inventions were "Free- excess energy" devices.) In Implosion technology, two types of motion are combined or simultaneously taking place - Centrifugence: which gives pressure, friction, temperature rise and biological deterioration. - Centripetence: giving suction, temperature drop and biological improvement.

The working mechanism: the double cycloid spiral curve (as in a vortex) concentrates , contracts and compacts the water. This contraction cools and this cooling creates a vacuum. This vacuum augments suction, the whole process generates a diamagnetic force. Compacting physical matter to point beyond which it "dissolves" into its energetic form and thus allowing it to return into the physical, can be achieved artificially or mechanically.

It is important to remember:
    1.) the combination of the centrifugal - and centripetal movement
    2.) the equatorial alignment of particles (diamagnetism)
    3.) the negative electric ionic charge and the negative pressure (a gradual or sudden concentration of liquids or gasses produces a negative pressure and through this, implosion.)

"Comprehend and Copy Nature"

The principles which Viktor Schauberger adhered to and implemented in order to make the "Implosion motor" and other (levity) devices, were derived from having this attitude: "Comprehend and Copy Nature" or "C2".

Benefits and perspectives of Implosion technology: Should we be able to illustrate and prove the claims made here concerning Implosion technology, the consequences for modern society as we know it would be significant indeed. The re-development of this Implosion technology would have more than a major impact on the way we live and on the way we do things. It will not have to take long for people in general and for our environment more importantly, to experience the unimaginable benefits from using Implosion technology.

Electrical power can be generated at home from spring water. Levitation devises will go six times faster than the Boeing 747 at a fraction of the running costs, without pollution or any noise; their possible size being unlimited. Good drinking water ("Wunder Wasser") can eliminate sickness and disease in the living organism. Implosion technology does potentially offer sustainable solutions to many of the environmental crises of today. The use of implosion technology allows us to eliminate the general need to use our current types of inefficient, exploitative and damaging technology which still use combustion. Implosion technology stands to revolutionize our entire social fabric. There are some technical, organizational, and financial hurdles to be overcome to achieve our set goals for the development of Implosion technology, however, given the proper funding, rapid achievements can be expected. My estimation is that in two years (from now) we can start breaking into the market with devices, such as were made in Schauberger's time, which use Implosion technology. In the "Emerald Tablets" the "Tabula Smaragdina", the following can be found : "Combine the heavenly with the earthly in accordance with the laws of nature, and health and happiness shall be yours as long as you live"

Research, education, and outcomes: Several groups of people are doing preliminary experimentation on liquid flow phenomena, and with Schauberger's concepts. As far as what is known to Coats now, the following initiatives are undertaken:

  • in Austria: summer seminars are given at the "Pythagoras Keppler Schule" (or P.K.S.), the Schauberger family estate near Bad Isch.
  • in Germany: lectures are given and articles are published (e.g. by Ron Engert), describing the above,
  • in The Netherlands: attempts are made to organize the planning, the funding, and the co-ordination for research & development and production. Together with the Australian team, some excellent results are expected.
  • in Sweden: research is being done on various flow phenomena of water; free flowing and in vessels,
  • in Germany: researchers are looking in libraries and archives for articles, news reports, eye witness accounts, and quotes on early facts of the "lost" data and Schauberger's earlier achievements (e.g. flying saucers),
  • in the USA, an investigation, mainly by digging up any (hidden) information on the world-wide-web has started, mostly with the resurgence of interest in Schauberger technology from the Callum Coats books, and by individual websites. Additional views are being presented and all patent data is continuously being absorbed and published.
  • in Australia: research and development has started on three proto type devices, which will demonstrate some of the principles of Implosion technology and which will then become available as products.
  • Contact is being maintained with the Schauberger family in Austria and with Mr. D. Feierabend in the US (who is in possession of one of the original devices), by Callum Coats.
  • Frank Germano, has begun CAD work and renderings of the Schauberger implosion devices. Preliminary figures and computer mock-ups suggest that the devices will work as described. Investors and funding is being sought to further the research and development stages. Germano feels that a true working prototype implosion device is operational within four months of initial funding.
  • Further research and development has been undertaken by Frank Germano and Kim Zorzi, individually. Germano has also teamed up with several prominent scientists and researchers, namely, Professor Jean-Louie Naudin (of JNL Labs from  France) has duplicated this original pioneering work, as has Robert (James) Bailey, Dr. Evgeni Sorokodum, PhD (Vortex Oscillation Technologies, LTD, from Moscow, Russia), and Alfred Evert, PhD (of Evert Fluid-Tech, Inc.) as well. This team has expanded to include Kim Zorzi (Ultra-Light America, Texas, USA) and Prof. Robert Patterson ( Ancient Gravitics - inventor of the "Ram Wing" - a truly revolutionary wing designed with Schauberger-based principles; USA).

