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http://www.energeticforum.com/90090-post71.html at 03-27-2010, 03:23 PM

There are some very serious misconceptions in the world of Electrical Engineering today. (The writings of Oliver Heaviside and Proteus Steinmetz gravely warned about this...) Let us start with the YouTube MIT Physics Demo video that Armagdn03 posted a link to on 11-10-2009 on page 2 of this thread.

Note: This one:

This is a good demonstration for several reasons.

1.) Glass is a dielectric which can store electrical energy within its physical form. This should be common knowledge and not a surprise to anyone today…

2.) That this simple fact and reality “blows some people’s minds” clearly illustrates that it’s just all gone way, way, too far… The Einsteinian Lie has succeeded in instilling a mind virus in most everyone and also in confusing Main Stream “Scientists”, who today waste billions of dollars of funding each year, only to chase their own tails in a canonic sequence.

Chris Carson Built the Rotary Electrostatic Converter. His design was based entirely on my electrical theory and math. It was designed to demonstrate and validate the concept of Synchronous Parameter Variation and the Four Quadrant Theory of Electricity. The device worked well. It had to spin up to around 10,000 RPM. This unit took Chris months to complete; to get all of the parts together, and to get it perfectly balanced and operational. Chris determined that it was starting to exhibit the effects of synthesis of electrical energy from the electrostatic field. This is a result of the variation of capacitance (C in Farrads) with respect to time (T in seconds) which results in a negative conductance G (in Siemens). Hence the generation of electric energy. Then, disinformants, whom I refer to as the “Montauk Crowd” swooped in on him after he completed this device, and he was never the same again, - he died of Brain Cancer a year or two later…

There was also the Rotary Electromagnetic Converter, constructed by Michael Knots and Peter Lindemann with the help of Chris Carson.

Note: Apparantly, two types of converters, Electrostatic and Electromagnetic, were built. Peter Lindemann published some pictures of Carson's Rotary Electrostatic Converter:
OK, here it is. Chris built beautiful models. The first picture shows Chris's name for the machine.
The second picture shows an oblique view of the whole machine. Total length of the machine is about 24 inches long, while the mounting base is about 30 inches long. The little green device at the far end is the DC drive motor used to rotate the plates.
The third picture shows the motor drive unit. The motor is a DC brush type, with a permanent magnet field. It is 2.125 inches long and 1.25 inches in diameter.
The fourth picture shows an end view when the rotor plates are in alignment with the stator plates. This is the position for highest capacitance in that section.
The fifth picture shows an end view when the rotor plates are out of alignment with the stator plates. This is the position for lowest capacitance in that section.
The sixth picture shows another, lower angle shot of the whole machine. It also shows how one section is out of phase with the other.
The last picture shows the end plate with Chris's name and the date the machine first ran, May 20, 1988.
<end note>

This unit exhibited the property of materializing and dematerializing electric energy without regard for the Law of Conservation of Energy. This is another example of synchronous parameter variation. In this case inductance (L in Henrys) time (T in seconds) gave rise to positive resistance (R in Ohms), hence the unaccounted for destruction of electric energy. It must be just as illegal to destroy energy as it is to create it – don’t you think? E is NOT equal to MC squared. There is no Matter to Energy equivalency – this is: The Great White Lie…

(Where is the video that was made of this device being tested with my Navy electrical switchboard instrumentation anyway????)

I have a device, built for the Army Air Corps during World War 2, A/N number PP-18/AR Power Converter, which self-sustains the electrical system in my car. It uses the same theory of operation as Chris’s device but involves a different mechanical implementation utilizing a vibrator, several capacitors and 12V and 24V batteries that are connected in parallel through the device, rendering them as one.

Note: Some more information on this device has been posted by Raui:
"A friend of mine gave me these documents and said post them here. Not sure if the friend wants a whole heap of fuss in his direction I'm sure he'll post here sooner or later but for now he's an anonymous friend. I think a few of you out there will see these for the goldmines they are!"
"The documents contain information about the PP-18/AR Voltage Converter, for those who are unaware of what I am talking about it is the device Eric Dollard uses to power the electronics in his car. The first couple of images are picture of the device and the last image is of the wiring diagram!"
"Also I have an explanation of it from Eric himself (attached). I didn't find it too helpful but maybe that's just me. I knew how the device would have operated the problem is seeing how this results in extra energy. I do believe I know how this works though and I think it proves you don't need a nice sinusoidal variation of parameters because in this case a plot of the variation per unit time results in a square wave type signal."
This what this device looks like:
This is the schematic of the PP-18/AR Power Converter posted by Raui:
A redraw of the schematic of the PP-18/AR Power Converter by Arto Heino:
This is a drawing by Eric on the device, from Raui's pdf:
It is very interesting to compare this one with the schematic posted by Matthew Jones, of which he says he is testing "with good results".:
Matt's schematic is a variation of a circuit known as the "Tesla switch".
The images posted by Raui as well as some images grabbed from a unit recently sold for \$18 as "PP-18/AR WW2 Military Radio 13-24 Volt Converter" are available here.
Eric also posted a schematic:
Here is a schematic of my military voltage converter. It's 12:24 volts dc, either way dc transformer. Under certain circumstances it's been known to synthesize energy around 100-200 milliamps. It doesn't seem to be doing it presently, when I changed from military aircraft 23 volt Nicad to 24 volt lead acid combination. However nothing is certain.
<end note>

I had a young student from Korea visit me a few years back. He had no problem understanding the basic concept of producing an energy synthesizing apparatus, because his mind was uncontaminated by all of the Bedini/Bearden falsehoods. The term Scalar Wave is an oxymoron, as scalar is part of the propagation constant that is NOT A WAVE! (Idiots!)

Most are clueless about the importance of the Variation of Inductance and Capacitance with respect to time – and synchronous parameter variations. Read chapter 21 (XXI) titled REACTION MACHINES in Charles Proteus Steinmetz’s book titled “Alternating Current Phenomena”.

There is also a Russian paper (brought to me by the Korean student as a gift) titled: “UBER DIE ERREGUNG VON ELETRISCHEN SCHWINGUNGEN DURCH PARAMETERAENDERUNG” von L. Mandelstam und N. Papalexi, published in 1934 in: J. ZEITSCHRIFT FUR (umlaut on the U - as should also be on the first U in the title of the paper) TECHNISCHE PHYSIK Band IV, Heft 1, that continues with what Steinmetz teaches in his books, and takes it all the way (Title translation: Concerning the Excitation of Electrical Waves Through Parameter Changes). In one picture in the paper, there appears to be a brightly glowing incandescent lamp connected to a network, with no apparent connection to a power source. It appears to be an Alexanderson type Mag. Amp. operating in a self oscillation mode. (Alexanderson Patent # 1,328,797 Jan. 20, 1920): Even though my copy of the paper is in Russian, the equations speak for themselves and echo the work of Steinmetz and Alexanderson.

Note: There is an English translation available here (pdf) now.

Ernst Alexanderson emigrated to America because of Steinmetz’s book, - he was determined to work with Steinmetz after studying it. Steinmetz was forced to reverse many of his equations in later books and was severely criticized by physicist Michael Pupin of Columbia University for not using Maxwell’s ideas and instead developing a methodology that was actually useful and practical for engineers. (Read, “Steinmetz, Engineer and Socialist” written by Ronald R. Kline.) Here it was said that General Electric gave Steinmetz permission to create Electricity form the square root of minus one…

Note: There is also an English "Report on Recent Research on Nonlinear Oscillations(1935)" by a.o. Mandelstam and Papalexi. And there is "Parametric Excitation" by Minorsky.

I personally created so much Electricity form the square root of minus one out of the compressor plant’s synchronous machines at the Richmond Ship-yard that I was working in at the time (which also housed one of my laboratories) that it tripped the reverse power relays of the Richmond substation and shut off all power to the City of Richmond. For that to have happened, means that the City of Richmond was producing more power than it was consuming, hence the reverse power relays tripped and shut the city down. PG & E trucks were there almost immediately. Shortly thereafter, I presented my Four Quadrant Theory to Pacific Gas & Electric Co. executives and engineers on behalf of the lease holder of the shipyard and they became my friends (however they would not allow the shipyard meter to turn backwards). So much for Corporate Suppression… In actuality PG & E would love to have energy sustaining devices connected to their power grid. Profits would soar and pollution would drop. Such devices tend to operate above 500 kva and are not scalable into smaller devices, and therefore are only appropriate for substations. In West Marin, the Tocaloma PG & E substation on the Ignacio/Olema 66 kv line, has only one line for both the input and output. It represents the vestige of such devices, - an installation that has been in operation for at least 70 years. Today, probably no one in PG& E, even knows how it all works. (Don’t expect the lights to stay on for too much longer… today, engineers have been replaced by lawyers and safety has been replaced by insurance. It’s a LET-IT-BURN policy…)

At the time, the Bolinas RCA-Marconi Station, through corporate encouragement by RCA and Bell Telephone, gave me free run of that site to set up one of my laboratories. My plan was to produce a system utilizing no rotating machinery but only static devices, such as coils and condensers in an Alexanderson configuration to possibly power the town of Bolinas and at least provide PG & E with all of their reactive power needs. The network experiments would consume no energy to operate and therefore cost nothing. The plan was to use the electrical substation on-site to connect to PG & E’s grid, giving power to them for free, in exchange for being able to use the 12kv power line for my experiments. Everything of importance including engineering records and notes as well the equipment at the Bolinas RCA-Marconi Station was destroyed by State of California Environmentalists through Jerry Brown (former California Governor) and the environmental politician Burr Henneman, this in conjunction with The National Park Service. The NPS is an EMBEDDED FOREIGN ORGANIZATION within the United States Government. Massive quantities of polychlorinated biphenyls and mercury were released into the environment by environmentalists in their endeavor to destroy the Station as quickly as possible. (See the link already posted by phi1.62 on 01-21-2009 on page 2 of this thread) (Note: copy here) The same group destroyed my Civil Defense Facility in the town of Bolinas which was on the property of Nashama Franklin. The same property was embezzled afterwards from Ms. Franklin by the same crowd that embezzled the Reynolds funding.

Also in Bolinas, U.S. Coast Guard Communication Station NMC worked with me on certain problems they were having and their reutilization of the RCA site. This enviro-group went to NMC and warned them of the consequences of doing business with Eric Dollard. Today NMC cannot even be heard in Half Moon Bay 50 miles away, if they are on the air at all. (Who needs Bin Laden?) Who doesn’t like Tesla then? Is it the government? (no). Is it the environmentalists? (you got it) They call themselves Commonweal. Altman link

As far as inventing the log periodic: it was invented by Raymond H. Du Hammel, I believe, as an Air Force Project and the University of California Berkeley was where most of the work was done. Check patent number: 2,985,879, it is a fascinating design.

On the other hand, I did invent the Log Periodic Multiple Wave Oscillator based on the initial Lakhovsky patent. I got rid of all the bull and added a Golden Ratio Log Periodic antenna which was etched out of a double sided printed circuit board and then Gold plated which was widely sold and probably still is, for which I did and do not receive a dime. It seems to have some sort of radionic effect even with out power being applied.

Individuals in the guise of Borderland Sciences embezzled \$50,000, money that R. Joshua Reynolds had provided me with to continue my research. At the “Last Supper” where Joshua invited everyone for dinner, (everyone that he had funded with millions of dollars that is) he cut off funding for Andrea Puharic et al (the Soviet Scalar Conspirators) and pronounced that I had done more on USDA food stamps than any one else that he had funded. Needless to say, I made no friends at the dinner table that night… The Voodoo was hideous…

Note: Andrea Puharic should be: Dr. Andrija Puharich, I think.

Am I concerned about the CIA, the NSA or any other alphabet soup organizations’ supposed suppression or retribution?... No! Common swine that’s who I am concerned about. An example of this is a situation that I encountered in Montana. A group in Missoula (which was later found out to be a group of international criminals) showed up to “HELP ME” and in trade I would help them extract gold from spent tailings utilizing Tesla methodologies. They helped me alright, by entrapping me, assaulting me and stealing my classic Celica and threatened to kill me if I were to do anything about it. They strong armed their way into my Desert laboratory to steal all related equipment. The property owner of the desert lab died shortly thereafter, within weeks of Chris Carson’s death. Friends of yours Peter?

As is well known, I was the last engineer involved with getting the Integratron operational. My efforts were thwarted and ruined, not by the Men in Black, but rather by the Woman in White. Today the Integratron is a Goddess worship temple…

So in light of all the above, why should Eric Dollard involve himself in the useless or criminal behavior of others. There are those who wish to republish my earlier writings and to make this information freely available to everyone. Unfortunately, much of it has already gone to the dump. I have no interest in teaching anyone about Tesla except under the department of the Navy or the likes thereof. The door is shut!


Scalar explained...

http://www.energeticforum.com/90344-post94.html at 03-29-2010, 06:38 PM

..for those who’s minds have been polluted by the prevalent quantum goddess reality:

Let us turn to the Heaviside Equation which is the most fundamental equations in all of Electrical Engineering:

(RG + XB) + j (XG – RB) = propagation constant squared


R resistance in Ohms G conductance in Siemens X reactance in Henrys per second B susceptance in Farads per second


RG is the scalar or DC component that is NOT A WAVE, XB is the longitudinal or AC component and is an alternating electric wave

XG is the transverse or OC component and is a forward moving oscillating electric wave. RB is the transverse or OC component and is a reverse moving oscillating electric wave

This equation allows for all electrical conditions in time and or space and combinations thereof. The example equation is the dimensions of time (see: Steinmetz Theory of Transient Electric Waves and Phenomenon and also my paper: Symbolic Representation of the Generalized Electric Wave.)


The air in the room; the room is filled with air and has atmospheric pressure of 2998 mB, your stereo is blasting away, the speakers are creating longitudinal waves having length and frequency and exert a oscillating force centered on 2998 mB (+ or – 10 mB)

RG is the air pressure, a scalar XB is the sound of the stereo, a longitudinal wave

XG = RB, thus no transverse waves exist (XG – RB) = ZERO

Hence (RG + XB) is what is going on in the room, the disinformers have convinced you that this whole quantity (RB + XB) is scalar, RG is the only scalar component. It is DC and has NO FREQUENCY, no WAVELENGTH and thus NO WAVE! SCALER = NO WAVE - GET IT???

If people don’t get this fundamental concept – my time is better spent talking to my pet Coyote… I have nothing further to say…

T-Rex Emergance

http://www.energeticforum.com/111339-post56.html at 09-22-2010, 03:56 PM

I) The military concept does not offer praise but delegates higher order of responsibility. So let us begin:

1) Purge the mind virus, establish new thinking processes. Regular exposure to the music of J.S. Bach will help facilitate this endeavor.

2) Replace the concept of “free energy” with the concept of energy synthesis, that is the synthesis of energy from its component parts. Nothing is free in the free world except the freedom to pay, that is the law. Stay out of trouble.

3) Discontinue the practice of habitually exchanging the terms power and energy as if they are equivalent, they are not. Engines are not motors, etc.

4) Eliminate the notion that electronic particles convey electricity, they do no such thing. Electrons represent the dissipation of electrical energy and its conversion to noise.

5) Realize that the energy is not equal to mass times velocity squared. Electricity is mass free.

6) Seek in your experiments to develop a system that destroys energy, this as well as the creation of energy invalidated the notion of conservation of energy.

7) Return to the works of the masters, perform their calculations & experiments. Do not just read, but do. Attempting to invent anew before this effort only multiplies the confusion.

8) Endeavor to be in direct contact with nature while thinking on electrical ideas, the intrinsic archetypes of nature will provide answers to your questions. Social situations weaken this process. Keep your mind and body in good shape by avoiding adulterated food; living food for living people, dead food for dead people.

End part (I)


(1) Occult Ether Physics by William Lyne

(2) Survival into the 21st Century by Victor Klaus

Attachment: http://www.tuks.nl/pdf/Eric_Dollard_Document_Collection/EPD%20Update.PDF

Eric is fighting off the rats in the Mojave desert!

http://www.energeticforum.com/150697-post298.html at 08-09-2011, 12:03 AM

T-REX is in the spirit world of Inyo right now. I am very sorry that I vanished on you all midspan on your effort to make my equations into physical form. A Mr. Olin Bales has taken my Mojave research facility at 57474 Linn Rd. Landers, CA away from me and put it up for ransom. All my cars, notes, tools, etc. have been sold off. You can contact the San Bernardino county supervisor's office for update. They tried to help, but to no avail. It doesn't stop there. Forces at Mare Island Shipyard where I was rebuilding the LCS-102 WW-II navy vessel, took my pet coyote from me, gave away my other Corolla as well as all my military gear. Then left me there destitute. After this two other parties one in Fallon, another in Santa Cruz attempted to entrap me. Upon escape attempting to start work at Cal Tech in LA, I discovered my car was sabotaged. Car barely works and I'm living in it destitute in the desert. The San Francisco Tesla Society has blocked access to my four very important lectures, which I presented. These lectures are very important for your efforts, but don't know how to get them to you. Someone is helping me now, and has started email for me. You can contact me at: n6kph@lonepineradio.net. Hopefully we can pick up where we left off.

For your information

http://www.energeticforum.com/151383-post324.html at 08-13-2011, 12:15 AM

Hello All,

FYI My friend set me up with a PayPal account today, so you can use my email address: n6kph@lonepineradio.net.

We also created a yahoo group to help keep non-technical discussion off of the Forum. The group is: n6kph@yahoogroups.com As time goes on I will be adding photos and voice talks to the files section of the group.

At this time and location I have no control of the American-Marconi website. My friend here will soon put a sub-page on his website where I will have PayPal links for anyone who wants to help out.

Yes this really is Eric Dollard


Update on Eric's situation by Dave on Oct 23d 2011:

Hey Everybody,

I spoke to Mr. Dollard on the phone today for a little over an hour. He told me a few things that he wants me to relay to everybody else following his transmissions. It seems that his situation is less than ideal.

For all of you that have been asking Eric specific questions and not receiving answers, please know that he is very much an analog guy and has little experience with computers. He is at the mercy of his friend to type these transmissions for him. Although all of his writings are ready for transmission, he is only able to get one to two out a week due to this inconvenience.

Second, if anybody continues to donate to Eric, please avoid sending him donations through Paypal with the exception of people who live in foreign locations that have a difficult time using the postal service. He is currently on welfare, and the Paypal account could very possibly interfere with his welfare status. Sending money through the mail to

 Eric Dollard
 General Delivery
 Lone Pine, CA 93545

is the way to go. He is very appreciative of all who have donated thus far. If we continue to help Eric have access to the basic necessities, I'm sure he will stick around and help us all find the dimensional flaws in the mathematics and point us towards practical uses.

If anybody is a lawyer or knows a lawyer that has any kind of heart, please speak to them about looking into Eric's recent situation at his laboratory in Landers, CA. It would be a noble thing to do since the neglect from the county has left Eric with nothing.

Next, Eric has posed the following question: "Second, what ratio of dielectric field density to magnetic field density results in the contractive force just balanced against the expansive force, thereby canceling any mechanical forces upon the bounding conductors?" He told me that we should continue to investigate this question as it holds the key to an important practical application. If somebody can find this ratio, it will give the necessary information to design an apparatus that can power loads while the prime mover sees no load.

Also, Eric has no books left. He has requested that we find some way to get certain information to him so that he can continue to point us in the right direction. The book that he really wants is "Elementary Lectures on Electric Discharges, Waves and Impulses" by Charles Steinmetz. If somebody has a copy or can print out a copy using the pdf's that are available on the net, please do what you can to get this to Eric. If somebody does end up sending info to Eric, please list what you have sent on this thread so that we all don't send him multiple copies.

On a closing note, one thing that Mr. Dollard really wants to see is that we start hashing this stuff out. We need to start discussing amongst each other the things that we do not quite understand. This leads to questions. When people question, the gears in the brain begin to grind and we ultimately are led to the answers.

