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12_Bigelow - Comment on Observation of Superluminal Behaviors in Wave Propagation.pdf 49.31 kB
Achievements_in_slow_and_fast_light_in_optical_fib.pdf 484.00 kB
Anomalous cross-modulation between microwave beams.pdf 319.44 kB
ApplPhysLett_87_081113.pdf 74.68 kB
A Watson - comment on Pappas-Obelensky in Electronics and Wireless World - June 1989.pdf 114.83 kB
Broadband Superluminal Transmission Line with Non-Foster Negative Capacitor.pdf 657.99 kB
Causality_and_Negative_Group_Delays_in_a_Simple_Ba.pdf 476.39 kB
Charles Yost - Longitudinal Electrodynamic Wave Experiments.pdf 379.50 kB
Comment on Measuring propagation speed of Coulomb fields.pdf 47.03 kB
Direct Observation of Optical Precursors in a Region of Anomalous Dispersion.pdf 146.67 kB
Erdmann - Experiments with Faster than Light Receiving Antenna.pdf 460.20 kB
Erdmann - Faster than Light, the Revolutionary Radio Antenna that Conquers Space.pdf 219.90 kB
Erdmann - Faster Than Light Speed Two-Way Radio Communications Antenna - CA2469325A1.pdf 286.72 kB
Erdmann - Underwater magnetic field communication system -CA2441882A1.pdf 286.88 kB
Experimental demonstration of a new radiation mechanism - emission by an oscillating, accelerated, superluminal polarization current.pdf 728.47 kB
Experimental demonstration of a new radiation mechanism- emission by an oscillating, accelerated, superluminal polarization current.pdf 728.47 kB
Experimental Evidence of Near-field Superluminally Propagating Electromagnetic Fields.pdf 609.87 kB
Gonzalez-Herraez et al - Optically controlled slow and fast light in optical fibers using stimulated Brillouin scattering - 2005.pdf 74.68 kB
Harold W Milnes - Faster than Light Signals - Radio Electronics - Vol 54 No 1 Pg 55 - Jan 1983.pdf 1.48 MB
Harold W Milnes - The Pappas-Obelensky Affair - Jan 1989.pdf 694.73 kB
HelicalTravelofLight.pdf 329.28 kB
JSE BUTTERWORTH Longitudinal Electromagnetic Waves - The Monstein–Wesley Experiment Reconstructed - 2013.pdf 350.66 kB
Macroscopic violation of special relativity.pdf 205.39 kB
Monstein, Wesley - Observation of scalar longitudinal electrodynamic waves(2002).pdf 187.87 kB
Observation of Zenneck-type waves in microwave propagation experiments.pdf 273.92 kB
On Superluminal Propagation of Electromagnetic Wave in Nondispersive Media.pdf 223.14 kB
Pappas and Obolensky - Thirty six nanoseconds faster than light - Electronics and Wireless World - Dec 1988.pdf 420.33 kB
Rebilas - On the origin of longitudinal electrodynamic waves - 2008.pdf 312.44 kB
Stenner - The speed of information in a fast-light optical medium.pdf 284.08 kB
Stenner et al - Superluminal light pulses, subluminal information transmission.pdf 186.43 kB
Superluminal-FTL-References.pdf 114.38 kB
Superluminal-terahertz-pulses.pdf 943.19 kB
Superluminal behavior in wave propagation - a famous case study in the microwave region.pdf 446.01 kB
Superluminal Electromagnetic and Gravitational Fields Generated in the Nearfield of Dipole Sources.pdf 2.27 MB
Superluminal Group Velocity of Electromagnetic Near-fields.pdf 223.18 kB
Superluminal Group Velocity of Electromagnetic Near-fields kopie.pdf 197.41 kB
Superluminal Near-field Dipole Electromagnetic Fields.pdf 2.47 MB
Superluminal phase and group velocities- A tutorial on Sommerfelds.pdf 2.94 MB
Superluminal Speed of Photons in the Electromagnetic Near-Field.pdf 737.94 kB
Superluminal_Effect_for_Quantum_Computation_that_Utilizes_Tunneling_Photons.pdf 186.59 kB
The shadow of light - Further experimental evidences.pdf 188.86 kB
Thevenaz - Achievements in Slow and Fast Light in Optical Fibres - 2008.pdf 444.52 kB
Tim Bierman- comment on Pappas-Obelensky in Electronics and Wireless World - August 1989.pdf 361.67 kB
Time-domain detection of superluminal group velocity for single microwave pulses.pdf 258.55 kB
Two possible interpretations of the near-field anomaly in microwave propagation.pdf 490.29 kB
Wang et al - Gain-assisted superluminal light propagation.pdf 301.35 kB
Winterflood - Fasther than Light - comment in Electronics and Wireless World - June 1989.pdf 130.94 kB
Wynne et al - Tunneling of single-cycle terahertz pulses through waveguides.pdf 187.83 kB