Frank Germano is now in process of forming the corporate structure of "Global Energy Technologies, Inc." which will build a working Repulsine, Klimator, and Trout Motor prototype. Frank has also completed the CAD work on Viktor's Bio-Technical Submarine, and has expanded this work to now include the revolutionary Schauberger-inspired Bio-Technical AirShip . Estimated time frame for completion is approximately eighteen months from initial investor funding. This is current as of September, 2010. The latest news is that investment entities have now come forward with the funding to build a prototype of Schauberger's Ocean Power System, vividly outlined in Callum Coats books, most notably - Living Energies. Frank Germano and Callum Coats have begun extensive dialogs in preperation for this project. A start date has been tentatively set for December of 2011. More news as it becomes available.

Networking: A sound network of people is building up world wide, with people and groups interested in the re-development of Implosion technology. The various activities should be coordinated in a cooperative and constructive manner, to achieve any desired results more quickly. Reports and articles are appearing steadily on the internet, which are monitored and filed by Callum Coats. The exchange of information and ideas is mutually beneficial, and therefore, I have taken up forming a central network. Once the network is fully operational, all parties involved will share and be connected to information, instantaneously.

Research and development of Schauberger's inventions in the United States and Australia: The Australian team is developing three Schauberger inventions. Global Energy Technologies, inc. is combining efforts to fund development on all of the Schauberger implosion devices, and the water purification systems, and the pumping systems. These form the first practical steps towards developing the necessary theoretical and practical knowledge to start with the Implosion motor. These first devices, are:

  • The "Energy body" for rivers: egg shaped bodies creating longitudinal vortices in the central water flow. The longitudinal vortex creates a cooler, condenser, faster flowing central water mass which is the mechanism by which the river carves out it's own desired flow path, and which trout and salmon use to migrate up the rivers for spawning. Many problems we experience with rivers and streams, e.g. flooding after some rain, are a result of human interference with the forests and the actual flow-path of rivers. Canalization and dredging are about the worst things to do to a natural river. These problems can best be solved by helping such a river re-establish it's natural, dynamic flow pattern. These "energy bodies" are described by Schauberger to yield dramatic, positive, changes in the riverbed formation within a very short time span.
  • vertical pump: imitating capillary action of water and air bubbles much like across between a tree and a ram pump. Lifting a water column higher than nine meters vertically has been impossible up to now (laws of physics-gravitation). There are places such as farms, where a significant change would be experienced if there would be a brake through, making water available where previously that wasn't possible, e.g. by pumping water straight up from a bank or cliff, out of a river. This development may be a brake through in terms of what is known about pumps and pumping water in different ways, however more importantly it demonstrates the "C2" principle in practical application. By utilizing GET's vast knowledge of the Tesla-type pumping systems, and comparing them to the Schauberger systems, a proper evaluation of their worth can be attained. It may also be advantageous to combine the two systems in some form or another.
  • A water purifying device: a purifier which is using the so-called "Wavy plates" to achieve centripetal movement. Some CO2 is added in the process, separating and cool-distilling the water imbues it with levitation properties and makes it ready for human consumption (best at 4-5 degrees Celsius). The remainder of the water keeps being processed in this egg shaped device, which has a manometer to measure the vacuum created. These are the first serious steps towards development of the implosion motor, as, the "wavy plates" are used. These were designed by Schauberger after using a wheel of "Kudu horn" shaped tubes (these original devices are extremely difficult to construct). This "mark 2" design principle, once proven successful, is where the Australian team will pick up the development of the implosion motor. These relatively simple devices can come into production, offering direct, practical, sustainable solutions to existing problems.
  • Kim Zorzi and Frank Germano  will complete investigation into feasibility of Repulsine, Klimator, Tornado Generator, Implosion Motor, and Trout Motor type engines and machines. As funding becomes available, they will build working prototypes of these machines and evaluate their effectiveness, performance and cost of operation and commercial viability. Germano is presently designing the first-ever, Schauberger-based vortex energy water-powered spiral generators. Through the use of ANY naturally flowing river (with a water flow greater than 30 cubic meters per second), we can harness the energy of the flowing river water, channel it into a "Spiral Vortex Generator" (using their newly developed "InVAID ® " system - Initiated Vortex Accelerated Implosion Drive - patent pending), and direct the accelerated water flow into a modified Tesla-type bladeless disk water turbine. The results are very impressive. It is also a solution and a means of supplying almost unlimited, non-polluting electrical energy to any community, town or city. No ecological damage, in any way, results from the implementation of this type of river-flow based power system.