Update 2 by Dave on Nov 1st, 2011

Eric called me again and asked if I would relay a few bits of information to the forum members.

First of all, Eric wants to see more people involved. Take his internet transmissions, make copies, and distribute them to every engineering-minded individual that you know. People are waking up from the "Relativity Dream" and are in need of something that can explain the recent faster than light "discovery" by CERN. It is time to wake the masses..

If any of you are trying to communicate with Eric, he said that it would best be done using the postal service. Being the analog guy that he is, he is having difficulty answering questions over the internet. It would be much easier for him to receive a letter in the mail and physically take it with him into the bushes where he can write a response on his own time. If you write with expectations of a response, send an extra envelope and stamp so that Eric isn't spending the little bit of money that he does have on stamps.

Again, Eric is very upset about losing his Laboratory in Landers. He is still concerned with Olin (San Bernardino County wrote me back and spelled it as "Olen")Bales and wants to find out what he has set the ransom at. I'm sure if we all look into this it could help move things forward for Mr. Dollard.

He is interested in getting Roy Stolti (760-577-5681) on to the forum as he has answers as to why the integratron has lost its original focus and as to why Olin (Olen) Bales screwed Eric over.

Eric is doing us all a favor here. He has spent his whole life in pursuit of the truth and has paved the way for all of us. It is sad to see somebody so angry because life has f****d them every time they turn around. Let's all do Eric a favor and see if we can start a movement to get his Laboratory restored. We might give him some hope that common decency still exists in some parts of the world.

Update 3 by Dave on Nov 7th, 2011

Hey Everybody,

Eric has been slowly losing his ability to make his writings available using the internet. He personally has no internet access, and the guy that has been helping him get his information out is becoming flaky. He asked for his password to his T-Rex account so that he could find help elsewhere, and his "friend" has been reluctant to give it to him. I have PM'ed Aaron to see how we can regain control over the account, but if we don't succeed, I will be using my user name (Web000x) to publish the writings that Eric is sending me via the USPS.

As of right now, Eric has three more of the definitive type writings and a publication that is coming out that apparently rips Einsteins theory of relativity to shreds. He sounded pretty excited about it so I can't wait to read/type it. Also, there is a possibility of him publishing on the internet his autobiography that he wrote to the welfare department called "Let's Fuck Eric in the Ass". If he gets my package in the mail today and assuming that he does mail the writings to me asap, I should be able to start getting this stuff on to the forum by the end of the week.

Some of his recent internet posts have apparently been missing parts that he had written. His friend went behind his back and omitted certain sections that did not agree with his religious views. His friend has an issue with the number 4 and for some reason didn't publish some parts of Eric's writings that pertained to his four quadrant theory. I sent Eric a copy of all of the posts so that he could go through them on his own time and find out what all had not made it onto the forum.

Eric is getting screwed left and right by people proclaiming to "help" him. As I'm sure everybody knows, his car was sabotaged around the time that his dog and his Landers laboratory were taken from him. To top off all of that crap, he recently bought a new driveshaft for his vehicle, and it turns out that the guy that was storing his driveshaft for him took off to LA with it. That was \$1000 worth of metal that he can't afford to be without.

Mr. Dollard is a mess right now. There are holes in his clothes, and his teeth are jagged and decaying. He is having nightmares about what happened to his lab in Landers. After everything that he has worked so hard to accomplish during his life, he is left destitute. The only thing that he has to do with his life right now is write for about 8 hours a day trying to convey to ALL OF US the current flaws in the scientific concepts of reality. At the end of the day, he drives up a steep mountain in the bushes (wreaking havoc on his vehicle) where he sparks up a fire for the night, cooks his meal, and sleeps in the cold. This is no way for anybody to live that has spent their entire life being a lone candle for the truth.

Eric needs our help. He is in desperate need of funds. If anybody can afford to donate, please send a money order to Eric. Paypal should be reserved ONLY for those who are NOT located in the United States. Here is the address posted again:

 Eric Dollard
 General Delivery
 Lone Pine, CA 93545

Eric has requested that if at all possible somebody find him a PRC-47 model radio transmitter. He would be VERY appreciative since as of right now he has no mobile form of communication.

Finally, I know that there are some of you out there that have offered Eric a place to stay. I think that he is ready to accept a place to crash land for a while. If you live close to California (preferably Arizona) and have an extra place for somebody to stay, please post details, and I'll compile a list for Eric.

All questions directed towards Eric should be mailed to the address above with an extra envelope and stamp for the reply.

Everybody, thank you for helping this gentleman out. Eric is ready to disappear from society, but I believe the only reason that he is still connected is because there are people ACTUALLY taking an interest in his works. Eric has a lot to teach us so let us show him moral and financial support so that he will continue to help us find the truth.

General Response

http://www.energeticforum.com/150821-post304.html at 08-09-2011, 08:53 PM

Greetings All,

I will begin to formulate explanations for you all as time goes on but the violence I have suffered will make it hard;

First my paper - Symbolic Representation of Alternating Electric Wave.

Second - Ernst Gillimen, Vol 1 Communication Networks.

Note: This should beErnst Guillemin. Some of his books can be found over at google

Third - Carl Steinmetz, Impulses, Waves & Discharges.

Read these books, that is necessary to understand my work.

Also, force the S.F. Tesla Society to release my work and stop censoring me. Ask them also why they did not inform the public of what happened to me. (Are they a Lawrence Livermore front?)

I need all of you to complain to San Bernardino County that they let Olin Bales take my stuff and ransom my site. This is EXTREMELY IMPORTANT, or my telluric wave (earthquake) work will be lost forever.

Thank you all if you do this


ps - I have a new friend here in the Mojave desert that is going to help me construct a new website that will include whatever Tesla information I can recover as well as PayPal options for those who wish to help out financially


Energy Defined

http://www.energeticforum.com/151040-post315.html at 08-11-2011, 12:50 AM

I will conclude my complaint about the horrid events terminating my research here and now. I will hence leave it to others to investigate. Hereby; find Olin Bales by contacting Roy Stolti, the person who was site security guard (email me for his phone number n6kph@lonepineradio.net) he will provide the necessary information as to what are the terms of the ransom set by Olin Bales to recover what might be left of the site. This is the starting point for an investigation. Further investigations can be derived by the key words that follow;

1 Bolinas / Commonweal

2 Canning / Integratron

3 Greenpeace / Point Reyes National Seashore

4 S. F. Tesla Society / Livermore Labs

5 See S. F. Tesla Society website, “The Bolinas Incident.”

You must pick up from here I can have no further negativity in my life without damaging my mind.

Now, why are we all gathered here? The focus is on “Energy”, but what is energy, and why is it so important to everyone anyway? It seems somewhat obsessive. The definition of it is the ability to do work, but vernacular has broadened this so now energy can mean almost anything. This must stop.

Energy in its most arch-typical form is embodied in the phenomenon of Electricity, but what is Electricity? Now our wheels even more stuck in the mud! But we have important clues, namely that of polarity, not plus or minus so much but more like male or female. This thought follows from Goethe to Tesla and Steinmetz. Thus Electricity, in order to manifest, a UNION must develop. This is the union of the “male”, or projective, and “multiplied by” the “female”, or receptive. Hereby, the male is the dielectric field in counterspace (of per centimeters), and the magnetic field or female in space (of centimeters squared). Space in c.m. squared is what you pay for in “real estate”, counterspace in per c.m. is the space between the lines on a ruler, or between molecules in a crystal.

For the Electricity extant between a pair of wires in your lamp cord, the closer the wires, the more capacitance, and thus the more Dielectricity. Conversely, for the same cord, the farther apart the wires, the more inductance and thus the more Magnetism. Therefore it is seen that the smaller the space (the more counterspace) the more Dielectricity that can be stored, and conversely the larger the space between the wires (the more real estate) the more Magnetism that can be stored. Very simple, do not let your mind make it any more complicated than that!

Now let us reach out for a few quantative relations: The product (line, cross, or dot – unrestricted) of the total amount of Dielectricity multiplied by the total amount of Magnetism (when both are in union) gives the total quantity of Electricity. We will call this quantity of Electricity the letter “Q” and name this “The Planck” after Max Planck. For the Einsteinischen dimensions of the Planck are Energy – Time, but let us not think backwards – ass. Saying this in engineers lingo, the quantity of Electricity Q is given as Watt – Seconds – Seconds or Watt Seconds squared.

Now, in one foot of lamp cord, bounded between the wires, I have say, one million Plancks of electric induction. The frequency is 60 cycles (377 radians) per second. Thusly the quantity of Plancks Q is being produced or consumed at a time rate of 377 radians per second, or in other words, Plancks per second, Q divided by t, the ratio of Q to t, etc. Hence the time rate of variation of the quantity of electric induction hereby gives; Watt seconds squared per second or dividing out, gives Watt seconds. But Watt seconds is the dimensions of energy. Well golly-gee Mr. Wizard, we have defined energy! And hereby energy is defined as the time rate of the production or consumption of the electric induction, or Q divided by t gives W.

It is that simple. So push the “Erase Button” on your head for two notions: Energy is the product of mass times the velocity of light squared, erased? Next, Electricity is the flow of electrons in wire, erased? Good!

Now I must go find if I can fix my car and if I can get on welfare. We possibly can continue at some future interval in time.


Energy Defined continued

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Hello All,

In the previous transmission it was shown that the electric induction, bound between the wires of a lamp cord, was the union of two distinct fields of induction, the dielectric in counterspace, and the magnetic in space. These fields consist of discrete lines of force. Thus these lines exist as individual units or quanta of inductive force. Both fields exert mechanical force upon the bounding system of so-called “conductors”. These mechanical forces, those of the dielectric, and those of the magnetic, exert actions so as to increase their coefficients of induction, that is the dielectric “capacitance”, and the magnetic “inductance” are increased. Hereby, the dielectric field draws the conductors nearer to each other, increasing the counterspace. Conversely the magnetic field pushes the conductors away from each other, increasing the space. Hereby we may say that the dielectric field is contractive, and the magnetic field is expansive. Hence the resulting electric field of the union produces a resultant force upon the bounding conductors. This resultant force thus may be expansive, null, or contractive, depending upon the relative densities of the dielectric and the magnetic force fields respectively.

So now our previous discourse upon these matters brings important questions to mind that heretofore remained unanswered: First, how big is a Planck? In other words, how many Plancks per one second (unit time) equal one Watt-second (unit energy)? Second, what ratio of dielectric field density to magnetic field density results in the contractive force just balanced against the expansive force, thereby canceling any mechanical forces upon the bounding conductors? Who can solve these important questions?


1. Electro-magnetic Theory Vol. 1 by Oliver Heaviside.

2. Impulses, Waves and Discharges by Carl Steinmetz.

3. Electricity and Matter by J.J. Thomson.

4. Recent Researches Into Electricity. By J.J. Thomson.

Note: Eric wrote 'J.J. Thompson', which should be J.J. Thomson.

5. Discharges In Windings by E.P. Dollard

6. Occult Ether Physics by William Lyne


Rates of Change

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What I am attempting with these internet transmissions is to sequentially establish the correct semantics for terms that we flail with (like parrots) such as volt, watt, & etc. Oliver Heaviside did this over a century ago with his famous “Electromagnetic Induction” series of writings in England, which was eventually censured by the Royal Society (William Preece). On the other side of the coin, as far as the conspiracy against my efforts, all the necessary elements have been given and I leave it to you all to expose its fetid body to the atmosphere. This is very important work also. I will do my part in these definitive writings, but you must do your part in “cleaning the toilet bowl.” OK?

So far I think the concept of space and counterspace in its basic form is established. Counterspace, as that space between the lines on a ruler is an apt descriptive analog. A ruler divided in millimeters has less counterspace than a ruler divided in nanometers. This is obvious. (think in terms of capillary action) Also, the Planck is our undivided fundamental quantity of electricity and all else will be a development of the Planck.

What needs to be focused upon at this point in writing is the concept of VARIATION WITH RESPECT TO TIME, that is the dimension of per second. This also is known as the “Time Derivative”, delta X over delta T in the Newton – Liebnitz infintestimal calculus. Let us say the rate of change with respect to time.

Everyone’s intimate mechanical relationship with their automotive apparatus (today the metal maggot or horned exoskeleton) render it useful tool for analogy. Various phenomenon make their appearance, somewhat ghostlike, during the process of variation with respect to time. Let us take the dimensional relation of velocity, that is, the ratio of the dimension of length (space) to the dimension of time. This is the velocity V, let us say specifically miles per hour. Now we know that if the dimension of mass m is moving at a given velocity V, that is, the “weight” of your body in the auto, in CONSTANT motion at the speed limit let’s say, no forces or perceptible sensation is imparted to your body. In other words you feel sitting in the car seat the same as you feel in the seat in front of the television set (so the auto is like a rolling TV). So long as the velocity remains unchanged nothing is experienced or felt. Now a deer jumps in front of your auto, you slam on the brakes and miss it, now you are moving at 1/10th of the speed limit. During the interval in time in which the velocity varied with respect to time, that is miles per hour per second, or the ratio of the velocity V to the time interval t, from somewhere your physical body experienced a powerful force pushing you forward. The more quickly the auto changed speed the more this force impacted your body. So we can say that this force F is given as the ratio of velocity to time, for any unit mass of your body. That is, the force F equals your body’s mass times the ratio of the velocity to the time interval of the velocity’s variation with respect to time.

So back to the Planck, that quantity of electrical induction Q. So long as there is no variation of the electrification, that is so long as it is static, no other phenomenon manifests. Just as with the mass of your body and the velocity of its motion in space, so long as there’s no variation no sensation of force is experienced by your body. Completing the analogy the concept of energy is then entirely analogous to that force you felt when you hit the brakes. Hence they are both phantom like derivatives of things that you otherwise can perceive as real.

So now we are getting a further “feel” that what we call energy is not really that primary phenomenon that the Einsteinishen would like us to believe, but in reality is only a secondary derivative of some more concrete phenomenon, or ghost associated with something physically tangible or real. Now the idea that energy can be “created” or made to go away can now be brought to mind.


Continuing with Variation of a Dimension with Respect to Time

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Hello All,

Continuing with the concept of the variation of a quantity (or dimension) with respect to time (another dimension). We may say then we are talking about a RATIO of a physical dimension to a metrical dimension. Previously given, the ratio of a physical dimension, the Planck Q to a metrical dimension the time t gives then the dimensional relation of energy W. Then from the Newton-Liebnitz concept we say delta Q over delta t equals W, that is, the first order time derivative of electrification Q equals the energy W. Now the Einsteiner says the inverse, and that is, the time integral of W, the energy, over time interval t’ to t” is the electrification Q. This is to say Q is the PRODUCT of the energy W and the time interval T. W times T equals Q. This is backward-ass, thereby occluding the interrelationships of these three distinct relationships.

Further, hit your erase button on the gibberish of 1, 2, or 3 dimensional space, there is only ONE DIMENSION OF SPACE – SPACE! Coordinates are NOT dimensions. Example, the volume of a cylinder can be expressed in TWO terms, height and circumference. So where is the third “dimension”, erased?

Continuing then it has been given that the total electrification Q is the union, or product, of the total dielectric induction Psi and the total magnetic induction Phi, Psi times Phi equals Q. In other words, the dimensional relationship Q, the total electrification, is the product of the dimension of total dielectric induction Psi, and the dimension of total magnetic induction Phi. Hence we have FOUR primary dimensions in electrical engineering. These are

1) Time

2) Dielectricity

3) Space

4) Magnetism

Every other relation, quantity, or expression, Volt, Amp, Ohm, etc. is derived from these FOUR dimensions. Time and Space are the metrical dimensions, Dielectricity and Magnetism are the physical dimensions. It is that basic! We are now prepared to move forward in our effort to stop being parrots.

Break – more to follow DE N6KPH

Time Variance and Its Products

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Time Variance and Its Products

Continuing on the concept change with respect to time. The total electrification Q in Plancks is a resultant of the union, of PRODUCT, of a pair of inductions, the total dielectric induction, Psi and the total magnetic induction, Phi.

Now let us deal with these two inductions individually. Variation of the total dielectric induction Psi with respect to time t, that is, the RATIO of the dimension of dielectric induction to the dimension of time, dielectric induction over time, or the time rate with which the dielectric induction is produced or consumed, the DISPLACEMENT CURRENT in amperes I.* PSI over t equals current I. This makes sense since the charge in a battery is given as Ampere–Hours, that is I times t equals Psi.

 (* Let us call this Maxwell law.

Hence we have arrived at a new dimensional relationship, the “current” in Amperes.

Analogously, we have the variation of the total magnetic induction Phi with respect to time t, that is, the RATIO of the dimension of magnetic induction to the dimension of time, magnetic induction over time, or the time rate with which the magnetism is produced or consumed, is the electro-motive force in Volts. Phi over t equals the voltage E. We know this as the “Faraday law”. Hence we have arrived at a new complimentary dimensional relationship, the E.M.F. in Volts.

Taking the one step further, consider the radio of the variation of the magnetic induction phi with respect to time t, E, to the variation of the dielectric induction Psi with respect to time t, i. Since the dimension of time appears on both top & bottom of the ratio this dimension cancels leaving simply the ratio of Phi to Psi. Hereby the RATIO of the total magnetic induction Phi to the total dielectric induction Psi gives the dimensional relation of impedance, Z, in Ohms. This can be arrived at some what differently. Since the variation of magnetism with respect to time is the electro-motive force, E, and since the variation of dielectricity with respect to time is the displacement current, I, then the RATIO of the electro-motive force, E, to the displacement current, I, give the impedance, Z, in Ohms. That is, the ratio of E to I is Z in Ohms.

Inversely, from the standpoint of dielectricity rather than magnetism the RATIO of the total dielectric induction Psi to the total magnetic induction Phi, that is the ratio of dielectricity to magnetism is the “Admittance”, Y, in Siemens. Hence the ratio of the displacement current I to the electro-motive force E gives the Admittance ,Y, in Siemens. I over E equals Y.

Here by we have arrived at four new distinctive dimensional relationships;

1. Displacement current in amperes I

2. Electro-motive force in volts E

3. The impedance in ohms Z

4. The admittance in Siemens Y

Break- more to follow DE N6KPH

The Planck Revisited

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Continuing with the conceptualization of RATES OF CHANGE with respect to time and the interactions that arise.

In summary it has been given that variation of a quantity of dielectric induction, psi, with respect to time is the DISPLACEMENT CURRENT, in amperes, i. We will call this Maxwell’s Law of Dielectric Induction after its’ discoverer James Maxwell.

Also given is that the variation of a quantity of magnetic induction, phi, with respect to time is the ELECTRO-MOTIVE FORCE in volts, e. We will call this Faraday’s Law of Electro-Magnetic Induction, after it’s discoverer Michael Farady.

It should be noted that displacement currents flow thru the insulation (dielectric). It is NOT the familiar conduction current of the electronic ideologies.

Likewise the electro-motive force is a result of the conductor (metallic). It is NOT the electro-static potential of the dielectric field. A conjugate relation exists here, the “insulator’ and the “conductor”. So now we have TWO distinct “volts” and TWO distinct “amps”, hence e and I are seen to have dual definitions. The ampere, I may be a displacement current, or may be a conduction current. Likewise the volts, e, may be an electro-motive force, or it may be an electro-static potential. These distinctions are important and misunderstanding rests here.

The Maxwell-Thomson concept of electric induction, and the of the aether which engenders this induction, considers the dielectric lines of force, and the magnetic lines of force, as CONCREATE PHYSICAL REALITIES. (Read electricity and matter by J.J. Thomson, and also read Theory of Light and color by Babbitt, the Un-sterilized version).

These lines can be considered “tubes of force” a hydro-dynamical vortex tube of sorts. Here we find the “hydro-dynamical model of the aether” as given by James Clerk Maxwell. Understanding of this sort has been buried by the relativists and quantum car mechanics. From the initial concept of Faraday, thru the theoretical reasoning of Maxwell, into the experimentalist like Crookes and J.J. Thomson, it gave an ENGINEERABLE CONCEPT of the primordial aether. Finally Nikola Tesla, Oliver Heaviside, and Carl Steinmetz turned this into today’s electrical technology. The roots of Edison sprang to life.

So what may aether be? Consider what are called the “states of matter”.



3. GAS



Hence, the five distinct states of matter.

Electricity is embodied in the aetheric state of matter, or “proto-matter”. Electricity is aether in a state of dynamic polarization; magnetism is aether in motion, dielectricity is aether under stress or strain. The motions and strains of the aether give rise to electrification. Phi times Psi gives Q.

In defining the hydro-dynamical tubes of force as concrete realities, a distinct phenomenon taking place with the aether, the constitution of the Planck sticks its snout out of the sand. The tubes of force are discrete, fiber-like, quanta as some would say. Experiments by J.J. Thomson indicate this. Lines of force are a quantum phenomenon, distinct concrete entities.

Further, we have the idea of “Planck’s Constant”, any variation in the total density of electric induction Q, in Planck’s, cannot vary continuously but must exhibit its variation in discontinuous, or discrete steps. Hence a distinct quanta Q. We may infer that the union, or CROSS PRODUCT, of a single tube of DIELECTIC induction, with a single tube of MAGNETIC induction, gives birth to a single unit of ELECTRICICATION Q. This idea embodies the concept of the photon, a QUANTUM UNIT of electro-magnetic induction. Also consider the J.J. Thomson concept of the “electron” (his own discovery). Thomson considered the electron the terminal end of one unit line of dielectric induction. One tube, one electron. So then, how big is a unit Planck, the quantum unit of electric induction, Q?

Let us summarize the knowledge we have gained from what has been given to this point. The basic engineering dimensional relationships are hereby:

Q, the undivided quantity of the total electrification, “Planck”

W, the time rate of the production or consumption of this electricification, “Joule”. (energy)

PSI, the total dielectric induction, or the ratio of the total electric induction Q, to the total magnetic induction which is embodied in this electric induction. This is the “Coulomb” (charge)

PHI, the total magnetic induction, or the ratio of the total electric induction, Q, to the total dielectric induction, psi, which is embodied within this electric induction. This is the ”Weber” (induction)

E, the electo-motive force which results from the production or consumption of the total magnetic induction Phi. The unit is the “Volt”

I, the displacement current which results from the production or consumption of total dielectric induction Psi. The unit is the “Ampere”.

1. Q, Planck; Psi, Coulombs; Phi, Webers

2. w, Jjoules; E, Volts; I, Amperes.

Group one consists of PRIMARY quantities, group two consists of REACTIONS by the primary quantities to their variation in quantity with respect to Time . 73 DE NGKPH

PHI, the total magnetic induction, or the ratio of the total electric induction, Q, to the total dielectric induction, psi, which is embodied within this electric induction. This is the ”Weber” (induction)

E, the electo-motive force which results from the production or consumption of the total magnetic induction Phi. The unit is the “Volt”

I, the displacement current which results from the production or consumption of total dielectric induction Psi. The unit is the “Ampere”.

1. Q, Planck; Psi, Coulombs; Phi, Webers

2. w, Jjoules; E, Volts; I, Amperes.

Group one consists of PRIMARY quantities, group two consists of REACTIONS by the primary quantities to their variation in quantity with respect to Time .


Reply to Sputins

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Originally Posted by Sputins View Post
Thankyou for continuing the internet tranmissions from where you have previously left off.
If total eletrification Q = Psi . Phi
Or the total eletrification Q = Total Dielectric induction, times the Total Magnetic induction.
The more dielectric induction (capacitance), the more Counterspace.
The more magnetic induction (inductance) the more Space.
So then of the four primary dimensions of Electrical induction Q, we have the two primary physical dimensions. One of Dielectricity (more Counterspace) and the other physical dimension of magnitism (more Space). But there is only one dimension of Space?
Of the other two primary metrical dimensions Space and Time, it follows then if there is space and counterspace, then is there then time and counter-time? But then there is only one dimension of time?
The more magnetic induction, the more Space, the more time? - (Makes sense to me, the bigger the inductance the lower the frequency).
The more dielectric induction, the more Counterspace, the more Countertime?
Thank you DE N6KPH for your electrical engineering, mustard seed planting, internet transmissions. Wonderful!

One dimension of space that is space raised to the positive exponent is simply called space (acre). Space raised to the negative exponent is called counter space (per sq. centimeter). One dimension of time that is time multiplied by positive one is called forward time and the dimension of time multiplied by negative 1 is called reverse time. Space is multiplicitive (exponential) and time is additive (linear). One dimension of time(second), one dimension of space (centimeter). System of base one numbers converts the dimension into forward, backward, counter, etc.

The Time Tunnel

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Oliver Heaviside one stated that “The law of continuity of energy” is maintained when the energy existant at one time disappears but reappears at another time. In H.G. Wells’ “Time Machine” The professor argues with the doctor saying that his time device (which just vanished) is still at the same spot in the room, but the doctor can’t see it because it is there, yes, but in another time. It moved through the dimension of time.

The motion of electricity in time has been the primary topic so far. Given is the three basic relations;

1. Plancks per second gives Joules.

2. Coulombs per second gives Amperes.

3. Webers per second gives Volts.

Joules, Amperes or Volts, are SECONDARY reactions in response to variation of our known PRIMARY dimensions, the total electrification in Plancks, the total dielectrification in Coulombs, the total magnetization in Webers.

In terms established by Oliver Heaviside, the Volts of E.M.F. are a MAGNETIC REACTANCE, and the Amperes of displacement are a DIELECTRIC SUSCEPTANCE. The degree to which the reactance and the susceptance manifest is proportional to the time rate of variation, that is, per second. Here the dimension of time is not seconds, it is PER SECONDS, one over T. Somewhat like counterspace, but this is NOT COUNTER TIME. One instance of a per time arrangement is cycles per second. This is known as the FREQUENCY F, in cycles per second. Here is a dimensional relation of per second, frequency F. This frequency F represents only a rotational (alternating) cycle, and thereby is only a partial frequency. Also existent is a cycle of geometric progression or regression. This “frequency” is given in decibels per second. Hence our general frequency is given as decibel-cycle per second, or for Newton-Liebnitz methodology, it is neper-radian per second, v. Hereby:

1. v Q equals W, Joule or Planck per second.

2. v PSI equals I, Ampere, or Coulomb per second.

3. v PHI equals E, Volt, or Weber per second.

The dimensional factor, v, in per second we will call the Heaviside “Time Operator” This time operator describes the variation with respect to time as a “versor operator”

E and I are NOT necessarily time coincident, but one may lag or lead another. Cause and effect become separated by what is known as HYSTERESIS. It can be said that E and I exist in different “time frames.” This subject rapidly accelerates into a Bach type reality and is much too complex for now.


Ratios and Products Continued


Ratios and Products Continued

Up to here has been covered the concepts of dimensional relationships known as ratios, dimension "one" per dimension "two." If dimension two is that of time, the ratio becomes a time rate or time derivative, from the Newton - Liebniz concept. This ratio is known as a first order time derivative, or differential equation. The dimension of time is in PER SECOND and this may be called a FREQUENCY v, in NEPER - RADIANS per 
SECOND. But let us not plunge these depths quite yet.

So what about products, the union of dimensional relation "one" by the dimensional relation "two", the product of one and two? Given thus far is the product of the magnetic induction, Phi, and of the dielectric induction, Psi, giving forth the total electric induction, Q. The product of magnetism united with dielectricity gives rise to the total electrification of the aether. Psi times Phi.

But consider the union of the law of magnetic and dielectric induction. Faradays' times Maxwell's. Thus the union, or product, of the electro-motive force, E, in volts with the displacement current, I, in amperes. E times I. Here specifically is the product of the dimensional relation WEBERS per SECOND, and the dimensional relation COULOMB per SECOND. The resultant relationship is hereby




But it has been given that




Thus the dimensional resultant of the union of the pair of dimensional laws is PLANCKS per SECOND SQUARED. We will call this the electrical ACTIVITY, also known as the electrical power, P. Hence the dimensional relation




E times I equals P, Volts times amperes equals watts. However it has been given that the energy, W, in Joules is dimensionally the time rate of the total electric induction, Q in Plancks, that is,




That is, the electrical activity in Watts represents the variation of the total energy of the electric field, this energy itself resulting from the variation of the total electric field of induction. This is not unlike the situation in the automobile. No forces appear with the first order time derivitive of miles per hour, but manifest in direct proportion to the second order time derivitive of,




Hence, there is a distinct similarity between the dimensional relation for mechanical reactive force and the dimensional relation for electric activity


The Watt of electrical power, P.


Space the Final Frontier


Space, the Final Frontier

As a dimension space is distinct from the dimension of time, and is devoid of any physical dimension. It is hereby eternal, and empty. Like time, space is a metrical dimension, it exists to quantify. Bounded space can define a volume, area, distance, span, or density.

It is customary to consider space boundaries as a CUBIC, or third degree set of co-ordinates. The three co-ordinates are length, width, and height, taken from a corner of the cube. Think of a sugar cube, the sugar is the space and the corners define the boundaries. These three co-ordinates, length, width, and height are WRONGLY known as the three dimensions of space. This is a major mind virus and is hard to erase.

There is only one dimension of space, SPACE, a metrical dimension. Any number of co-ordinates in any number of geometries can serve to define the boundaries of said space. The use of the cubic three is habitual.

The dimension of space is considered to exist in degrees, or powers of a unit space dimension, here centimeters, l (lower case L). So we can say cubic centimeters, or square centimeters, etc. hereby, on a cm basis;

cm to the +1 power , distance

cm to the +2 power , area

cm to the +3 power , volume


cm to the -1 power , span

cm to the -2 power , density

cm to the -3 power , concentration

Cm to a positive degree is called conventional - spatial relations, or simply space relations, whereas cm to a negative degree is called counter - spatial, or simply counterspace relations, all the above constitute a single dimension, space, this space bounded by a co-ordinate construct upon a given degree.

Hence cm to the Nth degree serves as our "space operator", operating upon a physcal dimensional relation. For example, Q times cubic cm, the volume of electricity, psi per square cm, the metrical dimension of space is applied to a physical dimension of substance. Even aether is a substance.

  • mathematically;

l (to the third) Q gives Planck - cm cubed

l (to the second) Psi gives Coulomb per cm squared

In situations involving the dimension of time, the system of algegra serves well in expressing dimensional relations. It may even be said that algebra is the mathematics of time. (see Alexander McFarlane, American Association for the Advancement of Science). For situations involving the dimension of space no suitable algebra has yet been developed. All efforts by the great mathematicians during the 19th century were fruitless, except Oliver Heaviside's. Heaviside gave a system of vector expressions, divergence, curl, and potential, which today are WRONGLY called "Maxwell's Equations." They are not, they are Heaviside's equations, and they are NOT algebraic. But these equations have become the "Tablets of Moses", bringing from the skies the laws of electro-magnetism. But no mention os ever found on the laws of magneto-dielectricity, a serious drawback. (see space versor part in "Theory of Wireless Power", by E. P. Dollard). Therefore at present there is no true understandiing of the spatial relationships of electricity. It is this algebraic absence that, in general renders occult the real workings of electric induction, and specifically renders occult the work of Nikola Tesla. Space is then the final frontier.


N.F.G. Interlude

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N. F. G. Interlude

After eating up the horse feces the coyote pukes it up in the car. Then Rube Goldberg makes the following propositions:

1. Hyper – Complication

2. Useless info overload

3. Reliance upon a technology understood, untested and infested with bugs.

These serve as the commandment triad of science & engineering today. No other form of behavior is known, nor would it be tolerated if it were.

Advancement will receive only a HINDRANCE, H, in the dimensional relation of B. S. Three primary dimensions give rise to hindrance H, in GOLDBERGS.

1) One will be PENDANTS, the Prostitutes of Electrical and Electronic Engineers, the P.E.E.E.

2) Another will be MYSTICS, the Quantum Car Mechanics, the Q.R.M.

3) Finally, will be DIS-INFOS, the Soviet Scalar Xenophobes, the S.S.X.

Real life stories abound, for example;

1) Animal control is notified when a parrot is spotted flapping about with furiously with only one wing, the other is missing. It is screeching “E equals M C squared, E equals M C squared.” 2D and 3Dfecal matter is ejected thru time by the injured animal. It can’t be caught.

2) The S.W.A.T. team is called in when a mass shooting is reported at the School of Energy Synthesis Research by an adherent to the law of energy perpetuity sect. 8 are killed including the gunman, 15 more are injured.

3) Sheriff deputies respond to a report of 20 guys spilling out of the bar engaged in a brawl over the constitution of the aether. Next day the city council passes a resolution forbidding the existence of the aether.

So then, how do we pull the signal out of the noise? It is done by bandwidth reduction, power increase, coherent reception. Taking the inverse of the Goldberg triad gives:

1) Hypo - complication

2) Useful information

3) No belief in any theory or related technology without experimental verification of proof AND disproof.

Thru application of the inverse Goldberg law, and by phasing out the P.E.E.E., Q.R.M., S.S.X. components the signal will come thru loud and clear, 5 – 9 – 9.


"If you got a report of "599" on CW, it means the following: The five means your signal is very easy to understand with absolutely no difficulty. The first nine means your signal registers a very strong reading on your S meter, usually 3/4 scale or more. The second nine means your CW tone has a nice pure clear tone or sound."

Dimensional Meanings

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Dimensional Meanings

So far we have strongly emphasized dimensions and dimensional relations. Dimensional representation is the most direct method of analysis and synthesis with regard to the electric phenomena.. Electrical engineering has four primary dimensions; Metrical,

(1) time, t, second

(2) space, l, centimeter Substantial,

(3) magnetism, Phi, Weber

(4) dielectricity, Psi, Coulomb

There are no other electrical dimensions, that is it! The electric-dimensional RELATIONS are derived from these primary dimensions, but the relations are not new dimensions. There are no others than “the four.”

Consider a certain hypothetical transmission system, the Integratron system of George Van Tassle. (not the Goddess temple “Integratron” of today) The Integratron effects transmission around space. Let us say one is on earth and another is on mars. If you enter the “in door” on the earth unit, you exit the “out door” on the mars unit.

In performing this operation you did NOT travel from earth to mars thru any intervening dimensional relation of space. No velocity or space per time, was effected. However time has not been altered so it may be said that the dimension of space has been cancelled out. Space was the transmission obstacle and the electro-geometrical structure of the Integratron neutralized the dimension of space. This is called a SPACE SCALAR, no variation in space.

At this point the Einsteiner would say that you traveled from earth to mars in “another dimension.” Then, after a big blast off the bong, now it’s a wormhole!

Another example, long distance D.C. power transmission. Long distance power transmission utilizing alternating current suffers from the effects of electro-motive force, E and the displacement current I both time derivatives. The compounding of E & I over long distances results in serious transmission impairments. The dimension of time is eliminated. Thus the dimensional relations involving time such as E and I disappear, but not into “another dimension”, there is none.

D.C. has zero frequency hence it has no relation to time. It is eternal, invariable, constant. Direct current is a TIME SCALAR, no variation in time. The Quantum Car Mechanics and the Soviet Scalar Xenophobes, each in their self edification, have twisted this basic dimensional reality of the engineer into a distorted labyrinth of utter confusion. Wormholes, scalar waves, and etc. represent an oral/anal equivalency. Such concepts confuse, not clarify, engineering concepts. Yet the parrots lap it up eagerly, it has such a sweet taste. So does anti-freeze.


Dimensional Relations of Volts and Amperes in Time and Space

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Dimensional Relations of Volts and Amperes in Time and Space

We have heretofore firmly established a concept of the two fundamental laws of induction, Faraday’s law of electro-magnetic induction and Maxwell’s law of magneto-dielectric induction. 
Electro-motive force E is a magnetic reactance to a change in the net quantity of magnetic induction, displacement current I is a dielectric suceptance to a change in the net quantity of dielectric induction. E in Volts and I in Amperes are the result of inductive variation with respect to TIME.

However, also in the same units of volts and amperes exist the electrostatic potential, e in Volts, and the magneto-motive force (M.M.F.), i in Amperes. This situation does not recommend itself.

The E.M.F. E and the M.M.F. i have a conjugate relation thru the metallic structure of the electric system. The displacement I and the electro-static potential e have a conjugate relation within the dielectric structure of the electric system. E and i in the metal, e and I in the insulator. This suggests the electric activity E times i and another activity e times I, both in Watts. Conversely, electrical activities of E times I, as well as e times i suggest themselves. Hence we have arrived at a four polar form of electrical activity. Four distinct wattages. These represent the four terms of the “Telegraph Equation” of Oliver Heaviside in their primordial form.

The reactance E.M.F., E, via the dimension of time, T’, gives rise to an electro-static potential, e, across the dimension of space, l. In conjugate form the suceptance displacement, I, via the dimension of time, T”, gives rise to a M.M.E., i, across the dimension of space, l. It may be said that E & I are the cause, where e & i are the effect, chicken or egg.

The metallic-dielectric geometric structure bounding the electric field of induction engenders the mechanical forces developed by this bounded field. Where E and I are strictly electric forces, e and i give rise to mechanical forces upon physical matter thru the dimension of SPACE. i and e are the seat of magnetic forces pushing the metallic and of dielectric force pulling the metallic. i is a pushing force, e is a pulling force.

How does the dimension of space enter into e and i, both spawned of the dimension of time? From time to space, but Volts and Amperes in both. This is a problem yet to be solved, a dimensional complication. e and i are not complete but are misrepresentations. They are figments of time. Forces due to e an i are more properly expressed as the dielectric gradient, Volts per centimeter and the magnetic gradient, Amperes per centimeter. e over l gives d the dielectric, and i over l gives m, the magnetic. d is the dielectric force, m is the magnetic force, of the dielectric field Psi in Coulombs and the magnetic field of Phi in Webers respectively.

Hence we have arrived at a pair of new dimensional relations:

1 Delectric force, d

Volts, e, per c.m., l.

Or Weber per centimeter – second.

2 Magnetic force, m

Amperes, i, per c.m., l.


Coulombs per centimeter – second.

The dimension of time and its relation to space is evidenced by these dimensional expressions. Here a condition exists where dielectric force is derived magnetically, and magnetic induction is derived dielectrically, both thru the dimension of time. However, we are not interested in time here, we are interested in only space. It seems like we are stuck in a loop.

The way out is to utilize the new pair of dimensional relations, that is

d the dielectric gradient


m the magnetic gradient

as primary dimensional relationships.

Effort will be made along the way to express these relations in an alternate expression, thru the concept of inductance and capacitance.

If this pair, d and m, both with no one’s name, or real definition, are taken as primary dimensional relations then the electro-static potential e is derived as a secondary relation to d. Likewise the M.M.E. i is derived as a secondary relation to m. It is then

e equals the product of d and c.m.

Volt – centimeter per centimeter


i equals the product of m and c.m.

Ampere – centimeter per centimeter

These dimensional relations give rise to centimeter per centimeter. What can we make of this, a space scalar. This dimensional condition represents a SPACE INTEGRAL. Integration, as it is known, is derived from the Newton – Liebnitz concepts and represents the inverse of differentiation. This application to c.m. per c.m. is called the line integral of d or m. Integration is best avoided.

What we are doing is this; the electric forces dimensionally are in PER C.M., that is, in a counter-spatial form. In the integration, the product of the counterspace span in per c.m. is multiplied by spatial distance of the span. Per c.m. time c.m. the product of counterspace and space results in a dimensional cancellation, or numeric. This is called a SPACE SCALAR condition. It is dimensionless but posesses an “angle.”