Water itself...What is water? We may truly ask!. Water is everywhere, and predominantly so. There are many answers to that question as there are as many types of water as there are living organisms.. Maintaining the opinion that water is H2O is merely reducing the matter to "the lowest common denominator" only. Of all the water on Earth, only 2-3% is available as drinking water. This should be kept in mind while we use and abuse that small amount! When we see water not merely as H2O, but as versatile and highly mysterious substance, we might get closer to understanding the dynamics, the harmonics and potentials this medium displays to us.

Water was here first, so to speak. It is a mystery and a complete wonder in itself that it was created at all. If we would understand water, we would not have the many perilous environmental crises of today. Some characteristics of water are:

  1. The dynamics of flowing, GOOD healthy water is bristling with levitational and healing qualities.
  2. Water is always in change. It flows down and moves about at varying speeds, shaping and folding itself in layers which slide over each other, thus fitting a greater volume into a smaller surface area and cooling it off. The forward movement of every particle is closely associated with a specific temperature. Schauberger made a big point about "the temperature gradients", which regulate movement.
  3. When flowing water warms up (e.g. by the sun), its tractive forces weaken. Cooling down occurs in the flow-axis. This core water mass moves fastest and thus deepens its' channel.. This higher flow-velocity, relative to the peripheral flow along the embankments, creates suction, which also releases pressure from these embankments. The higher the flow-velocity of the cooler core-water mass is, the higher the buoyancy.

Water Quality : Water is qualitatively not the same at different temperatures; Water can "go off" too. The anomaly point for water is at +4 degrees Celsius, where water is healthiest and densest. Water always carries other substances. The sea water contains mineral salts and silicon from eroding granite mountains. This silicon is associated with the waters' levitation properties, which is why Schauberger uses siliceous emulsions in his Implosion technology. (In Bio-Dynamics too, great importance is put on the role of silica, whereas in conventional agriculture it hardly gets a mention.) Water is electrically charged too, during and after a storm the drop size is enormous at times. As such, water can justly be called "The Blood of the Earth". It is rich in many ways and very much alive.

The Wave : What is a wave made of? The wave but momentarily shapes and uses the water after which it fades away to be replaced by another waves. The continuum, and re-entering of other waves without canceling each other out is an expression of energy. The seas' water mass, as a whole, rocks gently sideways, determined by the Earth's rotation, as well as the Lunar and Solar gravitational pull. In the sea, the wave goes through the water; the water itself doesn't travel far. In a river the water goes through the wave, here the wave is stationary. The ocean wave gets its energy mainly from the wind. In the river, the wave is formed by the rocks and sticks and banks. Is a wave really part of the objective world? A wave is made of energy; pure energy in motion.

The Meander : Water naturally flows down any gradient, however it does so seeking the long way down. It doesn't move downwards as a solid "body" of water in a straight line seeking the fastest way. On the contrary, it "wanders about" from left to right and forms an irregular snake-like, general flow pattern called a "meander". This meander is seemingly chaotic, and appears to be shaped at random without much order. The curvatures, however, correspond by and large with the curvatures that can be found in very many natural phenomena, (e.g. in tree branches, in lightning and in many proportions of our own body).

Flow Dynamics : There are a myriad of flow dynamics in such a stream of water, which would explain the creation of this long meandering pathway, which the water always seeks on its way down to the sea. E.g.: cooler water moves faster than water which is slightly warmer (i.e.1/10th degree Celsius), thus creating drag and possibly suction. It is also more compacted or dense. Whereas the body of water as a whole might stream downwards at a certain flow rate, there are numerous places and occasions where water actually flows in the opposite way, or slower, or is momentarily at an apparent standstill. The essential point about the meander is the apparent chaotic- but specifically ordered- movement,  from left to right and back. It is like a cross section of a spiral, with the mathematical base pattern: 1=1:1.618.

The Vortex : We have all experienced vortexes in our lives. The best examples are found in rivers and streams. For most people who don't often get to experience and observe rivers or streams, there is the experience of a draining bathtub or sink. Gravity is a major aspect with the latter example, however these are still good examples of what actually takes place in such a vortex and serve to illustrate the processes which are involved. A defined body of water (or air), with a certain mass and surface area, has a flow rate: the velocity of which increases in an accelerating fashion, while the surface area is twisted into the vertical plane around a hole and decreases. The physical mass gets compacted to a point beyond which it "dissolves" into its' "energetic form" or matrix, leaving the "space" and "energy" (from between the sub-atomic particles), which we call "vacuum" or "void", while resulting in negative pressure or suction. A biological vacuum is created, which again augments the suction. This whole process produces diamagnetism.

Sub-atomic energies such as the "Weak Nuclear Force" and diamagnetism are released, and, like the suction or levity, are potentially available. Aspects involved with this process are the specific characteristics of the medium. With water or air:

  1. compaction when temperatures reach the "anomaly point"
  2. the "dynamics of flow" (such as the "folding" in layers) and a flow rate-differential of water or air particles related to.
  3. the "temperature gradient": successions of temperatures up or down (i.e. positive gradient or negative gradient), always aiming for the anomaly point. The anomaly point is where a substance or organism is "healthiest" or "best"; for water this anomaly point is at 4 degrees Celsius, for us humans it is 36.5- 37 degrees Celsius
  4. the actual pattern of movement; the shape, the proportions, and the curvature of it's pathway, is very specific. The harmonic of the double cycloid spiral curve is based on "PHI".

PHI :  PHI is the specific formative principle expressed mathematically in the ratio: 1=1:1.618, the so called "Fibonacci cycle", better known as: "The Golden Mean". (each number added to the next gives the following number, as in 3-5-8-13-21-34 etc. or multiplied by 1.618 = 0618-1.000-1.618-2.618-etc.). Daniel Winter (U.S.) calls this harmonic : "The only permissive path from matter to energy and back. The Mathematical image of the condition of pure self reference".

The possibility for the development of Implosion technology exists, however, any physical proof of the success of Implosion technology by Viktor Schauberger has disappeared. Implosion technology can be easily developed because of the inherent simplicity of the devices. The current environmental crises leaves us no choice but to develop this type of technology. There are some basic uncertainties surrounding Implosion technology, e.g. unknown side effects (chain reactions?). There is a need for organization, coordination and cooperation to unite the various practical efforts world wide.

What is Implosion? :

Today's technology is solely based on explosion. This is the process that has been adopted to use the energy stored in our planet's natural resources to heat our homes, drive our cars and to produce our electricity. The explosion process, however useful it may seem, is extremely wasteful and inefficient. Most of the chemical energy stored in fuel is lost in the conversion process into mechanical or electrical energy. To travel a distance of 1000 km (~600 miles) in an average car requires an energy expenditure of 1000 kW. This equals the energy requirement of one human being to live and do all his physical and intellectual activities for one year (Coats, 1996). Most of the energy is lost during an explosive process through frictional resistance, which produces useless waste heat. The waste heat from all industrial processes, which are almost exclusively somewhere along the line based on the explosive use of fossil or nuclear fuels, causes our planet to warm up. In nature (unlike conventional technologies) minute temperature differences will cause very large changes. If our own body temperatures go up by half a degree above normal we feel unwell. Our planet reacts to equally small changes in temperature.

Further to being heat generating, wasteful and inefficient, the combustion (explosion) of fuels produces by-products which harm us and pollute our planet. Furthermore, atmospheric oxygen, the element needed by all of us to breathe and exist, is wastefully consumed during the explosion process. An average car, driven at 50 kph (~30 mph) consumes about 750 times the amount of oxygen needed by a human being (Coats, 1996). At the same time, our oxygen producing global forests are being cut down at an alarming rate. Implosion is a suctional process that causes matter to move inwards, not outwards as in the case of explosion. This inward (centripetal) motion, however, does not follow a straight (radial) path to the centre, it follows a spiraling whirling path. This is called a vortex and is the secret of nature.

Have you ever wondered why bath water, when emptied, flows through the plug hole in this spiraling vortex fashion? Water will always try to follow the path of least resistance. This is what the vortex is enabling it to do. It is reducing resistance by curving more and more inwards thereby avoiding the confrontational resistance of straight motion. This is the fundamental reason for the plug hole vortex phenomenon. The Coriolus Effect due to the Earth's rotation determines the direction of spin of the vortex. A characteristic feature of a vortex is that the outside of the vortex moves slowly and the centre moves fast. As water is imploded in a vortex, suspended particles which are denser than water are sucked into the centre of flow, frictional resistance is reduced and the speed of the flow increased. This was verified through experiments conducted by Professor Dr. Franz Pöpel at the Stuttgart Technical University in Germany in 1952 (Alexandersson, 1996; Coats 1996).