In conclusion, the force exists in a counter-spatial gradient, where as the potential, or M.M.E., exist in a spatial distance. The potential e is the integral of the force d, and the M.M.E. i is the integral of the force M. Read the introductory chapters of Heaviside’s “E.M. Theory, volume one.”


Response to the forum

From: Eric Dollard Sent: Friday, September 30, 2011 1:55 PM To: n6kph@yahoogroups.com Subject: [n6kph] Response to the forum

Santa Barbara Rotary Parametric Transformer, tested gave transformation ratio, power it to power out, of 108% +or- 5% error of measurement. It works, see video.

No one yet on how many Plancks constitute a Watt-second-second. Where is an understandable quantity of this dimensional relation? Look at laser light on white surface, notice all the tiny little Plancks? Well?

I have a D.C. transmission line, the conductors are 2 inches in diameter, spacing is 18 feet. How many ounces of force are developed upon a 600 foot span of this line, for the following;

1. 1000 ampere line current.

2. For 1000 KV line potential?

I am waiting.

Whoever answers these two basic questions will then possess knowledge for discussion of energy related apparatus. The law of energy perpetuity was invalidated at Santa Barbara. Free yourself from bondage.

There is an interposed relation between energy in and energy out, an angle of hysteresis. Find a switchboard power factor meter and its related wattmeter. Study them and make large models of them for study. Read Steinmetz’s “Theory and Calculation of A.C.” book, chapter on “Power and Double Frequency Quantities.” (cross product – “conjugate product”, dot product, and also scalar product) Here math useful for Phi, Psi to Planck unions.

Forget about f*ck*ng electrons. J.J. Thomson says that a hydrogen atom has 1000 electrons, we say 1 electron, what do you know about them, nothing. Go read and learn before parroting. Find Sir William Crookes’ work.

In general, whatever fragmentation is produced in forum is just fine. I’m just “instigating the ants” to watch them swarm. N.F.G. frequency will be in proportion to idiot factor. Some just can’t help being idiots. Those who make equations and machines relevant to energy synthesis more than make up for all the repetitive idiots. I’ll take care of them with N.F.G. fun.

My interest in Russian paper is the equations, not the machines. It is the compound differential forms. Use a damn Alexanderson Mag-amp, not mechanical rotors, etc. Use harmonics of line frequency on the control winding. Use a car alternator or other machine to generate them, not solid state. Tune the control winding with a series condenser (watch for high voltage)

As for oscillating solenoidal winding, read these;

1. Theory of Wireless Power - E.P. Dollard

2. Abnormal Voltages in Transformers, A.I.E.E. Proceedings or Transactions – Boyajin and Bloom.

No velocity of light when coil oscillates. How many times must I repeat, NO VELOCITY OF LIGHT. Read Tesla Colorado book, do the math on the “extra coil.” Find that it is 1.8 times light. Read! Yes, harmonic oscillations in coil windings generate parametric dielectric energy storage co-efficients. Farads per second. Good path to follow.

See also, on aether, Gustav Le-Bon’s books, may be important. Also find the Mendelev pre-hydrogen series periodic table. Report your findings on the forum.

So get cranking… Eric

Impedance and Admittance


Impedance and Admittance

At this point the next level of dimensional relations can be derived from the primary dimensional relations given thus far;

(I) The law of electro-magnetic induction, Faraday’s law, that is the electro-motive force E, in volts, is given by the proportionality (ratio) of the total quantity of magnetic induction Phi, to the time rate of the gain or loss of this quantity of magnetic induction, in per second. The voltage E is given by the rate of variation of magnetism. Change in magnetism is volts of E.M.F. (II) The law of magneto-dielectric induction, Maxwell’s law. That is, the displacement current I, in amperes, is given by the proportionality (ratio) of the total quantity of dielectric induction Psi, to the time rate of the gain or loss of this quantity of dielectric induction, in per second. The current I is given by the time rate of variation of dielectricity. Change in dielectricity is Amperes of displacement.

In both cases “quickness” is the factor of direct proportionality. Example, 120 volts at 60 cycles per second applied to a transformer winding results in a greater rate of change in magnetism than 110 volts, 60 cycles applied to the same winding, despite both being 60 cycles. Why? The slope of 120VAC is greater than 110VAC. Try it on your oscilloscope and see.

E and I are not to be considered opposites of each other, but they exist in a COMPLIMENTARY-SYMMETRY form. The four pole archetype of electricity shows itself in that there is E and e or I and i. This leads to the answer for our second question, the null force condition, that is what ratio of E to I, and thus e to i give rise to a cancellation of “e pulls” and “i pushes.” Another ratio to be investigated. Taking the ratio of the E.M.F. E, and the displacement I, that is E over I, we have evoked “Ohms law”: The dimensional relation of E.M.F., Phi over T; divided by the dimensional relation of displacement, Psi over T. This results in a new dimensional relation. This relation is known as the IMPEDANCE Z, in OHMS. E per I is Z. For a given product of E and I in Watts. We may have a large E and a small I, a high impedance, or we may have a small E and a large I, a low impedance. Hence, a unit of power (activity) in Watts may be in the form of a high impedance (12KV, 1 Amp) or a low impedance (1KV, 12 Amp), both the same power (12 KVA). Think of the transmission in your car. The engine is delivering 20 horsepower (activity) and this is delivered to the wheels. The engine is running 1800 R.P.M. (volts), but the drive shaft is running 180 R.P.M. (volts). The engine is a high impedance, the driveshaft a low impedance, but the power is 20 HP in both. We call this an IMPEDANCE TRANSFORMATION and this is effected by what is known as a TRANSFORMER, (the transmission, it has a RATIO of ten to one).

The dimensional relation of impedance, Z in Ohms, can be expressed in an alternate manner from the primary dimensions. E divided by I equals Z, Ohms law. But we have dimensionally that the E.M.F. E in volts is given by Faraday’s law

Webers per second

Likewise the displacement I in Amperes is given by Maxwell’s law

Coulombs per second

Taking the ratio of E over I and substituting, the impedance is given by

Weber-second per

Coulomb-second = Ohms

Here, dimensionally speaking, we have second per second which is thus dimensionless, or scalar, a TIME SCALAR. Hence the primary dimensional expression for impedance, Z in Ohms, is given

Weber per Coulomb

Equals Ohm.

Hereby the impedance of the electric field of induction is defined as the ratio of the total magnetic induction to the total dielectric induction, Phi over Psi gives Ohms Z. This is known as the characteristic impedance of the electric field of induction.

It must be remembered that the scalar term of seconds per seconds expresses the hysteresis angle between the time frame for E and the time frame for I, as the pair weave their dance thru the dimension of time (note, get that 2D or 3D out of your head, we are in the dimension of time!) The ratio Z, the impedance, is therefore a “directed quantity” in the dimension of time. This is to say the impedance has magnitude and a position in time. Listen to Bach organ music for further as this is too complex for now.

Since arriving at the concept of impedance it may be asked what results from its inverse I over E, the ratio of displacement current to electromotive force. This ratio is called the ADMITTANCE Y of the electrical system. Following the same path dimensionally as was done with impedance it is,

Coulomb – second

Per Weber – second

Hence the admittance Y is given dimensionally by,

Coulomb per Weber

Equals Siemens.

Admittance Y in Siemens is the ratio of Psi to Phi, the ratio of the dielectric field to the magnetic field of the electric field of induction. This is called the characteristic admittance of the electric field.

As for the scalar term of seconds per second the same situation exists as with the impedance Z in Ohms. It is however that there is also a time “angle” between the time frame of impedance Z in Ohms and admittance Y in Siemens, just as there is with Volts and Amperes. Hereby results that the impedance is NOT just the inverse of the admittance, that is, Z is NOT one over Y, they are MIRROR IMAGES. Look in the mirror. Your head is up, your feet are down, but your right is left and your left is right. This is much too complex.

In conclusion, the impedance and admittance serve as proportionality factors between the magnetic and the dielectric, or the dielectric and the magnetic, fields respectively.


The End of Time

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The End of Time

This dimension of time, and its dimensional relation to electric phenomena, thus far has been the primary discussion. This metrical dimension, in seconds, and its relation to the substantial dimensions of Q, Psi and Phi has yielded a set of fundamental electrical relationships. As of yet the dimension of space is regarded as a frontier, occult from the human mind.

The idea of the dimension of time is a relatively modern development, beginning with the “age of clocks” in Europe. Out of this evolved the epic time dimensional works of J.S. Bach, 1685 to 1750. Following Bach the Newton – Liebnitz system of mathematics allowed for an analytical treatment of the dimension of time. The development of a base one number system, such as given by A. MacFarlane, and a system of electrical dimensional relations by O. Heaviside, led to the epic time dimensional works of C.P. Steinmetz 1965 to 1923. Steinmetz writing in “Theory and Calculation of Transient Electric Phenomena” stands as an algebraic analog to Bach’s last work, “Die Kunst der Fuge”, BWV – 1080. Time in both forward and reverse, as well as multiple hysteretic time frames, within a complimentary – symmetrical geometric construct are portrayed in both the works of J.S. Bach and C.P. Steinmets. A persistent rumor exists, starting with Edison’s attempts to make contact with the dead. An unknown Christian organization contracted Steinmetz to develop an apparatus to allow viewing in present time the life of Jesus Christ in his time. Quite a story but no possible verification. However, in the realm of fiction, it was noticed that an old 1963 Outer Limits episode titled “Borderland” portrayed a layout like Steinmetz may have used in his G.E. laboratory. It is unfortunate that few, if any, have, or will follow the footsteps of the giants, they are too deep. Most will, without a thought, lap up the sweet neuro-toxins administered in liberal doses by the pendants, mystics, and dis-informers. Coyotes however are hard to trick and thus are hard to poison. We will continue to follow their path, hard as it may be.

Up to this point in time these time sequential internet transmissions have been intent in presenting, in a hypo-complex fashion, the primary electrical relations previously relegated to the tongues of parrots with only one wing. The only unique dimensional relation has been the Planck, Q. The Planck is defined as the undivided quantity, Q, of the total electric induction. In a Biblical sense an analog is, “and in the beginning…” Every other substantial relation found its derivation in the Planck. A pair, Phi and Psi were arrived at by a divorce, four more by direct interaction of a substantial dimension with the metrical dimension of time, these being E, I, W, P, and finally two more Z and Y, were derived in a pair of paths, one path thru the metrical dimension of time, the other path thru direct relations of the primary substantial dimensions of Phi and Psi. These give us the ONE and a following set of EIGHT.

It is important to remember not to become enamored to our models, or the models of others, with regard to the nature of the inductive process, or the nature of the medium which engendered it. These constructs, here and elsewhere, are illustrative, not concrete, but that is not to say that concrete constructs should not be sought. The primary intent and effort here is the establishment of concrete engineering formulation applied to the development of specific electrical apparatus. It is goal orientated much like the actions of large aggressive reptiles. Too bad they are extinct. What one does after that big blast off the bong, or the Nth beer in the bar, is considered a personal issue, not for publication or enforcement.

Concluding this sequence of time dimensional relationships the following tables are given. Table 1 The One: The undivided quantity of electric induction. Given as: The Planck, Q, in Weber - Coulomb.

The primary pair of dimensions:

One: The total dielectric induction. Given as: The Coulomb, Psi, a primary dimension.

Two: The total magnetic induction. Given as: The Weber, Phi, a primary dimension.

The first set of secondary dimensional relations:

One: The displacement current. Given as: The Ampere, I, in Coulomb per second.

Two: The electromotive force. Given as: The Volt, E, in Weber per second.

The second set of secondary dimensional relations:

Three: The energy. Given as: The Joule, W, in Planck per second.

Four: The activity (power). Given as: The Watt, P, in Joule per second.

And finally the pair with dual derivation:

One: The impedance. Given as: The Ohm, Z, in Volt per Ampere, or in, Weber per Coulomb.

Two: The admittance. Given as: The Siemens, Y, in Ampere per Volt, or in, Coulomb per Weber.

Also, throughout the dimensional relation for time is given as:

The complex frequency in Neper – radians per second, v.

And thus closes our system of electrical units in a dimensional relation with time.

Table 2


Planck ----------------

Coulomb -------------- Weber

Ampere -------------- Volt

Siemens -------------- Ohm

Joule ---------------

Watt ---------------

(Neper – radian per second)



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Our discussion on the theory of electric phenomena will now shift from the metrical dimension of time and develop the application of the metrical dimension of space. As a frontier, space will be treated in an experimental manner. One is cautioned against being, or becoming, enamored to any particular concept of space presented here or elsewhere. The importance of the study of J.J. Thomson, “Electricity and Matter”, and O. Heaviside, “E-M Theory”, volume 1, (introductory chapters), this cannot be over-emphasized. Do your homework. And as said by Heaviside, it is said here; “If you think these are hard to read, well, they are even harder to write (in the front seat of my car).

Greater complexity is encountered in the application of the dimension of space than that of time. Space relations are not well understood in the contemporary engineering world, and misconception abounds. N.F.G. relations introduced by the QRM mystics, such as curved space and 2D, 3D thinking has all but eliminated any real comprehension of the application of the dimension of space to electrical study.

Relations in the dimension of time are ADDITIVE, relations of forward and reverse. Time relations are linear, so to speak, along w versor path in time. Not so in the dimension of space, here it is MULTIPLICITIVE. Time relations are arithmetic progressions, whereas space relations are geometric progressions.

Consider a numerical illustration:

For the time relations, it is;

3 and 3 gives 6

For space relations, it is;

3 and 3 gives 9

Two distinctively different results.

In time it is expressed as;

3 plus 3 equals 6

In space it is expressed as;

3 times 3 equals 9

Taking an alternate approach we have for time, a pair of 3’s, that is, two 3’s. The same for space, two 3’s.

Then it is for time;

3 times 2 equals 6

And for space it is;

3 to the 2 power equals 9

Hence, it can be stated that the time relations are LINEAR whereas the space relations are LOGARITHMIC.

In working with time dimension relations there has been developed a versor algebra, an “algebra of time.” The development of this time algebra is primarily due to the efforts of Carl Proteus Steinmetz of General Electric Corp. (also see A. MacFarlane, “The Imaginary of Algebra”).

Versor algebra utilizes a BASE ONE number system, that is, the number ONE raised to a specific power. In common use is the base TWO number system, binary, and the base TEN number system, decimal. But a base one number system seems unlikely, it can only give one. This is exactly what we want in a versor system, as will be shown.

The versor concept applied to time relations has been established in engineering work for practical use, but not so for space relations. The concept of space versor algebra jammed up and seized with what is known as QUANTERNIONS. Development of space versors “finished” with quanternions (see A. MacFarlane “Principals of the Algebra of Physics”) and little else progressed up to the “Theory of Wireless Power” by E.P. Dollard where a space versor algebra is presented. Note that versors are NOT VECTORS.

So as to arrive at an understanding of versor algebra in general it is instructive to consider known concepts of versor algebra for time. Consider a second order time relation. This is given as, the square root of positive one, a seemingly useless statement. An alternate expression is given as, ONE raised to the one half power, let us say raised to the PER TWO power. This is a second order relationship and by definition must give a pair of roots, that is, two distinct values, thus the roots are given as (1) Positive one, and (2) Negative one. We will call negative one an IMAGINARY NUMBER. Both roots, (1) and (2) are more properly named VERSOR OPERATIONS. Their magnitude is unity and they are dimensionless. Therefore, by application to the concept of the additive process, it has now been extended to include subtraction. (plus and minus). We have arrived at an expression for time phase opposition.

Extending these ideas results in a versor expression for fourth order time relations, the fourth root of positive one. This is ONE to the ONE FOURTH power (one to the PER FOUR power). This can be partially resolved into a pair of square roots, each of which have two roots, giving the required four roots. It is given that the square root of positive one produces a pair of roots, that is,

1) Positive 1.

2) Negative 1

Now, in addition, is the second square root, the square root of negative one, this producing a pair of roots,

1) Positive j

2) Negative j

Hereby we arrive at the required four roots produced by the fourth root of positive one, four to the one fourth. These are given as;

0) Positive 1

1) Positive j

2) Negative 1

3) Negative j

Here the concept of the additive process, addition, is now further generalized. There is more than only plus and minus. This versor expression is for time phase quadrature and for time phase opposition. We now see versors as a degree of lead or lag on a given order of time, here in fourth order time. One to the one fourth power gives the four quadrature versor operators. CAUTION, do not view this as 2D or 4D time, this is NOT a VECTORAL system. Further on this is given in the “Symbolic Representation” papers by E.P. Dollard.

The versor algebra here given thus far has been orientated to represent the dimension of time. Versor algebra is based upon degrees or orders of the dimension to which they are applied. The following orders of space, in terms of perceptual understanding begins the degrees or divisions of the dimension of space. The fundamental unit of space here will be the centimeter, or cm.

I - First order of space:

(a) DISTANCE Space to the positive first power, cm.

(b) SPAN Space to the negative first power, per cm.

II – Second order space:

(a) AREA Space to the positive second power, square cm.

(b) DENSITY Space to the negative second power, per square cm.

III – Third order space:

(a) VOLUME Space to the positive third power, cubic cm

(b) CONCENTRATION Space to the negative third power, per cubic cm.

IV – Fourth order space:

(a) Space to the positive fourth power, quartic cm.

(b) Space to the negative fourth power, per quartic cm.

Finally Nth order space.

The (a) group are the spatial relations, and the (b) Group are the counter-spatial relations. Higher order space, such as fourth order lack definition, it is undefined space. Einstein 4D space, crystal structured? It remains un-defined!

These orders of space can be worked into a simple tale:

I ran out of orange juice, bummer. Now I got to drive a DISTANCE of 15 MILES to the lizard pit (store). Let’s take Rathead, the poodle, along for a chance to get out of the house. Along the way I’ll count the number of poles on that old J carrier line, they have a SPAN of one PER 150 FEET. Rathead has got to stay in the car, that 1000 ACRE AREA of land behind the store is infested with coyotes. They have a population DENSITY of one PER 50 ACRE. This store only sells juice in a VOLUME of half GALLONS. The CONCENTRATION of vitamin C in this juice is one unit daily requirement PER 8 CUBIC OUNCE serving. When considering next the fourth order of space, Rathead begins to bark his head off at some UNKNOWN THING. Stupid poodle, let’s go. Break, more follows on Space.


N.F.G. In Space, Heaviside

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N.F.G. In Space, Heaviside

The lord god sayeth to moses : Thus rose the beast, and it arose as a giant one winged parrot, this hewn of solid plutonium. She delivereth the beast as an idol of worship to her supreme power. The surrounding multitudes casteth off their garments so as to feel the warmth of its radiant tongues of fire. It came to pass that the beast smote the multitudes by burning their eyes and leaving them to wander blind for eternity.

Verily this is the present situation for the science of electricity, just as told in the parable. Oliver Heaviside, a spurned English theoretician, devoted considerable effort toward straightening the path of progress in electrical science. He endeavored to lead the blind out of darkness, but their restored sight was only black and white. The idea of electricity as a flow of electrons in a conductor was regarded by Heaviside as a psychosis. This encouraged Heaviside to begin a series of writings to “de-program the Moonies.” This often utilized “Tragic Tales” to make his idea clear about mathematical futility. “One such tale” is of a young child, “and this child would not smile. So his father beat him with a strap, in an effort to make him smile. But the child would not smile. Later he was eaten by a lion.” This tale is what Heaviside thought about the mathematical system of QUATERNIONS

Quaternions represent a primordial form of a versor space algebra. It is however ultimately vectoral. The system of quaternions was a retrofit of the existing concepts of versor algebra that originally were adaptable to time, this to provide an analogous versor algebra useful for space. It is really not much use for this purpose. Oliver Heaviside despised quaternions, leading him to develop his own space mathematics. The work of J.C. Maxwell was encumbered by his reliance upon he use of the quaternion system. It is this complication with Maxwell that initiated Heaviside’s efforts to “remove the baggage” that encumbered the understanding of Maxwell. Heaviside produced his “vector system” for this effort. He received little credit for his important work, and his famous set of equations are wrongly known as “Maxwell’s Equations”, ask any parrot.