The vortex motion, which also causes a drop in temperature and increase in density, is paramount for water to stay healthy and disease free. Natural water courses are naturally spiraling and meandering and the water in them forms whirls and eddies, which are vortices. The vortex motion can also be observed in whirl winds. The suctional force generated within tornadoes is typically strong enough to lift houses and uproot trees. In stark contrast to nature, the conventional technical motion along straight paths causes resistance to build up exponentially with speed. A small increase in speed causes a large increase in resistance. Pressure and temperature are increased. This means that the higher the speed the greater the losses to friction.

In nature there are virtually no straight forms, and whenever possible, vortices, spirals and curves are produced to reduce resistance. Yet in conventional technology, explosion/combustion and straight motion are employed, both of which increase resistance and temperature and are fundamentally against nature and every living thing. The realization of this caused the Austrian Viktor Schauberger, the father of implosion technology, to proclaim emphatically in the early part of this century: 'Our technologists are moving matter incorrectly. Their technologies and interference with nature is detrimental to us and our planet'. His maxim in life was 'Understand and Copy Nature' (Callum Coats, 1996). There is another not so apparent reason, why in the natural world around us there are so many spirals, as can be seen in shell-fish, snails, antelope horns, on a small scale in our spiraling DNA molecule and on a large scale in spiraling cosmic nebulae. I am now about to enter the realms of etheric energies, which are widely known and understood in many cultures. To our Western world, however, these concepts may still seem strange.

Etheric energy : The Greek derived word ether is defined in the Webster Universal Dictionary as a 'hypothetical medium, supposed to fill space, by means of vibrations in which light and other forms of radiation are transmitted'. Up until the latter part of the last century the ether theory was an established scientific fact. The Michelson-Morley experiment, carried out in 1881, concluded that there was no Earth motion relative to the ether (Encyclopedia Britannica, Vol 8, p.98). This experiment discredited the ether theory and caused its rejection in favor of the theory that space is a vacuum and air is merely a chemical composition of Oxygen and Nitrogen plus other minor constituents. It is argued here, that the ether theory was rejected too hastily, that it is basically correct and only requires some modifications. The established ether theory of most of the last century was that ether is a static medium. However, ether is dynamic vibratory energy. It is very much in motion. And this motion always follows a vortex path. All manner of different vortex sizes and shapes exist, but basically, etheric energy moves in a vortex. The American John Worrel Keely , the father of sympathetic vibratory physics , stated this in the late 19th century. He invented machinery, which was driven by this subtle etheric energy (Pond, 1996). His theories and inventions were opposed by organizations with vested interests, to which he eventually succumbed. His understanding was beyond that of his contemporaries. He was far ahead of his time.

Despite the problems he encountered, he and others like Nikola Tesla, Viktor Schauberger and Wilhelm Reich have shown that etheric energy, although invisible to most, is very real. It is the substance that is enabling the perpetual motion of planets, stars and universes. It is the driving force. Planets are moved within the flow of ether, similar to logs being moved by the flowing water of a river. This explains why there is no relative motion between Earth and ether (Senf, 1997). Ether is a broad spectrum of vibrations which is composed of negatively charged planetary energy and positively charged cosmic energy. The planetary (Earth) energy has maternal nurturing qualities; the cosmic energy has paternal qualities. In Eastern knowledge these two energy counterparts are known as yin and yang. When these two types of energy are united in the right proportions they create an energy field, in which the ether is concentrated to such an extent that matter forms. Once matter has formed it emanates its own specific biomagnetic field (aura) which fuses with the original energy field.

All matter, on a sub atomic scale, is energy. The nucleus of an atom, its material core, is infinitesimally small in comparison with the size of the atom. If the entire space within an atom were to be filled with particles the size of its nucleus, one million billion (1015) of such particles would be required to do so (Asimov, 1977). Everything is space, and space is everything. This space is ether - vibratory energy! Keely wrote in 1893, "there is no dividing of matter and force into two distinct terms, as they both are one. Force is liberated matter. Matter is force in bondage" (Dale Pond, 1996, p.90). Etheric energy moves in a vortex fashion, because the vortex provides least resistance to the flowing motion. It follows that physical matter, which is materialized etheric energy, seeks the same low-resistance motion. As mentioned earlier, the natural mediums water and air have this intrinsic vortex motion. Our blood and the sap of plants, move in this way too. After all, our veins, arteries and minute blood vessels are not straight channels. They are winding their way through our bodies just like a river is winding its way through the countryside. A short newspaper item in the Daily Mail from 8 May 1998 stated: "Medical scientists working with aeronautical engineers at Imperial College. London, found that blood 'swirls' as it rushes through an artery. Furthermore, nature has designed arteries with a helical 'twist' to encourage the swirl..."

Water needs the natural winding spiraling vortex motion to stay healthy. This is because this motion allows it to recharge and sustain its life force, which is apparent as the biomagnetic energy field surrounding it. Thus, water is etheric energy in bondage, but it has to move in this particular way, lest it loses its life force and becomes stagnant and lifeless.


Introducing Viktor Schauberger:

 " They called me deranged. I hope that they are right. It is of no greater import if another fool wanders this earth But if I am right and the science is wrong, then may the Lord God have mercy on mankind." Viktor Schauberger. Viktor Schauberger was born as a foresters' son in 1885 in Eastern Austria and lived until mid September 1958. He had no academic training but had a deep knowledge of biology, chemistry and physics. He also was a good drawer and craftsman and developed an exceptional understanding of water and its natural (flow) phenomena.

He had an uncompromising believe in his perceptions and concepts, was obstinate when opposed and had a choleric temper, which was frequently expressed in his writing. Viktor's deepest wish from early childhood, was to be a forester like his forefathers had been right back to the 15th century. He didn't finish school and spent his time in the forest before he became known through the building of water flumes for the transportation of big mature timber logs from the forests in the mountains.

He built and designed many other devices and tools after that, all based on fundamental, creative principles which he had observed to be at work in living nature. He was able to see the natural world holistically, unlike us who tend to concentrate on "the thing itself". He saw any natural phenomena: be it a river, a fish, a tree, or a bird in the context of the environment in which it occurs. He therefore discovered how specific archetypal principles and shapes are expressed consistently in any living organism, in design as well as in function. He brought this insight down to earth with his above mentioned skills and through quite advanced inventions.


  •  6-30-1885... Viktor Schauberger is born in Holzschlag Eastern Austria...

  • 1914-1918 has a job as a forester and is a soldier during the First World War.

  • 1919 First he is a forester, then he becomes a forest master and game keeper in Brunnenthal/Steyrling, under        jurisdiction of Kirchdorf, (on the Krems river, Eastern Austria) and of Count Adolf zu Schaumburg.

  • 1922 Schauberger designs and builds the water flumes at Steyrling and reduces logging costs to one/tenth. He is promoted to property forest- and game manager.

  • 1924 He becomes State Consultant for logging flume installations.

  • 1926 The "Riverbed fin" is developed and tested in Neuberg on the river Murz in Steiermark.

  • 1928 Further Riverbed Finns in Austria- Yugoslavia and Bulgaria.

  • 1929 First patent registration in the area of water technology and of turbine technology.

  • 1930 Film "Carrying Water" about the Neuberg installation.

  • 1931 First trials in generating electricity from water ("Wasserfaden Trial").

  • 1932 Achieved the "Wunder Wasser" and water powered engines, implosion motor.

  • 1933 First and only book "Our senseless toil" appears in Vienna.

  • 1934 Meeting with Adolf Hitler on forestry and river management, refuses to work for the "3rd Reich".

  • 1935 Air turbine patents are registered and the "lifting" of liquids and gasses into energy is achieved.

  • 1937 The "Warm-Cold Engine" build by Siemens melts down after unauthorized testing.

  • 1938 Viktor gives his son Walter authority to repeat the "Wasserfaden" Experiment; Walter achieves currents of up to 20.000 Volt.

  • 1940 The "Repulsine" to obtain the "Wunderwasser", is constructed in Vienna.

  • 1941 Difficulties and intrigues with the Vienna Engineering Association culminate, also increasing SS domination. Schauberger works near Augsburg for Messerschmidt on engine cooling systems. There was some correspondence with Heinkel about aero plane turbine drive engines.

  • 1942 The levitation device is started and crashes against the ceiling of the factory.

  • 1943 Commencement of further design, research and development on the Repulsine at a camp near Mauthausen. The aim was developing a submarine drive engine.

  • 1944 Further development on the "Repulsator" in Vienna, at the SS engineering college at Rosenhugel.

  • 1945 Start on the "Climator". USA troops seize various devices and materials. Transfer to Leonstein.

  • 1947 Further water purification devices are build in Salzburg.

  • 1948 Co-operation with the Rosenberger Company in Austria, agricultural tools and the "Twister Pipe" are invented.

  • 1950 Patent registration for agricultural tools made with copper.