Heaviside’s vector system sought to provide a lucid description to the Maxwellian concept of electro-magnetism, or rather the Heaviside concept of the Maxwellian concept of eelctro-magnetism. That is transverse electro-magnetism. Plancks, or cross product relations But this vector system has no application to longitudinal magneto-dielectricity. But is not this the realm that gave Maxwell his fame? Displacement current, current in empty space, is the Maxwellian concept that leads to longitudinal waves. It is most likely that most of what is thought to be understood about Maxwell’s work is in reality the ideas of others. Absolutely no mention should be made of anything Maxwellian without directly quoting Maxwell himself thru his writings! To study his work in its entirety will take a lifetime. So mute thyself.

The dis-informers, SSX, heap criticism upon Oliver Heaviside for his one sided representation of the works of J.C. Maxwell. Their real motive is to take one off the “Heaviside trail”, but the coyote wants to run that path. Obviously this series of transmissions via internet is in the full “attitude” of Oliver Heaviside. Forgotten in pre-history is the effort of 19th century mathematicians given to space math. Major figures were Grassman, Hamilton, Tait, and MacFarlane. Review of their works provides a better understanding of what has been inherited . Only what Maxwell utilized out of necessity, and Heaviside developed out of deliberation exists today. Longitudinal electric waves are considered non-existent, a complete impossibility. But that is what propagates between the plates of any condenser or between the windings of any transformer, physical realities.

So today we labor under an absolutely one sided view of electricity. It cannot stand upright just as a bird with only one wing cannot fly. The entire misconception has now matured, become “frozen in stone” as an idol of worship to the supreme power of the pedant. In reality it is a monolith of self-edification, taught in every university.

The pedantic assault upon the pioneering efforts of Heaviside, Tesla, and Steinmetz is worthy of closer examination. Two particular characters, supreme pedants sink to the “bottom of the bowl.” One is William Preece of the British Royal Society. Preece championed the entirely lopsided view prevalent in the “misunderstood, untested, and infested with bugs” undersea cable telegraph technology. This errant concept nearly ruined the trans-oceanic telegraph industry. It took the work of Oliver Heaviside to “balance the equation” thereby allowing a working telegraphic system. He did this through His serial writings known as “Electro-Magnetic Induction and its Propagation.” These led to his most important development, the “Telegraph Equation.” William Preece F.R.S. censured the work of Oliver Heaviside and went so far as to attempt to make his own concept a law.

America’s most (wanted) noteworthy pedant is Michael Pupin, of Columbia University. Pupin was a supreme pedant. He repeatedly assailed Tesla with rude attacks. He even went so far as to perform the same upon C.P. Steinmetz. Steinmetz received harsh criticism for his theory of hysteresis, which not only gave Steinmetz his world fame, but also saved the infant electrical industry from ruin. Pupin declared the important transformer equations developed by Steinmetz as un-Maxwell, heretical. But it is these ideas that lay the foundations of electrical engineering. Pupin’s crowning swine behavior is his treatment of Heaviside. Pupin takes Heaviside’s telegraph equation, re-packages it as a transmission concept, patents its implementation, then sells it to American Telephone & Telegraph for \$25,000. Long distance telephone is born, with not one word of Heaviside. In final disgust, during the “Einstein Age”, Heaviside removed his furniture from the house and sat on granite blocks, then painted his fingernails pink. Later he was stoned to death by a pack of youngsters.


Application of Space to the Electric Dimensional Relations

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Application of Space to the Electric Dimensional Relations

In order to gain an understanding of the electric field of induction a concept of the distribution of this induction in the dimension of space must be developed. An example is a 200 mile long power line. It has a span of 600 feet between towers. This is a 230 kilovolt, 60 cycle/sec, 3 phase line. It can be shown that for each span of line between supporting structures there exist an electro-motive force, E, in Volts, this in series along this span, and a displacement current, I, in Amperes, this in shunt along this span. The series E.M.F., and the shunt displacement of each span compound with each successive span. The total E.M.F. and total displacement for the entire length, 200 miles, of the line is found by integrating over the total number of spans. However, this integrated value is not given by the simple addition of the individual E.M.F.s and displacements developed by each of the individual spans. Here we find an exponential function of space determines the relation between the individual values, and the total values of E.M.F. and displacement. These considerations are developed by Carl P. Steinmetz in his “Theory and Calculation of Transient Electric Phenomena” book, in particular the chapter on “Transients in Space.”

The general problem of the representation in space is given by the introductory part of “Transients in Space” and also by Ernst Guillimen in the introductory chapters in his “Communications Networks” vol. 2. Read these, they are a most important study. These writings form the basis for the theories of electrical engineering utilized today.

The metrical dimension of space is most often considered as a VOLUME, this representing an enclosed quantity of space. This space is filled with something substansive, often which must be paid for, such as a gallon of milk. The milk is the substantial dimension, the “throw away” gallon container is the metrical dimension. In general, this volume of space is considered a cubic quantity, or boundary, this such as a cubic foot, cubic yard, cubic centimetre, and etc. It is habitual to express a volume in cubic terms, this in three mutually perpendicular co-ordinates, wrongly called “dimensions.” It is also habitual to express electric relations in the same manner, a corner of a cube, such as Psi, Phi, and Q. This now is three dimensional, a 3D relation, since Psi, Phi, and Q are dimensions. The cubic relation itself has no substansive dimensions, it is only the metrical dimension of space expressed by a group of three mutually perpendicular co-ordinates. This is important.

It is given here that a one centimetre cube is the elemental unit of the dimension of space, a volume of one cubic cm. This is about the size of a common sugar cube, but instead of sugar, this cube is filled with electric induction. It is a cube of electricity. What exists outside the boundaries of this cube is for now unknown, it is excluded by the boundaries. For most of the examples that follow, all space is filled with 10-C transformer oil, the dielectric. All boundaries enclosing, or dividing, this space are sheet copper, the metallic. Here given is the metallic-dielectric geometry, such as a power transformer, or a static condenser, two fundamental apparatus in electrical work.

In the case of the 200 mile long A.C. power line the basic element of space is the span. This is first order space. Here it is given as per 600 feet, this now a unit value. It now equals one, one span. This unit value is known as a differential element, it is indivisible, the smallest “line on the ruler.” It relates to the Newton-Leibnitz concept of the infinitesimal.

It is considered that cubic, or third order space, is the most general expression of space, a metrical dimension. Since the ordinary transformers and condensers utilized in power engineering are of considerable volume, it is then allowable to consider one cubic cm. as a differential element, that is, an infinitesimal quantity if space. Taking the, one cubic cm. of space, as a unit value, gives the differential element of the metrical dimension of space. It is hereby about the size of a sugar cube, but filled with 10-C oil. Hence the VOLUME is given as ONE cubic cm., the AREA as ONE square cm., the DISTANCE as ONE cm., the SPAN as ONE per cm., the DENSITY as ONE per square cm., and the CONCENTRATION as ONE per cubic cm., all faces, corners, spacings, and etc. of this unit cube are ONE. Hence our differential, indivisible, element of the metrical dimension of space. All orders, or powers, of this space equals one, one squared is one, one cubed is one, and etc. All are one.

This may just as well have been a cubic yard, or a cubic nanometre. The consideration of “unit value” is to reduce the size to the point to which there is no distinguishable variation of the substansive dimension with respect to the unit of the metrical dimension of space. It is then a space scalar condition, no variation in space. For example, consider the 200 mile long A.C. power line. It has a propagation velocity very near that of light. For a frequency of 60 cycles per second, this gives the wavelength as 2880 miles in length. The total distance of this line is 200 miles, this a significant fraction of a quarter wave or an impedance to admittance transformation. However the per 600 feet of a span is an infinitesimal fraction of the quarter wave distance. Hence the distance between towers, the spans, serve as the differential element. It is then 600 feet is of unit value, indivisible. There are no intervening towers.

No perceptible variation of the series E.M.F., E in Volts, or the shunt displacement, I in Amperes, exist along this 600 foot span of A.C. power line. Hereby it is said the E.M.F. per span, or the displacement per span. In the general case it is given as Volts per span and Amperes per span. These dimensional relations represent the voltage gradient and current gradient along the length of line. Dimensionally it is;

1) Volts per cm. 2) Ampere per cm.

It should be noted that this pair of gradients exist in space quadrature to the previous given gradients, the dielectric gradient, d, and the magnetic gradient, m. This is a fundamental relation in electro-magnetic induction and its propagation.

It can be seen that each span has a back E.M.F. in series with the power flow, and a displacement, or charging, current in shunt with the power flow. These are a consequence of the electric field of induction in a time rate of variation, the 60 cycle, or 377 radians per second. These are transmission impairments and give rise to a delay in propagation which progressively compounds down the line, from span to span. These differential elements, or spans, must be summed up, or INTEGRATED, in order to determine the total E.M.F., total displacement, and the total delay in propagation. This is not so easy of a task. Now for higher orders of space the situation is that order more difficult.

In the application of the metrical dimension of space to the substantial dimensions of electricity, the concept of magnetic inductance, and electro-static capacity, are utilized. Steinmetz, in his “Impulses, Waves, and Discharges”, established the inductance and the capacitance as the “Energy Storage” coefficients of the electric field of induction. It must be noted that here the term ELECTRIC FIELD is NOT the “electro-static” field, it is the union of the dielectric and magnetic fields of induction. Erase the “electric field” wording of the one wing parrot. These two distinct dimensional relations, the INDUCTANCE and the CAPACITANCE serve to define the ability of bounded to contain the electric field of induction, this field representing STORED ENERGY.

What follows here is the development of the properties related to the dielectric and magnetic fields and the interaction of these with the bounding metallic-dielectric geometry. Considerations involving energy will be arrived at later on. In this view inductance and capacitance now represent GEOMETRIC CO-EFFICIENTS, expressing the relation of the BOUNDING GEOMETRY with the fields of induction which it bounds. In essence inductance and capacitance are of a scalar form. Here enters the concepts of what is known as “radionics.” The inductance and capacitance each exist in distinction to the electricity itself. The inductance and capacitance ultimately serve as geometric expressions. This is important. Hereby they can be expressed as completely metrical dimensional relations, that is, having no substansive dimension.

We have of yet actually given the dimensional relations which make up inductance and capacitance. Further considerations involving the electric field have yet to be understood. Break, more to follow…


Basic Electrical Relations in Space

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Basic Electrical Relations in Space

Let a one centimetre cube of the metrical dimension of space be given as unit space. The given metrical boundaries define a unit cube, a sugar cube with no sugar, no 10-C oil, not even any aether. This cube of space is empty, void. This unit of space, a metrical unit, is NOT in connection with any substantial dimension. This is a unit cube of void space.

It is postulated that electric induction, as a property of the aether, cannot be established without the presence of this aether, or another dielectric medium. This is to say, void space is not capable of supporting electric induction. Hereby it is reasoned that the aether is a substansive dimension, or it can be expressed as a substansive dimensional relation. The dimensional expression of the aether it is best given as a primary dimension, expressed only in a dimensional relation derived from a primary substansive dimension and its relationship to a primary metrical dimension, time or space. This is served by the concept of the Planck, Q, this in conjunction with a space versor system expressing the Planck in real (electro-magnetic) components. See E.P. Dollard “Theory of Wireless Power.”

In general we have been speaking in terms of line of force, that is lines of magnetic and lines of dielectric induction. It is as of yet known “how big” these lines of force may be. These lines of induction can be expressed analogously, such as a bag of uncooked spaghetti. Its individual strands serve as analogs to the individual lines of induction.. Hence long, thin, strands with axes in a broadside bundle. If then the bag of spaghetti is snapped in two, when it is viewed endwise, a circular cluster of small end-sections of each strand are seen. These are elements of the strands of spaghetti.

This package of spaghetti is an analog to the total dielectric induction. Now there are 100 strands of spaghetti in this package, or boundary condition. Here Psi is then given as 100 strands, the total quantity of spaghetti. Viewing this package endwise, 100 end sections of the individual strands are seen in a circular bundle. The cross sectional area of this bundle, bounded by the package is a one square inch AREA. This is analogous to a dielectric flux DENSITY, the density of dielectric induction, in PER SQUARE INCH. Hence the density of spaghetti is given as 100 strands per square inch. The total undivided quantity of spaghetti is 100 strands. The substansive dimension of spaghetti is in containment by the “throw away” package, this as the metrical dimension of space. Counter-spatial representation is given as 100 strands per square inch. The grocery store regards this as one indivisible unit quantity in space of spaghettic induction.

Here the substantial dimension of spaghetti, Psi, is operated upon mathematically by the metrical dimension of space, per square inch. Here arrived at is the dimensional representation of spaghetti in space, strands per square inch. This is a second order space relation, in a counter-spatial form.

A pair of dimensional relations follow from the spaghetti analog. One is the dielectric flux density, Psi over A,

(1) Coulombs per square cm.

And the magnetic flux density, Phi over A,

(2) Webers per square cm.

Here A is the area in square cm, a second order expression of space. A primary dimensional expression for second order space is the ACRE, the space for which she extracts her toll.

Since the total electric induction, Q, is the product of the dielectricity, Psi, and of the magnetism, Phi, it may be asked, what of the product of the dielectric flux density, and the magnetic flux density? This is given as,

(3) Coulomb per square cm


Weber per square cm

Substituting the dimensional relation,

(4) Coulomb-Weber, or Planck

Hereby gives the dimensional relation of the product of the flux densities as,

(5) Planck per quatric cm.

Hereby the product of the pair of flux densities, (1) and (2) Gives rise to a fourth order space relation (5), this in counter-spatial form. Now what in hell set off the poodle this time?


Experimental Cubic Volumes

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Experimental Cubic Volumes

It has been heretofore established an existence of a volumetric, or cubical, unit of space, the metrical dimension. This unit of the dimension of space is defined as one cubic centimetre, the size of a common sugar cube. It is given this metrical cubic volume of space is void of any substansive dimension, no sugar, no 10-C oil, and even no aether, since aether is considered a substansive dimensional relation. Hence, indivisible, void, and a pure metrical unit, this is our cubic volume of EMPTY SPACE.

Consider the axiom that a field of electric induction cannot exist in the absence of the aether. Then just how does this cubic void space interact with an electric field? Since the laws of lines of force as established by Michael Faraday, and developed by J.J. Thompson, and as further established by C.P. Steinmetz, maintain that no line of force can just end in space. The lines of magnetic induction exist as closed loops, no beginning, no end, continuous expansive or contractive loops. Magnetism is a circumferal force. In a conjugate manner the lines of dielectric induction terminate upon physical surfaces, where they bond into the intra-molecular dimensions. Dielectricity is a radial force.

The Maxwell concept of electro-magnetic induction and its propagation gives an altered concept of the nature of dielectric induction. In this situation the lines of dielectric induction may also terminate upon themselves, forming closed curves in a manner analogous to the loops of magnetic induction. This condition is a necessity for the propagation of electro-magnetic waves in a dielectric medium, (sugar, oil, aether, etc.) without guiding metallic structures (wires, waveguides, etc.) This eliminates the “charge carrier”, that is, the dielectric induction is now completely independent of any terminal surfaces. The dielectric induction is now completely dielectric. This is the fundamental concept underlying the Maxwell theory of electro-magnetism. It is here that J.C. Maxwell found his fame. But the pedant tells us just the exact opposite! So intent is this mind-state in forcing a “materialism” upon electrical theory that Maxwell’s work is re-worked to suit this view, it is then taken up by the one wing parrots, their screeches drowning out the original concepts of Maxwell.

It may be logically inferred hereby that, for the condition of a cubic volume of space, the line of magnetic, and the lines of electric, induction must bend around this cubic void of space. These lines cannot be interrupted or broken by this void. Hence by the insertion of a cubic void into a space supporting electric induction the lines of force are pushed aside. The overall induction in the supportive space is then hereby reduced, since now there is a unit volume less of this space. This is to say that the inductivity of the supportive space is reduced by the insertion of an aetherless cubic volume of space, the cube of empty space.

Consider certain experimental configurations. One configuration consists of a widely spaced pair of laser produced beam of light, side by side traveling through the aetheric medium. The second configuration is a pair of one square centimetre copper plates. These two plates face each other squarely and are separated by a span of one centimetre. This defines a partial boundary for our one cubic centimetre, or unit, cube. Hence any unit cube volume can be inserted between the pair of one square cm copper plates. It is also given that all space within and surrounding these copper squares is void, no sugar, no oil, no aether, just empty space.

In our first experimental configuration we have a set of three unit cubes, one is filled with 10-C oil, the second is filled with aether, and the third is void. Taking the side by side spaced laser beams, we measure the speed, or time delay of propagation of both beams through supporting aether through which they propagate. Here, both arrive at the end point at the same time, thus propagating at identical velocities of propagation. First, take the unit cube of oil and insert it into beam number one, leaving beam number two unchanged. It is hereby found that beam one arrives delayed in time relative to the arrival time of beam two. Here it can be inferred that light travels slower in the oil. By measurement it is found to be about 70 percent of the light velocity in the aether.

Next, take a unit cube of aether and insert this cube into beam one, again leaving beam two unaltered. Obviously both beams arrive at the same time since both propagate through only aether.

Finally, take a unit cube of void space and insert it into beam one, beam two again unaltered. The poodle begins to bark. We now have two distinctly opposing possible outcomes.

(A) Beam one is stopped at the facing boundary of the cubic void. No beam one is detected at the receiving end. Now it may be asked, what became of beam one? Was it sent back, or was it consumed, thus in violation of the Law of Energy Perpetuity? This we are unable to answer.

(B) Beam one arrives advanced in time relative to the arrival time of beam two, this to say, that the propagation through the void space is now instantaneous, in other words with an infinite (un-defined) velocity. It takes no time to span the distance of the unit void space. How is this possible?

Now we take our next experimental configuration, the pair of parallel one square cm. copper plates, these in void space. Thus far we have no concept defining capacitance, but we do possess a capacitance meter. How fortunate! Upon connecting this instrument to the unit copper plates in a void it is found that this metallic-dielectric configuration has zero capacity. This is understandable since we now have no dielectric, and hence, no dielectric induction.

Next, we insert a unit cube of aether between the unit square copper plates. Now the instrument indicates one electro-static unit of capacitance, this as expected.

Finally, we insert a unit cube of 10-C oil between the unit square copper plates. Now the instrument indicates an increase in capacitance over that of the aether. This increase in capacitance is in EXACT proportion to the square (second power) of the decrease in the velocity of light through the same identical cube of oil. It is then given, the change in the velocity of light through a dielectric medium is the square root of the inverse of the change in capacitance effected by this dielectric medium. Hence capacitance exists in a direct relationship with the velocity of light in a given medium. Zero capacitance, infinite velocity.

Hereby this dimensional relation is given as,

Seconds Squared


Centimetres Squared

This is to say, one over the speed of light squared, that is, one over c squared. Here it is useful to take the speed of light as a unit value, or one. See for example, C.P. Steinmetz’s “Impulses, Waves, and Discharges”, chapter on “Velocity Measure.” It is in this relationship between luminal velocity and electro-static capacity that we find the luminal velocity concepts of the relativists, the c squared in the E equals M-c squared. Call it a “dimensional fluke” if you wish. However, capacitance is forever married to the velocity of light, to one over c squared.

Investigating dielectric capacitance a bit further, consider an experiment of Ben Franklin, the father of the electro-static condenser. Here we will dispel the “electronics nerd” concept that a capacitor stores “electrons” in its plates. Taking the pair of copper plates as in the previous experiment, but now we have two pairs of plates, one pair of plates distant from the other pair of plates. Upon one pair of plates is imposed an electro-static potential between them. The cube of 10-C oil is inserted between this “charged” set of plates. This hereby establishes a dielectric field of induction within the unit cube of 10-C oil. Now we then remove this cube of oil, withdrawing it from the space bounded by the charged pair of copper plates, and taking this unit cube of oil, it is then inserted into the space bounded by the other un-charged pair of plates. Upon insertion it is found that the un-charged pair of plates have now in fact become charged also. It here can be seen that a cube of dielectric induction can be carried through space, from one set of plates to another set of plates. This induction is contained by the boundaries of the 10-C oil. Well golly-gee Mr. Wizard, what happened to all those electrons, Isn’t oil an insulator?

Here given has been various examples of dimensional relations involving space. First order space has been the long distance power line, second order space has been the package of spaghetti, third order space has been the cube of 10-C transformer oil, and, over the incessant barking of the poodle, fourth order space has been invoked as a product of conjugate flux densities.

With the understanding hereby developed it is now possible to enter development of the concept of inductance and of capacitance, along with their use in the application of the metrical dimension of space to the substantial dimensions of electric induction. From this can be derived a substansive concept of the aether.


Inductance and Capacitance

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Inductance and Capacitance

In its most general form the basic concept of an electrical configuration in electrical engineering terms is;

1) A metallic-dielectric geometric structure,

2) A bound electric field of induction, this representing STORED ENERGY within the containing geometric structure,

3) An exchange of electrical and mechanical forces between the electric field and the material geometric structure.

It is in statement 3) that the concepts of INDUCTANCE and of CAPACITANCE enter the electric dimensional relations. It is through the dimensional relations of inductance and capacitance that the electric field engages in the interaction with the geometry in which it is bound. It is also here that we find the most significant dimensional misrepresentations which occlude the understanding of the phenomenon of electricity.

The existence of the dielectric field of induction, Psi, in Coulombs, gives rise to an electro-static potential, e, in Volts. Conversely an electro-static potential, e, in Volts, gives rise to the dielectric field, Psi, in Coulomb. It is a “chicken or egg”, a matter of versor position along a cycle. Here we have a pair of dimensional relations, Psi, and, e, that exist in proportion to each other. It hereby follows that a proportionality factor must exist expressing the ration of the pair of dimensional relations, Psi, in Coulomb, and e, in Volt. Considering the dielectric induction as a primary dimension, not a dimensional relation, then the variation of the primary dimension is with respect to the secondary dimension. Primary per secondary, Psi per e. An example is a package of spaghetti, spaghetti is a primary dimension, package, per square inch a secondary dimension. Hence the dimensional relation of the proportion of dielectric, Psi, in Coulombs, to the electro-static potential, e, in Volts, is then given as,

Coulomb per Farad

The ratio, Psi over e, establishes a new dimensional relation. This relation, a factor of proportion. Is called the CAPACITANCE, C, in FARAD. That is, C equals Psi over e. If then it takes a very small magnitude of electro-static potential, e, to engender a very large quantity of dielectric induction, Psi, then the geometry supporting this induction is said to have a high capacitance, C. It is then called a CAPACITOR. One electro-static unit of capacitance is close to one picorarad, the one over C squared renders this 10 percent off.

Thus we can state a “Law of Dielectric Proportion”, C, in Farads, is the proportion of the QUANTITY of dielectric induction, Psi, in Coulomb, to the MAGNITUDE of electro-static potential, e, in Volts. The Coulomb per Volt, or Farad of electro-static capacity.

It hereby follows that for a given “package”, or quantity, of dielectric induction, a variation of the capacitance must give rise to a proportional variation of he electro-static potential, that is, a decrease in capacitance must give rise to an increase in electro-static potential. This is the Law of Dielectric Proportion.

The same line of reasoning follows for the magnetic field of induction. The existence of the magnetic field, Phi, in Weber, gives rise to a magneto-motive force, or M.M.F., i, in Amperes. Again it is a versor, chicken or egg. Here again is a pair of dimensional relations that exist in proportion to each other, Psi and i. Thus the ratio, or factor of proportion, is given as,

Weber per Ampere.

The ratio of Psi to i results in a new dimensional relation. This factor of proportion is the dimensional relation called INDUCTANCE, L, in Henry. L equals Phi over i. L in Henry is the proportionality factor between the quantity of magnetic induction to the magnitude of the M.M.F. The Weber per Ampere, or Henry of magnetic inductance. It then follows, for a given “package”, or quantity of magnetic induction, that a variation of the inductance must give rise to a variation of the M.M.F. This is to say, a decrease in inductance must give rise to a proportional increase in current, or M.M.F. This is the Law of Magnetic Proportion.

Heretofore established is the pair of dimensional relations,

1) The Law of Dielectric Proportion

Coulomb per Volt, or Farad, C

2) The Law of Magnetic Proportion

Weber per Ampere, or Henry, L


Reduction to Primary Dimensions

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Reduction to Primary Dimensions

In the expressions for the law of dielectric proportion, and the law of magnetic proportion, that is, the capacitance and inductance, the relations are not given entirely in primary dimensions. Both e, in Volts, and i, in Amperes, are not primary dimensions, they are secondary dimensional relations. These relations must be expanded in order to express capacitance and inductance in terms of primary dimensions only.

By the Law of Magnetic Induction

1) Volt, or Weber per Second

And the Law of Dielectric Induction

2) Ampere, or Coulomb per Second

Combining terms, for the dielectric capacitance, Farads, gives

3) Coulomb per Volt, or Coulomb-Second per Weber

This is the primary dimensional relation expressing capacitance, C, in Farad. Now the primary dimension of Time has re-emerged into what has been a space relation. More on this later.

It was established early on that the ratio of the total dielectric induction, Psi, to the total magnetic induction, Phi, gives rise to the dimensional relation, Y, the admittance in Siemens. By substitution of the dimensions of Siemens for the ratio Coulomb per Weber, this into the expression for Farad, gives

4) Farad, or Coulomb – Second Per Weber


5) Farad, or Siemens – Second.

Re-arrangement of terms in 5) results in an important dimensional relation,

6) Farad per Second, or Siemens.

That is, C over T give the dimensional relation of Siemens. This new relation is the SUCEPTANCE, B, in Siemens. It is hereby established that the dimensional relation of Siemens can now be expressed in two distinct forms,

7) Admittance, Y, in Coulomb per Weber,

8) Suceptance, B, in Farad per Second.

More on this later on.

The same considerations apply to the magnetic field of induction, and its Law of Magnetic Proportion, the inductance, L, in Henry.

9) Henry, or Weber per Ampere.

Substituting gives,

10) Weber – Second per Coulomb, or Henry.

And by the relation,

11) Weber per Coulomb, or Ohm

It is then given,

12) Henry, or Ohm – Second


13) Henry per Sicond, or Ohm.

This hereby derived dimensional relation for Ohm, or Henry per second, is called the REACTANCE, X, in Ohm. Again, as with the Siemens, a dual dimensional relation exist with regard to the Ohm, the impedance, Z, and the reactance, X.

We here have established a new pair of dimensional relations. These relations involve a time rate of variation, this analogous to the time rate relations, the Faraday and Maxwell Laws of Induction, given again,

A) Farad per Second, or Siemens, B.

B) Henry per Second, or Ohm, X.

Two alternate views present themselves as to the time rate of variation. One is the condition that the capacitance and inductance in themselves are constants, time invariants, it is that the forces, electro-static potential, and magneto-motive force, are time variant. The e, and i, are in variation with respect to time. This is the condition for the relations of susceptance, B, in Siemens, and of reactance, X, in Ohms.

For example, take a one Henry inductance coil. The given line voltage is 120 volts A.C. in variation at a rate of 377 radians per second, or 60 cycles per second. Hereby the reactance of the one (1) Henry inductor is thus the product of 1 and 377 or 377 Ohms, or Henry per Second. The application of 120 volts A.C. to this inductor hereby gives rise to a current of,

120 / 377 Ampere, or Volt per Ohm.

For the sake of simplicity let us say this is about a quarter ampere, one fourth of an amp. The product of 120 volts and one fourth amp gives the electrical activity as,

120 / 4 Volt – Ampere, or 30 Volt – Ampere reactive.

This is the electrical activity of the one Henry coil across 120 volt A.C. at 60 cycles.

Carrying the Law of Magnetic Proportion one step further, this one Henry inductance coil, in its windings, has 1000 passes, or turns around its core. This hereby gives rise to a M.M.F. of 1000 times one fourth ampere, or a total of 250 ampere- turns. This magneto-motive force, or compound current is developed in a one, 1, Henry coil. Hereby, by the Law of Magnetic Proportion, for a current of one quarter ampere through 1000 turns gives rise to the quantity of magnetic induction, 250 Webers.


The Variation of Inductance and Capacitance With Respect to Time

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The Variation of Inductance and Capacitance With Respect to Time

We have heretofore established a new pair of dimensional relationships. These the magnetic inductance, L, in Henry, and the electro-static capacity, C, in Farad. Derived from these dimensional relations is a pair of electrical laws,

(I) The Law of Dielectric Proportion

The ratio of the quantity of dielectric induction, Psi in Coulomb to the magnitude of the electro-static potential, e, in Volt.

(1) Coulomb per Volt,

Or Farad

(II) The Law of Magnetic Proportion The ratio of the quantity of magnetic induction, Phi, in Weber, to the magnitude of the M.M.F., i, in Ampere.

(2) Weber per Ampere,

Or Henry

Through algebraic re-arrangement a pair of secondary dimensional relations alternately define, in a new form, the total dielectrtic induction, Psi, in Coulomb, and the total magnetic induction, Phi, in Weber. For the dielectric induction,

(3) Coulomb, or Volt – Farad.

And for the magnetic induction,

(4) Weber, or, Ampere – Henry

Hence, the total dielectric induction, Psi, in Coulomb, is the product of the potential, e, in volt, and the capacitance, C, in Farad. Likewise, the total magnetic induction, Phi, in Weber, is the product of the M.M.F., i, in Ampere, and the inductance, L, in Henry

Psi equals e times C

Phi equals i times L

In the expression of the variation of the parameters which constitute the dimensional relations involving capacitance and inductance, two distinct conditions can exist. First is the capacitance and the inductance arfe time invariant, and the variation with respect to time resides in the relations of potential, e, and of M.M.F., i. Here derived are the suceptance and the reactance. In the alternate form of expression, it is the potential, e, and the M.M.F., i, that are time invariant, and the variation with respect to time resides in the relations of capacitance and inductance as geometric co-efficients. Geometry in time variation.

In general, time invariance of L and C, or time invariance of e and i each can be considered as a limiting case. Each can be in variation with respect to time at their own individual time rates. That is, for the dielectric both C and e can be in variation, and for the magnetic both L and i can be in variation. Consider the A.C. induction motor. Here is form of magnetic inductance in which both the inductance, L, and the M.M.F., i, are in time variation, L with the rotational geometric variation, and i with the rotational variation of M.M.F. The difference between the rotational frequency of i is called the slip frequency. The rotor continuously falls behind the rotation of the magnetic field, dragging energy out of this field and delivering it to the output shaft of the motor.

Considering the pair of primary dimensional relations, it is, for the dielectric induction.

(5) Farad per second, or


And for the magnetic,

(6) Henry per second, or


It is established that a distinct pair of conditions exist with regard to the variation with respect to time. Either the capacitance or inductance is in variation, or the potential or M.M.F. is in variation, with respect to time.

For the condition of time invariant L and C it is given,

(7) Farad per second, or Siemens,

The Suceptance, B,

(8) Henry per second, or Ohm,

The Reactance, X.

In the second case the L and C are in variation with respect to time. The forces, i and e, are held constant, or time invariant. Here the variation with respect to time exists with the Metallic – Dielectric geometry itself. This hereby produces a variation in the geometric co-efficients of capacitance or inductance. These relations are given as,

(9) Farads per second, or Siemens,

The Conductance, G

(10) Henry per second, or Ohm,

The Resistance, R

This CONDUCTANCE, G, and this RESISTANCE, R, represent the relations derived from the time variation of capacitance and from the time variation of inductance, respectively.

It is through this form of parameter variation that the energy stored in the electrical field bounded by the geometric structure is here given to an external form. This is to say, energy is taken out of the electric field and delivered elsewhere.

For a closed system, the energy stored within the electric field is lost, or dissipated, from this system. It is then ENERGY LEAKAGE from the closed system. Considering the condition of a time invariant, or stationary geometric structure, this structure exhibiting the dissipation of the energy stored within the electric field bound by the structure, the conductance, G, and the Resistance, R, are the representations of energy leakage from the dielectric and magnetic fields respectively.

For example, consider one span of a “J carrier” open wire transmission pair. Here the conductance, G, is the “leakage conductance” of the glass telephone insulator, the resistance, R, is the “electronic resistance” of the copperweld telephone wire. These represent the energy dissipation of one span of line.

This conductance, G, represents a “molecular loss” WITHIN the glass of the insulator. This resistance, R, represents a “molecular loss” WITHIN the metal of the wire. Hence it is the molecular losses of the metallic-dielectric geometry itself that gives rise to an energy leakage from a closed system. The molecular agitation and cyclic hysteresis exist within the molecular dimensions of the physical mass of the bounding geometric structure. These consist of a multitude of minute variations of the capacitance and inductance of the geometric form. On a microscopic level the material substance of this form is indefine, a kind of blur in space, due to the multitude of minute variations of positions in space. These tiny motions, hereby through parameter variation, convert the energy stored in the electric field into random patterns of radiation. By experiment it can be shown that this energy leakage exists in proportion to the temperature of the material form storing energy within its bound electric field. In general, the elecro-static potential, e, in Volt, renders the insulators hot, the magneto-motive force, i, in Ampere, renders the wires hot. Also, it is found that this heating increases with increasing frequency of the potential, e, or the M.M.F., i. It is here where the prevailing concept of the “electron” is to be found. Hence it is the motions of the electrons that give rise to the energy loss in an electrical system.

Electrons represent energy dissipation. However, the pedant, the mystic, and the dis-informer all tell us that the electron is what conveys energy, the complete opposite!

Break – more to follow DE N6KPH

Parameter Variation Continued

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In the last section the dimensional relations of conductance and resistance were developed for the condition of a static, or stationary, metallic-dielectric geometry. The conductance represents the leakage of energy from the dielectric field, and the resistance represents the leakage of energy from the magnetic field. Energy loss is internal to the physical mass which constitutes the metallic-dielectric geometry. This loss is of molecular form.

Instead of the parameter variation resulting from internal motions, there exists the parameter variation which results from external motion. This parameter variation with respect to time is the result of the contiguous parts of the geometric form being in relative motion with respect to each other. Again the A.C. induction motor serves as an example of such a geometric structure. Here is a metallic-dielectric geometric structure with relative motion between its physical parts. A motor or a generator operate thru parameter variation via rotational motion. An example is the common “Electro-static” generator, such as the “Wimhurst Machine”, a rotating variable electro-static condenser.

In general the metallic-dielectric geometry delivers mechanical force as an electric motor, or is driven by mechanical force as an electric generator. Mechanical/Electrical parameter changes, these as, Farad per second and Henry per second, give rise to the metallic-dielectric geometry becoming and electric motor, taking energy from the field, or becoming an electric generator, giving energy to the field.

In the case which the geometry is taking energy as an electric motor, it is for a dielectric machine, a parametric Conductance, G, results,

(1) Farad per second, or Siemens Conductance, G,

And for a magnetic machine, a parametric Resistance, R, results,

(2) Henry per second, or Ohm, Resistance, R.

R and G here represent the removal of energy from the electric field, just as with the condition of molecular losses.

For the condition of a mechanically driven metallic-dielectric geometry giving energy as an electric generator, an alternate form of dimensional expression is desired. These expressions serve to distinguish that part of the relations which represent the loss of energy as distinct from that part of the relations which represent the gain of energy. The square root of positive one is the “operator” which distinguishes the gain part from loss part. It is supply, or demand.

These alternate dimensional relations are, for the dielectric field,

(3) Farad per second, or Siemens, The Acceptance, S

And for the magnetic field,

(4) Henry per second, or Ohm, The Receptance, H

Hence for the dielectric machine an ACCEPTANCE, S, in Siemens, and for a magnetic machine a RECEPTANCE, H, in Ohm. Where R and G represent energy consumption co-efficients, it is S and H represent energy production co-efficients.

A few observations are in order here. First, existing technology produces machines which are strictly magnetic, such as the A.C. induction motor, or strictly dielectric, such as the wimhurst machine. No machine is produced where the magnetic and the dielectric fields work together in an electric field. What relationship of the forces, potential, e, and M.M.F., i, gives rise to equal and opposite mechanical force, this now applied to a rotating geometry?

Second, not all parameter changes are the result of mechanical forces, nor random molecular motions. The magnetic amplifier is one such case, here a parametric inductance controlled by an auxiliary M.M.F. On the molecular level, certain plasma discharge tubes, such as the common fluorescent lighting tube, give rise to an assortment of parameter variations which can produce as well as consume energy from the electric field. Here is a vas realm for theory and experiment.


The Telegraph Equation, Part One

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From the previous sections it has been established a set of dimensional relations as derived from four basic electrical laws,

(1) The Law of Dielectric Proportion

	(a) Farad, or Coulomb per Volt

	(b) Coulomb, or Volt – Farad

(2) The Law of Magnetic Proportion

	(a) Henry, or Weber per Ampere

	(b) Weber, or Ampere – Henry

(3) The Law of Magnetic Induction

	(a) Volt, or Weber per Second

	(b) Weber, or Volt – Second

(4) The Law of Dielectric Induction

	(a) Ampere, or Coulomb per Second

	(b) Coulomb, or Ampere – Second

Recombination of these dimensional relations, or electrical laws, then expresses a pair of ratios, of primary dimensions in variation with respect to time. Hence, for the dielectric field,

(5) Farad per Second, or Siemens.

And for the magnetic field,

(6) Henry per Second, Or Ohm.

From this pair of dimensional relations are derived a series of energy transfer and storage co-efficients. Grouping these into a pair of categories, these are given as,

(I) Energy Storage and Dissipation

	(a) Dielectric Energy Storage,
	Suceptance, B, in Farad per Second

	(b) Magnetic Energy Storage,
	Reactance, X, in Henry per Second


	(c) Dielectric Energy Dissipation,
	Conductance, G, in Siemens

	(d) Magnetic Energy Dissipation,
	Resistance, R, in Ohm

(II) The Energy Consumption or Production

	(a) Dielectric Energy Consumption,
	Conductance, G, in Farad per Second,
	Or Siemens

	(b) Magnetic Energy Consumption,
	Resistance, R, in Henry per Second,
	Or Ohm


	(c) Dielectric Energy Production,
	Acceptance, S, in Farad per Second,
	Or Siemens

	(d) Magnetic Energy Production,
	Receptance, H, in Henry per Second,
	Or Ohm

It should be noted that these various groupings of coefficients exist in distinct, independent, time frames. The dissipation coefficients are the result of random molecular variations, that is, noise. The consumption coefficients are harmonic in nature, relating to the operating frequencies, likewise for the production coefficients. The random and the harmonic time functions are NOT ADDITIVE. In general, the combinations of these coefficients appear as versor sums. More on this later.

Since the total electric induction is the product of the total dielectric induction and the total magnetic induction, there exists the products of the coefficients of dielectric induction and the coefficients of magnetic induction. These products give rise to a set of electrical factors. These factors, the product of the dielectric part, in Siemens, and of the magnetic part, in Ohm, gives rise to the dimensional relation

(7) Ohm – Seimens, or Numeric

Hence, this derived dimensional relation, or FACTOR, is a numeric, that is, dimensionless. Since both the Ohm and the Siemens are versor quantities, it follows that this numeric is also a versor, a dimensionless versor magnitude. It is not a scalar, it is a versor with a position in time.