  • 1952 The "Double Twister Pipe" is tested at the Technical College in Stuttgart. Schauberger's theories on altered friction in fluids are confirmed. The first copper plated plough is tested at Linz Agricultural College.

  • 1954 The main part of the home power generator is developed, difficulties with first tests.

  • 1955 Book by Leopold Brandstatter "Implosion or Explosion" comes out. 1957 Co-operation with the Firm "Swarovski" in Tirol; further home power generators are build.

  • 1958 An American consortium offers Schauberger financial means to research implosion technology. Journey to the USA with son Walter. After hardship and difficulties Viktor leaves the USA. After he had been forced to sign a contract which prohibited him from doing any further research and making any statements. Various devices and technical drawings are also to stay in USA.

  • Viktor dies on the 25th of September, 1958, in Linz, five days after his return from the USA.

  Viktor Schauberger was a remarkable man, endowed with the ability to develop a technology based on natural, creative principles. He invented and built various devices for cleaning water and for electric power generation, as well as levitation devices. He designed dam walls, outlets for electric power plants, agricultural tools, special "twister" pipes, nozzles, distillation plants, "flow regulators" of various sorts for rivers, turbine engines and more. He did not however, have the gift of tact or patience when dealing with the establishment. He was continually annoyed and frustrated by academics, hydrologists, and engineers, and frequently lost his temper. Consequently his articles were banned from publication for some time.

Various designs and devices of Schauberger's inventions : water healing... flow regulation for agricultural use...Implosion technology...Spring Water Producer...River Log Flume...Wooden Twister Pipes...Home Power Generator...Repulsator...Emphore (water container)...hydro dams...fermentation chamber...Climator...Repulsine "a and b"... Longitudinal Vortex Generator...Manure Transformer...sterilization unit...Tornado Home Power Generator...Egg-energy Body...Spiral Plough...special "whorle-pipe" Nozzles...Implosion Motor...Trout Motor (submarines)...Flying Saucer.

Brief description of the Schauberger inventions:

1. Water healing: The principle: Enhancement of the levitational properties of water.
    The Spring water producer: Large water restorer created so called "Wunder Wasser".
    The Emphore water container: Egg shaped water vessel to maintain stored water quality.

2. Flow regulation: The principle: utilizing temperature differences and gradients.
    The River Flume: Meandering wooden log transport canal build down mountain slopes.
    Hydro dams: Designs for dam walls to reduce pressure and leaks.
    Energy Bodies: Egg shaped river flow regulators, regeneration of longitudinal vortices.
    Longitudinal Vortex generators: Concave- wedge shaped forms, for torrent confinement in rivers.

3. Agricultural: The principle: utilizing flow dynamics, (also as radiation into the soil).
    Wooden Twister pipe, or "Whorl pipes": Arrangement of little fins inside pipes, for spiral water flow for consumption; for people, animals and plants.
    Fermentation chamber: Egg shaped vessel, placed under ground to enhance energy flow to restore mineral imbalances in the soil.
    Manure transformer: Egg shaped underground vessel for (aerobic) maturation of manure.
    Spiral plough: Copper plated plough, for minimal soil damage and mineral restoration.

4. General use: The principle: utilizing electric charge and using flow dynamics in design.
    Home power plant: Electric power plant for domestic use.
    Climator: To acclimatize a room or house both cold and warm simultaneously.
    Sterilization unit: One of many small designs, they illustrate the principles that Schauberger worked with.
    Nozzles: Special fish shaped gold- or silver plated miniature nozzles for implosion motor.

5. Implosion: The principle: accessing the biological vacuum, utilizing diamagnetic force.
    Repulsator: The second model water restorer, for break down of our body's excess acidity.
    Repulsine : Vaporizes, purifies and distils the water through cold processes. Creates biological vacuum and is either a power generator or high-lift lifting body (UFO?)
    Tornado generator: Implosion motor, for electric power generation, using spiraled pipes.
    Trout motor: "Biological submarine", also implosion motor design with wavy plates.
    Flying saucer : Levitation device using rotating wavy plates and turbine technology. Also identified as the "Repulsine" in many reports and documents.

Historical developments 1940-1952:

 The development of the Implosion technology takes place in a broader context than Viktor Schauberger only. Of particular interest is the fact that during the Second World War scientists like: Thule, Schriever, Habermohl, Bolenso, Miethe, Schauberger and others, were made to work together or in teams at several locations such as: engineering (war) factories throughout Nazi Germany like "Penemunde", "Mauthausen" (military camp Poland), and in laboratories, in Vienna-Austria and in Bavaria. Big firms such as BMW, Messerschmidt and Siemens, also took part in this technological development. There was a time squeeze...the war had already lasted three years; then there were some real achievements. During that last year of the war, the first test flights with different sized discs were taking place at the well known "Hanebu 2", above Prague..