These factors are hereby established to be dimensionless versor magnitudes. Combining the dielectric and magnetic coefficients gives the following factors,

	(a) The Energy Storage Factor,
	XB, in Ohm – Siemens, or
	Henry – Farad per Second Squared

	(b) The Energy Loss Factor,
	RG, in Ohm – Siemens

	(c) The Energy Gain Factor,
	HS, in Ohm – Siemens,
	Or Henry – Farad per Second Squared.

Hereby it is, HS supplies the energy, XB holds the energy, RG removes the energy. These three factors define the movement of electricity thru the dimension of time, this for a generalized electrical configuration.

It is usually that the electrical configuration, the metallic-dielectric geometry, exhibits only energy losses, no component of energy gain exists. An example is one span of a J-Carrier open wire transmission line. This line holds energy in its bound electric field of induction, but a portion of this energy is lost thru molecular action within the glass insulators and within the copperweld wires. There exists no component of energy gain in this span of open wire line. Here it is the parametric terms vanish. No factor HS exists and RG is pure dissipation. These simplifications allow for the algebraic expression in an archetypical form of the generalized electrical configuration.

Given the basic dimensional relations,

X, the Reactance, in Henry per Second


B, the Suceptance, in Farad per Second

These relations representing energy exchange between the dielectric field, and the magnetic field, of inductions. This energy exchange is in an alternating form. It is also

R, the Resistance, in Ohm


G, the Conductance, in Siemens

These relations representing energy removal from the magnetic field, and the dielectric field, of inductions. This energy loss is in a continuous form. Hereby XB is the alternating “current” factor, and RG is the direct, or continuous, “current” factor.

Obviously, in the situation of an electric generator, HS could replace RG in such a configuration. Here energy is produced in a manner of negligible losses, and thus RG drops out of the equation. It is however, a system or configuration exhibiting both loss and gain requires a more complex algebraic expression. This is developed in the final section of “Symbolic Representation of the Generalized Electric Wave” by E. P. Dollard.

Combining terms with like dimensional relations, that is, Ohm and Henry per Second, or Siemens and Farad per Second, gives rise to a total impedance, or a total admittance of the electrical configuration. Hence it is,

(I) The Total Admittance, Y, in Siemens

	(8) Y = G – jB

	The versor sum of the Conductance, G, in Siemems, and the Suceptance, B, in 
	Farad per Second.

(II) The Total Impedance, Z, in Ohm

	(9) Z = R + jX

	The versor sum of the Resistance, R, in Ohm, and the Reactance, X, in Henry per 

Here Y represents the dielectric field, and Z represents the magnetic field.

The electric field is the product of the dielectric field, and the magnetic field. Q is Psi times Phi. Taking then the product of the total dielectric Admittance, Y, in Siemens, and the total magnetic Impedance, Z, in Ohm, gives the dimensional relation

	(10) Siemem – Ohm
	Or Numeric

Hence ZY is a dimensionless magnitude, it having a versor position in time, since both Z and Y have a versor position in time. The product of the two versors is also a versor. ZY is not scalar, it is a dimensionless versor magnitude. It represents a wave propagation in the dimension of time, a TIME WAVE.


The Telegraph Equation, Finale

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It has been given that the product ZY, in Siemens – Ohm, is a dimensionless magnitude having a versor position in time. It is the product of a pair of versor sums Y = G – jB

Z = R + jX However, it is the product of versor sums are also versor sums. Taking this product ZY = (R + jX)(G – jB) And factoring like terms, gives the following factors,

(I) The POWER FACTOR a = (XB + RG) Where a is the power factor, the percent of energy lost from the total movement of electrical energy in an electrical configuration.

(II) The INDUCTION FACTOR b = (XG – RB) Where b is the induction factor, the percent of energy stored by the total movement of energy in an electrical configuration.

Here the resulting sub-factors are defined, for the power factor, XB, the factor representing the cyclic exchange of energy between dielectric and magnetic forms.

RG, the factor representing the acyclic dissipation of energy from both dielectric and magnetic forms. And, for the induction factor, XG, the factor representing the transfer of energy out of magnetic form and into dielectric form.

RB, the factor representing the transfer of energy out of dielectric form and into magnetic form. The propagation constant, ZY, in Ohm – Siemens can hereby be expressed as the versor sum of the power factor, a, in percent, and the induction factor, b, in percent. This results in, ZY = ha +jb Ohm – Siemens, or Total Percent ZY must always equal 100 percent but it has a variable position in time, this expressed as a resultant of ha and jb.

The versor operators are defined as, h, the roots of the square root of positive one

j, the roots of the square root of negative one Expanding the expression for the propagation constant, ZY, as a versor sum of the expressions for a and for b, gives ZY = h(XB + RG) + j(XG – RB) Hereby established is the most important algebraic expression of dimensional relations, this defining the movement in time of electrical energy in any electrical configuration.

This algebraic expression is called the “Heaviside Telegraph Equation.” It is in this expression the electrical energy is expressed directly in its four pole archetype. Note that this four polar archetype underlies all Native American artforms. Is this related to America as the birthplace electrical technology thru Tesla, Edison, and Steinmetz? Europe was too consumed in self edification mathematics, except GÖTHE.

This algebraic expression gives a pair of waves in motion thru the dimension of time, one moving forward in time, the other backward in time. See “Theory and Calculation of Transient Electric Phenomena”, C. P. Steinmetz, the chapter, “Resistance, Inductance, and Capacity”. Here (R + S) is forward in time and (R – S) is backwards in time.

Geometrically, this expression represents a pair of counter propagating logarithmic spirals. This spiral form is demonstrated in Ernst Guillimen, “Communication Networks” Volume One, and in “Theory and Calculation of A.C. Phenomena”, Appendix – “Oscillating Currents”, C. P. Steinmetz. It is important to remember that these “motions in time” are of a versor form, finding no equivalence in spatial representation except by analogy. There is no such thing as a surface of time, no 2D time. These are versor, not vector expressions.

Expressing the four distinct sub-factors, the versor combination of which gives the propagation constant, ZY, in Ohm – Siemens, it is,

(I) The Power Factor Pair XB, the “axial” product, the longitudinal component of energy motion in time, forward and backward in an alternating manner.

RG, the “dot” product, the scalar component of energy dissipation, this independent of time. (II) The Induction Factor Pair XG, the “cross” product, the transverse component energy transfer thru time from magnetic to dielectric. This is a clockwise versor around axis XB.

RB, the “cross” product, the transverse component of energy transfer thru time from dielectric to magnetic. This is a counter-clockwise versor around axis XB. In the pendantic, mystic, and dis-information world there are two products, the dot and the cross, here exists four products, axial, dot, and a conjugate pair of cross products. Here is why misunderstanding exists, the basis for the “longitudinal scalar” idiots.

In its versor form the Telegraph Equation is expressed symbolically as k(ZY) = ha + jb Where the magnitude, ZY, represents the electricity, and the operator, k, represents its versor position in time. This is given for a 360 degree scale on a power factor meter, an analog computer for expression of k(ZY). (ZY is the pointer, k is the scale, that simple.)

Expressing a versor relation as, k = jh That is, negative one to the one half power times positive one to the one half power, gives negative one to the one fourth power. Since this “fourth root” of negative one suggests a conjugate of the fourth root of positive one, it is then k, the roots of the EIGHTH root of positive one This as the most general versor operator for the Telegraph Equation.

Here we are beyond the scope of this elementary series of discussions on the rudiments of electrical theory. This series concludes here. But it was fun, don’t you think? It will make you think. For a more in depth study of this subject see the following;

“Theory and Calculation of A.C. Phenomena”, C. P. Steinmetz, the chapters, “Power and Double Frequency Quantities” and the appendix “Roots of the Unit”.

“Symbolic Representation” Papers by E. P. Dollard, and all references given in these papers.

“Electro-Magnetic Theory”, O. Heaviside, in particular the development of his “Telegraph Equation”.

“Physics and Mathematics in Electrical Communication”, James Owen Perinne.

Finally, for an excellent musical portrayal of the ZY relationship listen to G. F. Handel, “Alexander’s Feast, or the Power of Music”, the final coral movement. It is a good ending to this series of writings.


"The Theory of Anti-Relativity" by E. P. Dollard


Back to Space, or Why One Over The Speed of Light Squared

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In order to obtain a more comprehensive understanding of the dimensional relations of the magnetic inductance, and the electro-static capacitance it is necessary to turn again to the metrical dimension of space. It is, however, this dimension of space has become warped, as expressed in a N.F.G. It is in what follows found that the Faraday understanding is in direct conflict with the Einstein understanding, the latter extinguishing the former. Lines of induction have given way to relativistic concepts, fact has succumbed to phantasy. This condition has a direct influence upon the conceptual understanding of the conditions and dimensions that give rise to electrical inductivity as expressed by the co-efficients of magnetic and dielectric fields known as “the inductance” and “the capacitance”.

The concept of space, as given by Albert Einstein, constitutes a serious impediment to the understanding of this metrical dimension. The salient constituent of the Einstein “Theory of Relativity” is the Minkowski “Four-Space”. To quote Einstein “With out it the General Theory of Relativity, etc., would of perhaps got no farther than its long cloths,” “Relativity” by Albert Einstein, Institute for Advanced Study, Princeton, New Jersey. Minkowski proposed a fourth co-ordinate be compounded upon the three co-ordinate (cubic) set of Descartes, “Cartesian” third order space. Einstein here accordingly represents this fourth order space in “Gaussian” rather that “Cartesian” co-ordinates.

The fourth co-ordinate, or length, of space is derived as

(1) Velocity – Time

Since it is dimensionally

(2) Velocity, or Space per Time

Substituting (2) into (1) gives

(3) Space – Time per Time or Space – Numeric

Here derived is a fictitious space co-ordinate, a length, this given as a light second. Hence

(4) Centimeter – Second per Second, or Centimeter


(5) Second per Second, or Numeric

Minkowski affixes a versor operator, the square root of negative one, to this numeric. It has been shown that this versor can possess two distinct values, and hence two distinct versor positions in time. Taking the light second as ct, where c is the luminal velocity, and t is the time period, the versor gives the pair

(A) Positive jct, Light – Seconds

(B) Negative jct, Light – Seconds

This quadrature form implies four distinct time frames, however, Einstein ignores the versor positions, retaining only one, jct. Einstein – Minkowski represents this as an ill-conceived space versor.

Einstein remarks here “Time is robbed of its independence”. Now time is married to the velocity of light. Minkowski goes on to say, “Hence forth space by itself and time by itself are doomed”. All are relative to the velocity of light. This is “The Theory of Relativity.”

Here any development of a mathematics of space comes to a standstill. Space now is just a factor of the velocity of light. It is instructive to reflect here upon the history of one over the speed of light square. The dimensional relation is,

(6) Constant, or Second Square per Centimeter Square

One over c square finds an origin in the work of James Clerk Maxwell, 1831 to 1879. Maxwell was a Scottish born natural philosopher. His work follows the trail of Ben Franklin and Michael Faraday, thru the mathematics of Newton – Liebnitz. Here arose the “Faraday – Maxwell” theory of electricity, the foundation of electrical understanding. But does anyone understand it? I think not.

Maxwell, in his studies, had determined the existence of a distinct factor of proportionality, this factor expressing a ratio of mechanical force exerted upon physical matter thru dielectric actions, to mechanical force exerted upon physical matter thru magnetic actions. This of course relates directly to our principle question at hand for the quantum mechanics; the condition of equal and opposite forces between dielectricity and magnetism. No answer yet.

It may be noted that Maxwell’s determination of this “proportionality factor” gave rise to a NUMERIC value of one over c square. It is a faulty inference to assume this factor is an actual velocity, or is the dimensional relation of a velocity at all. Here given it is numeric. In the comparisons of optics and electrodynamics it is found that a dielectric has the following characteristics; (1) Refractive Index

(2) Dielectric Inductivity

(3) Luminal Velocity All three of these relations are exactly related to the velocity of light. But here again is one over c square and actual velocity?

Maxwell’s discovery of a factor of proportionality between dielectricity and magnetism led to his theory of conjugate pair of inductions, dielectric and magnetic, in union, propagating at the velocity of light thru the “Luminiferous Aether”. Hence, electro-magnetic waves in free space, unbounded by gross physical matter, mass free energy. This propagation is within the dielectric, or aetheric, medium itself. It is free of so-called “charge carriers” (electrons), a mass-less form of electricity. This concept had a very powerful impact upon the scientific and philosophical thoughts of Maxwell’s era. So here begins the notion of “wireless”, the transmission of electricity without wires or other guiding structures.

Leading up to the work of Heinrich Hertz, 1857 to 1894, the wireless transmission of electricity had found experimental verification by Joseph Henry, and Elihu Thompson. It even was patented by M. Loomis. See “Secrets of Cold War Technology” by Jerry Vasillatos. These examples however were no electro-magnetic, they were electro-static (dielectric). Heinrich Hertz provided the first complete laboratory demonstration of the transmission of electricity thru “free space”, (across the room). This was instantly considered proof of the Maxwell theory of electro-magnetism, and electro-magnetic waves. When Nikola Tesla engaged in the experiments of Hertz, he found these waves not to be completely electro-magnetic. The early death of Hertz prevented any further progress. However “the world view” kept hold of its belief that “Hertzian” waves are only transverse E. M. waves, the two distinctions now synonymous.

When Nikola Tesla undertook the development of his unique transmission transformers, he soon found the velocity of light had no relation here. In his “Colorado Springs Notes” experiment and calculation demonstrate that the propagation on his “extra coil” tends toward 180 percent luminal velocity. See “Theory of Wireless Power”, by E. P. Dollard. It is found that the extra coil propagation is not even in the dimension of velocity at all. See “Transmission and Reception of Telluric Electric Waves”, by E. P. Dollard. The one over c square is not applicable to the efforts of Nikola Tesla. Tesla is not equal to one over c square.

In the writings of J. J. Thompson it is found he considered dielectric propagation and magnetic propagation can be independent. Also considered is that the magnetism is a secondary response to dielectric forces. This is also found in the writings of C. P. Steinmentz, “Transients in Space”, page 394 to 419, from “Theory and Calculation of Transient Electric Phenomena”. Here considered is a “Hysteresis of the Aether”, given as an alternative to the concept of electromagnetic radiation. In this chapter the velocity of the dielectric induction and the velocity of magnetic induction are given as independent variables. The factor one over c squared is here only a dimensional transform between inductance and capacitance. See The International Tesla Society lecture on the “Hysteresis of the Aether” by E. P. Dollard. Here again one over c squared is only a proportionality factor, not a velocity.

Finally, it has been disclosed by insiders within the space program, N.A.S.A., of a “certain complication”. It was found that when far outside the Earth’s field of influence the stars and sun are NOT VISIBLE! However, the Earth and the Moon are plainly visible. No direct light in outer space, only that made visible by gross physical matter. This gives rise to an important question, does the “light” from the sun propagate with a velocity at all, or is it simply a function of time. The “time delay” may be no more than a hysteresis of the luminiferous aether.

It should be noted it is only by the time delay that we can consider velocity in many situations. Otherwise also needed is the wavelength. Is it the primary luminal induction, say from the Sun, a hysteresis in order to engender visible light on Earth? Now we are dug in deep!

So, what meaning do we attribute to one over c square? It is a velocity, an index, a ratio, a proportionality factor, and even a constituent of the Farad. It is in everything, and now we hang Einstein’s Theory of Relativity on top of it all. Such is one over c square.

In order to make a determination on this matter of one over c square it is instructive to enter the One Wing Parrot itself. We will take the position of Dorthey, who must conquer the Wicked Witch of the West, (WWW). Now she must stand, with her poodle and some unlikely friends from Lone Pine, before the great Wizard of Oz. Dorthey simply wants to go back to Kansas, and so do we. Here we must meet face to face with Einstein and the Theory of Relativity. In order to become better acquainted with the development of Relativity refer to E. Whittaker, “History of the Theories of the Aether”. Here follows only the salient features of Relativity as expressed by Albert Einstein. The primary purpose here is how Relativity relates to Electrical Engineering thru the concepts of Inductance and Capacitance.

Einstein’s theory finds its seed in a certain speed of light dilemma and the related experiments of Fitzeau involving moving liquid dielectrics (10-C Oil). Consider a pair of red lasers in a setup like the cubic experiments given earlier. Two red lasers, side by side, distant from each other, again are utilized. Each individual beam is received by its own individual target. Here the measurements are made. One laser is stationary, the other laser is moving towards its target at 50 percent luminal velocity, c. It is of course found that the beam sent by the stationary laser arrives at its target with a lag in time (hysteresis) that co-responds to the delay involved in luminal propagation thru the span between the laser and its target. The moving laser beam also arrives at its target with a lag in time, but not that of 150 percent luminal velocity as given by the superposition of velocities. It arrives with the same delay as that due to luminal velocity thru the span between the laser and its target. Hence the law of superposition is now not applicable to luminal velocity, no matter what the velocity of the moving laser, the velocity of the beam is always c. This situation provides the cornerstone upon which lay the Einstein concept of Relativity.

It is however that Einstein may have left out a few details. The stationary laser puts a red spot on its target. It is a red laser, just like the moving laser. They are both red, big deal. But wait Mr. Wizard, Look! Look! The spot on the moving laser's target is GREEN!

Break, more to follow,


The Theory of Relativity, or Why One Over C Squared

http://www.energeticforum.com/168220-post608.html at 11-22-2011, 09:42 AM

So, how are you going to explain to the cops that the light was green when it is in reality red? Will you tell them “its all relative”? They say “you were going too fast.” The light looks green because of the “Doppler Effect”. This is a situation where the wavelength of light shortens and the frequency increases, maintaining a constant velocity. The moving laser is traveling with a velocity 50 percent that of light, the wavelength shortens by the square root of 50 percent, the frequency increases by the square root of 50 percent. Hence red light is forced to become green light. The speed of this light is still luminal velocity, c.

The dimensional relation is given by

(1) Velocity, or Length – Frequency

This velocity is a constant or invariant. Any variation in condition is factored into, the length of the wave, and the cyclic rate of the frequency, each in a complimentary manner so as to maintain a constant velocity. Here given is,

(2) Space, or Length in Centimeters,

(3) Time, or Per Frequency, in Seconds,

(4) Velocity, or Space Per Time, in Centimeter Per Second.

Thus the Doppler Effect shortens the wave length, and also shortens the time period, as given by the frequency. Because luminal velocity is the ratio of length to time, and both length and time both shorten in exact proportion to each other, the change cancels and the velocity remains a constant. In other words if the transmitting laser is in motion at a percent velocity of light, being 100 at luminal velocity, it is the length contracts by the square root of this percentage of luminal velocity, and the time period contracts by the square root of this percentage of luminal velocity. And obviously the product of a pair of square roots is the square of the square root, or the percentage of luminal velocity.

The basic dimensional relation

(5) Length times Frequency Equals the constant

Lambda times F gives c. This is a most fundamental law of radio engineering, where the constant c is 300 mega-cycle – meters per second.

Relativity results from the following situation. Riding with the laser, it moving 50 percent luminal velocity, you see it as red. It has a red wavelength and a red frequency. The stationary observer sees it as green. It is a green wavelength and a green frequency. Relative to the stationary observer, you riding the moving laser see length as longer, (red vs. green), and time as slower, (red vs. green) Einstein’s Relativity tells us the stationary observer sees length as shorter, (green vs. red) and time as faster relative to the motional observer, (green vs. red). Experiment shows that the light beam changes in its dimensional relations, Einstein says the motional observer changes in it’s dimensional relations. What can we make of this discrepancy?

The velocity at which light propagates, the luminal velocity, c, is a property of the dielectric itself, be it aether, or 10-C oil. This velocity has no relation to the motion of the transmitter itself, nor are its transmitted waves material projections. Nothing is “shot” out of the moving laser. The electric field can only “soak into the medium” at the rate defined by that medium. Light can only travel at luminal velocity as defined by the dielectric medium and its dimensional relation of one over c square, a numeric constant. Light is not a material projection, it is an inductive process, a process of the aether.