In 1945 there were the reasonably well known "Foo Fighters", mounted with a "Klystron" microwave tube. These were small, semi ball shaped, pilot less, remote controlled flying objects. At the same time the World's first guided medium range missiles, the "V1" and the "V2", plus the "advanced" (model) fighter planes like the "Horten Ho 229", looking like the recent "Stealth" bomber were produced and used in Hitler's warfare machine. The doors had been opened to employing various forms of magnetism and electrical charge, as well as levity, (rather than having to overcome gravity!). Clearly the Nazi's were technologically ahead from the rest of the world as many new results were achieved. The Americans were keen to get on to this technology even during the war and to beat the Russians and the British to it!

At the end of the war the "Brains of Europe" were divided between the Russians and the USA. They "combed" Germany, and many Nazi's went to the States. This technology based on implosion consequently disappeared and was not seen again following the Second World War and Viktor Schauberger's death. There has therefore been a time gap of some 50 years, in the development of this Implosion technology. A "science monopoly situation" was created and upheld by American political and industrial motives. The hard fact that the USA possess, and knowingly withholds this technology from being further developed as a sustainable alternative, was, until recent times, one of the most guarded secrets of the USA Government and it's Secret Services! Many reports were repressed. Inventors and scientists were ridiculed, and moreover, the first attempt to develop any aspect of this technology was directly halted (people were threatened and killed).

There have been numerous UFO sightings, especially during the 50's and 60's. The belief, or rather - cover-up -  that these sighted objects had something to do with "Aliens" was successfully launched. This tabloid spoof diverted the attention. There were occurrences like the Spizbergen UFO crash 1952, which did get some publicity and which made it more difficult to conceal this hard fact. Today, with free flowing knowledge and information, particularly on the World Wide Web of Internet, this information can no longer be contained. Individuals and groups of people world wide are now inspired to pursue this matter further and to do practical experimentation. Basically...say "hello" and "hip-hip-hoorah" to the internet and the worldwide web!!! Just try to stop us now. People will no longer be intimidated.


The development of this technology stopped when the second World War came to an end. The Americans took all the technical data from places like "Penemunde" (Germany) as well as combing the existing libraries and patent registrations. This data has been kept secret until recent "internet years". Whatever information is still obtainable, is now being shared and studied world wide by a growing number of people. Some ecologists and farmers possess a degree of understanding of the phenomena and principles in nature which express the implosion principle. The available information plus the limited understanding of some people, is sufficient to study what Viktor Schauberger has achieved and to re-commence this work. The practical construction and application of these devices is necessary to study and confirm the principles and processes involved in Implosion technology.

Thank you for you time,


Frank Germano
Global Energy Technologies, Inc. -or -
frankdgermano at gmail dot com


This report is an altered version of the original, written by author Callum Coats (Living Energies, Eco-Technology Series, etc.) in 1997 and could not have been done without his considerable research. "Living Water" In partnership with nature, by Olof Alexanderson...Dr. J. Bockemühl New Physics (1991-92) ... Klystron (microwave source) ... The Spitzbergen Ufo Crash, 1952 ... The Borderlands Archives ... "Living Energies" -  Water Wizzart ... Metamorphosis of the Plant Energy Potentials in Water Chronology 1933-1949...  Tornado Energy Project... Magnet Light, Matter and Gravity... Dynamic Hydro Power - Viktor Schauberger -  Water Purification and Free Energy (coll. of documents)... Music of the Spheres ...Operation Paperclip (Nazi's to USA), Secrets of Schauberger's Saucers;Implosion magazine... Path to Natural Energy; Implosion Magazine's "Rhythm of the Stars"... Sensitive Chaos, Cosmic Evolution: Thomas Bearden, George Caryotakis, Ole Jonny Braenne, J.W. von Goethe Ehlers, Sauerlach and Pfeiffer Freezone-Ewertverlag, Prof. Alfred Evert, David Hamal (design your UFO), Josef Hasselberger, Curt Hallberg,  Hoffman and W.J. Eaton,  Guay Murphy: Press Release Oct. 1995,  Jorge Resine Riley, Crabb and Thompson (1985),  Viktor and Walter Schauberger,  Joachim Schültz,  Theodor Schwenk,  Rudolf Steiner: Omega File (Nazi history), Swimgate,  The Physics of PHI: Daniel Winter, and Implosion Magazine.

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