Is it now Einstein is in basic conflict with the radio engineer? What would the F.C.C. say? Einstein is also in conflict with Ohms Law. It has been shown by Thornberg, a critic of relativity, in his paper, “Real, or Imaginary Space – Time” that electro-magnetic relations derived thru relativistic concepts are in conflict with Ohm’s Law. This is, dimensionally, canceling the per centimeter.

(6) Ampere, equals Ampere plus Volt

Apples plus oranges, ampere and volt are different dimensional relations, hence they are NOT additive. But anything seems possible with Einstein’s Theory of Relativity. The proper form is

(7) Volt per Ampere, or Ohm

Thus referring to (6) it is

(8) Ampere equals Ampere plus Volt per Ohm

This is Ohm’s Law. What are we to make of this, have we been duped?

As seen thus far, the factor one over c squared looks as if it represents some kind of “Universal Virtue”, it finding a way into a multitude of dimensional relations. One over c square becomes a “Vestige of God,” transcendent from mortal scrutiny, except thru the prophet Einstein. It is a seed from which to spout a religion. Thru the effort of Albert Einstein luminal velocity and the “Theory of Relativity” has in a way engendered a spiritual foundation for “Today’s Society”. “Hey bro, its all relative, man, so...” (Now the Lawyer is a Priest!) To question Albert Einstein can even be considered “Anti-Semitic”, hence it will be enforced.

However, Einstein is a false prophet. The Theory of Relativity as the “Holy Scripture” is like a tele-evangelistic sales pitch. Nikola Tesla regarded Relativity as the greatest historical aberration of scientific thought. Relativity is no more than a philosophical standpoint, a virus to infect a “New Age”.

From the standpoint of the electrical engineer Einstein’s Relativity is “Bravo-Sierra”! However, it has sunk its roots into the basic consideration of Inductance and Capacitance. L and C represent co-efficients of aetheric processes, and as such represent the aether, not Relativity. Albert Einstein stands in the way of Michael Faraday, and Pharisees are now Physicists.

Continued in next post.

Electricity, Atomic Science, and Relativity

http://www.energeticforum.com/168671-post611.html at 11-25-2011, 10:39 AM

It has been developed thus far the general meaning of the concept One Over c Squared. Hence a broader understanding of what is meant by the “speed of light” has been obtained. The factor, c, is best not considered a velocity, it is a proportionality ratio of time and space. By virtue of c being a ratio it is dimensionally equivalent to a velocity, but c should not be considered a velocity in and of itself.

Also given has been that light should not be considered a material projection, it is not, light is not the “Cereal Shot From Guns”. It has a propagation of the medium itself. For a motional transmitter, the so called “Doppler Effect” maintains the energy balance, raising the frequency in proportion to the motional velocity of the transmitter. The wavelength accordingly gets shorter. Thus the luminal velocity of the transmitted wave is always c, a constant. The concept of “hysteresis, or velocity,” was touched upon.

Finally, it was given thru the Faraday – Thompson concepts, that the mechanical momentum and the electrical momentum are two distinct forms of energy storage. This obviates any so called “Mass – Energy Equivalency,” no E equals mc squared. It is in reality, not relativity, the momentum of the electric field itself that grows asymptotically in magnitude when the physical velocity nears luminal velocity. These ideas are based upon the very foundation of Electrical Theory. This is shown in “Electricity and Matter”. Albert Einstein ignores these concepts in his Theory of Relativity, they just do not exist. This is given in “Occult Aether Physics”. Einstein has substituted a form of mysticism to replace logical reasoning, he is a mystic.

Reviewing the writings of J. J. Thompson, Atomic Science is here seen to emerge in its infant form. Concepts now considered the realm of Albert Einstein, in actuality were those of J. J. Thompson. For example, in his book “Electricity and Matter”, the idea of the Planck, a quantity of induction, is given, quote from page 63;

“The Faraday tubes stretching thru the Aether cannot be regarded as entirely filling it. They are rather to be looked upon as discrete threads embedded in a continuous Aether, giving to the latter a fibrous structure; but if this is the case, then on this the view we have taken of a wave of light the wave itself must have a structure, and the front of the wave, instead of being, as it were, uniformly illuminated, will be represented by a series of bright specks corresponding to the places where the Faraday tubes cut the front.” Hence the Planck, Q. Here Thompson gives its size as that of a unit Faraday Tube, this being one Coulomb. So, how bit is a Planck?

In his “Electricity and Matter” J. J. Thompson establishes the concept of Atomic Energy, pre-dating Einstein by a decade. To quote, from page 111;

“Let us take the case of the Hydrogen atom for which n equals 1000, (n is the number of Faraday tubes, or electronic corpuscles), and take for a the value usually assumed in the kinetic theory of gases for the radius of the atom, i.e., 10 to the minus 8 centimeter. Then the energy is 1.02 time 10 to the plus 19 ergs; this amount of energy would be sufficient to lift a million tons thru a height exceeding one hundred yards.” Here J. J. Thompson gives not only a dimensional relation for Atomic Energy, but establishes the size of the Planck via the tubes of induction within the Hydrogen atom. Thompson gives 1000 corpuscles, we say one electron. Hereby given is a dielectric induction, psi, in Coulomb, of 1000 lines per electron. The Planck can now be quantified. How is it that Einstein ignores all of this information in his Theory of Relativity?

In order to better understand the Einstein concept of “Relativity” certain concepts must be given;

(1) Galilean Transformation (2) Lorentz Transformation (3) Minkowski Space – Time

These subjects are normally out of the realm of Electrical Engineering. In brief, the Galilean Transform affixes a point of reference in space from which to observe motions in that space. Nothing is attributed to space itself. Here derived is the concept that the Earth is not the center of the Universe, it only appears so when moving with the Earth. When the system of co-ordinates for observation is “Transformed” from those of the Earth to those of the Sun, the Sun now appears the center of the universe. This transformation process can be carried, stage by stage, until a co-ordinate system at universal rest is reached, the “Cosmic Ground”. Nikola Tesla achieved this thru electrical means. Einstein’s Relativity says this is not possible, no Cosmic Ground can be found. Everything is relative, and must be so.

Einstein replaces the idea of a Galilean Transform with that of the Lorentz Transform. The Lorentz Transformation is in some ways like the Doppler effect, it is a numeric factor by which the impedance to motion increases asymptotically as the motional velocity nears luminal velocity. It is given by the relation,

(1) One minus the ratio of the velocity square to c square

Denoting this relation as the factor gamma square, this is the difference of alpha square and beta square, it is given by

(2) Gamma square, or alpha square minus beta square

Here alpha equals one, and beta is defined as the ratio of motional velocity, v, and the Luminal Velocity, c. Hence relation (2) represents that of a hyperbola. Hereby gamma square is

(3) One squared minus v squared over c squared

The Lorentz transform is then defined as one over gamma, and it is unity for zero motional velocity, and is infinite for a motional velocity of the speed of light. Hence the impedance to physical motion is infinite at a velocity of c, via relativistic reasoning. However is it that this is only valid for charged particles and not gross physical matter?

Because the Lorentz transform is the square root of a hyperbolic function, it can be inferred here by the existence of another “so called Universe” where a particle cannot slow down to the speed of light. Hence a pair of conditions exist here. One group of particles cannot be accelerated up to the speed of light, and a conjugate group of particles cannot be de-accelerated down to the speed of light. Wow Mr. Wizard, Einstein never told us that!

Minkowski space – time has already been discussed, but in review, Cartesian third order space is made Minkowski fourth order space by the addition of a fictitious co-ordinate, or length, derived as a light – second, ct. To be “cool” Minkowski affixes a versor operator, the square root of minus one, to this fictional length. Gaussian co-ordinates are utilized.

Combining terms from the versor hyperbolic function of the Lorentz transform to the terms of the Minkowski four – space produces a resultant 16 co-ordinates, (or wrongly dimesions). Consider the versor operator on the fourth co-ordinate, or light – second, here exists four distinct “space – time continuums” in two quadrature time frames, all this with the velocity of light as a common pole. This has now become in-ordinatly overcomplicated, but thru the lawyer style skill of the Einsteinian Physicists all terms are erased that do not fit the chosen idea. It may be inferred that A. Einstein was not much of a mathematician, and by ignoring J. J. Thompson he was not much of a scientist. Not a mathematician, not a scientist, not an engineer, so just what was Albert Einstein anyway? He was a Mystic.

Basic electrical knowledge is based upon the theories known as “Faraday – Maxwell”. Out of this basic “arch-form” have grown the

(1) Maxwell – Thompson Theory

(2) Maxwell – Heaviside Theory

(3) Maxwell – Lorentz Theory

(4) Maxwell – Einstein Theory

It is that Maxwell has many interpreters, but where is Maxwell’s words? This is much like Christianity. Many religions, many churches, but no Jesus. Jesus is not a welcome guest in any church, nor is Maxwell. Here given is an intrinsic property of Human Society. It is written, it is invariably terminal, Jesus at age 33.

In the advancement of electrical engineering theory C. P. Steinmetz dropped Maxwell all together. Hereby Steinmetz developed his important transformer equations, the very foundation of transformer theory. The first vestige of a theory on longitudinal electric waves is seen here. Steinmetz primarily directed his efforts to the metrical dimension of time, using ideas and terms finding their origin in Oliver Heaviside. The dimension of space is primarily treated only in terms of a velocity, that is, as space – time. In his development of the Faraday concepts and inductance & capacitance the dimension of space is considered on its own, but to a limited extent. It seems that we just simply cannot separate space from the velocity of light. (Break more to follow)

The Lamare Longitudinal Transmission Experiment/N.F.G Interlude

http://www.energeticforum.com/168837-post615.html at 11-26-2011, 05:59 PM

I received Lamare’s package of material, very good to see the activity it has roused. I am not sure as to how the spherical antenna is made, nor the field patterns it engenders so I can offer no comment.

Plenty of N.F.G. here in Lone Pine. Here N.F.G. for me was the Annenburg Foundation of Los Angeles. Useless Einsteiners. Same story, Oh yes I will help you, let me store your driveshaft, it will be fine. Then it all vanished. Duped again. Further, oriental mysticism blocks my writing on forum!

I fail to understand why what I have shown repeatedly thru experiment and theory just seems to fly over everyone’s head. I use no more than high school science and math. The impediment can only be attributed to a pathological mysticism, or mental retardation. While the latter is intrinsic, the former is induced. Is it no surprise that the only man in Lone Pone who gets what I am saying is a truck driver, Bart. My Einstein series was initiated by him and is thus dedicated to him.

The mystical experience is the force which moves one to science. It is transitory. The mysticism dissolves into Science and then bears fruit as Engineering. Mysticism, as defined in my writing, is not transitory. It is continuous and thus hates Science. Without a mystery the mystic is no longer the priest. This is a Platonic Epistemology. It is based upon Faith, not upon Reason. This is a necessity in Christianity, however in the majority of situations this Faith is based upon nebulous reasoning. With Lawyer like skill it’s factors change meaning depending upon their position in space, time, or “attitude”. Platonic reasoning is ultimately Totalitarian. See “Occult Science Dictatorship” by Lyne.

This Platonic reasoning is next taken up by Einstein and formed into a Kabalistic-Existentialist view of physical reality, this in direct conflict with Nature’s Laws. Einstein is the image of an ultimate and infallible creature who should be regarded as a God. The i force society of today is the flower, me, my, I, and you, you’re a piece of ****! Here lay the foundation for the extinction of Science and Engineering in the U.S.A. Wow, Mr. Wizard, do they want to kill us? See the Commonweal – Michael – Lerner, Judaic – Buddistic Global Religion Philosophy. To say any more on Einstein would be, as Oliver said, “Slaying the slain.” Let dead dogs lay.

However, to continue pandering, Bearden takes us right back to mysticism. But more so, he is a dis-informer making sure no one figures out Tesla. What would Israel say about “Tesla Weapons” in Iran? Or, would we want them in the hands of Israel?

Then we have the Corum, K.L. and J.F. This is the P.E.E.E. Forget them, no Tesla knowledge exists here. And then A. Puharich (not real name). Remember at the “Last Supper” R. Josh Reynolds cut funding to A. Puharich, stating I had done more on Food Stamps than he had with millions of dollars. I am QRU on all this. In reality only I seem to be able to understand Tesla and I guess that should make me feel good, so that’s that.

At this time I am engaged in the study of details for the continuation of Inductance and Capacitance series of writings. The established dimensional relations are N.F.G., even in the writings of C.P. Steinmetz. Too many canceled dimensions thru unit values, and lots of missing versors in space. For example, in Inductance calculations the radius of a circle is a line, the circumference of a circle is a circle. Here we have two distinct co-ordinate systems, or vector expressions, a kind of space quadrature. Thus c = 2(pi)r Centimeters is not vectorally complete, it is c = 2(pi)kr Centimeters where k is a versor operator. Hence it is that c and 2πr are not interchangeable. Here is an important complication in the dimensional relations for Inductance and Capacitance.

As for the factor pi over two in the Longitudinal Velocity, it represents an integration and is not an actual velocity, per-se. This pi over two also can result from improper derivation of the distributed constants for transmission structures. This is shown in the paper (I.R.E.) “Electrical Oscillations in Antennae and Induction Coils”, J. Miller, 1919.

The propagation of a Transverse Electro-Magnetic Wave is given by the dimensional relation Centimeter per Second, Or Velocity, v This represents the ratio of space, centimeter, to time, second.

In a conjugate form the propagation constant of a Longitudinal Magneto-Dielectric Wave is given by the dimensional relation, Per Centimeter, per Second, Or per (Centimeter – Second)

Counter – Velocity, u. This is the ratio of counterspace, per centimeter, to time, seconds.

In an alternate form of expression, the T.E.M. propagation constant is the square root of the product Henry per Second, Mu And, Farad per Second, Epsilon. And for the L.M.D. propagation constant, it is the square root of the product Per (Henry – Centimeter) And Per (Farad – Centimeter) The composite propagation constant hence is the superposition of the velocity, v, and the counter velocity, u. The two are not dimensionally additive so a versor and a dimensional transform of centimeter square is required.

The T.E.M. wave is always along the axis of the metallic geometry, tangent to the metallic boundary. Such is given by the “Co-axial Cable”. Conversely, the L.M.D. wave is always perpendicular to the axis of the metallic geometry, normal to the metallic boundary. Such is given by the “Transformer Winding”. The resulting complex propagation of v and u is a spiral with a tilt angle from the metallic axes of the coiled winding. Where T.E.M. waves drag into the metallic (electron flow) the L.M.D. wave bypasses the metallic (no electron flow) hence no Ohmic resistance. The factor pi over two is the composite propagation for only a unique set of parameters. See “The Oscillating Coil” part of the “Theory of Wireless Power” E.P. Dollard. Note here that errors found a way into the tables, but the equations are right. Now why could not the Corum’s figure this out? Why is it they make no reference to any work on this by Blume, Bewely, Dollard, and etc? The Corums, Well?

One very important fact that escapes notice (Meyl, et al) is that Tesla’s transmission networks are Mono-Polar. The dipolar concepts so dear to all now swirl down the toilet bowl (burp). Forget Bearden, Forget Meyl, it is crap for the crapper! Tesla circumvents the concept of plus and minus, there is one pole only, plus. Here is a true “Single Phase” Alternating Current, one wire only. This is a philosophically disruptive concept for the God vs. Devil duality. God has no opposite pole, it is one, positive only. This is the secret to the Tesla transmission concept. Action vs. Reaction now is voided.

When considering a resonant coil in its fundamental mode of oscillation, as the Tesla “Extra Coil”, the potential e at the terminal end is 90º (pi/2 radians) ahead in time phase compared to the E.M.F. E at the lower end. This is given by the relation e = (b/a)*jE Where e, the Electrostatic Potential in Volts

E, is the Electro-Motive Force in Volts

a, is the Power Factor

b, is the Induction Factor of the Oscillating Coil It is hereby seen that no circulation of flux lines is possible, hence the coil becomes “Longitudinally Transmissive.” Potential e and E.M.F. E exist in separate time frames. This relationship cannot be produced by a two wire (T.E.M. quarter wave line because here the laws of circuitation rule. It must be a single wire so configured as to allow propagation normal to the axis of the metallic boundary, (L.M.D.).

Hereby enclosing the electrostatic terminal of a Tesla transmission system within a metallic sphere will fail to shield the radial dielectric lines of force, whereas a dipolar system within the metallic sphere cannot get out of this sphere except that leaking thru the transmission line entry opening. It is that simple, but no one gets it. Every one jumps back to Bearden, Corum, Meyl, and stays mystified, WHY?

Certain considerations present themselves when applying the notion of “Antenna Gain” with regard to T.E.M. and L.M.D. propagation. The directivity of T.E.M. waves is based on the spatial dimensional relation of area. High gain is a large aperture, centimeter square, (a big dish). It is given dimensionally as Area equals

Width times k*Height This is a cross product, k is the right angle operator, a versor of dimensionless form. Wave propagation is normal to the surface of this area of width cross height, on the axis of versor k. Heaviside calls this Vwh = l The transverse product of width and height is length. V is his vector product operator.

The situation is much different for the L.M.D. wave. Directivity here is co-linear, or axial. Dimensionally it is given as Length times Length

Equals Length squared Wave propagation is co-linear with this length squared. This axial “Antenna” must now be counter – spatial in form, that is, it must be subdivided. The apparent physical length here is now only an integrated resultant derived from the summation of counterspatial spans. A ruler with 16th inch spans has a physical length of one foot. Hereby it may be that a “Big Dish” is not the way to go for L.M.D. waves.

However, by another line of reasoning, since we have no established Truths as of yet, consider “Electric Sound Waves” in the Aether. After all that is what Tesla said. See Thornberg’s work on “Maxwellian electric sound waves in the Aether”. So it is required to make an electrical analog to sound. Helmholtz works to cover this but Heaviside points out the math is no good.

The P and S seismic wave analog looks good. What is needed is an alternative to Mu in Henry per centimeter and Epsilon in Farad per centimeter. In the L.M.D. theory it is not Mu nor Epsilon but per (Henry – cm) and per (Farad – cm). This is seen in the P & S wave papers sent to me by Lamare. Tesla praised Helmholtz but it may take another Oliver to make it work. Here a “Big Dish” may work.

Finally, I put out on the “Heretical Builder” forum an Alexanderson “Antenna” for the 160 meter ham band. It is a scalar (space) wave guide structure and has no wavelength, hence “space scalar”. This network is scaled upon the 18.6 kilo-cycle version made for the Navy at station KET, Bolinas, California. A scale of 100 to 1 was selected hence 18.6 kc becomes 1860 kc, a ham frequency. This network produces a Longitudinal Dielectric form of propagation, with no magnetic component. Pure “Dielectric Waves” ala J.J. Thomson. Space scalar transmission may be possible between identical units in phase sync. A great ham radio project, but you will not find it in QST. But no one makes it, has Ham radio, once considered a National Technical Asset, now become a useless hobby of self denial? If so, the F.C.C. will no longer consider it valid and take steps to phase it out of existence by some “911 phantasy laws”. So do we run back to Bearden’s dipoles smashing electrons on the 405 freeway, back to Meyl’s Edmund Scientific Toys, and back to the Corum math masterbations upon the resonant coil, back to the feet of the one wing parrot? I hope not!


Einstein, Tesla, and the Wizard of Oz

http://www.energeticforum.com/169246-post622.html at 11-29-2011, 02:33 PM

Einstein and his theories can be expressed by an animal story: As understood thru his writing Relativity as a “package of ideas” is in many ways similar to the “egg of the coo-coo bird”. The coo-coo bird builds no nest of its own, it looks for the right next among those other birds. Here found it lays its egg in the selected next of another bird. Upon hatching its chick forces the others out of the nest, over the side. Such is the growth cycle of Relativity, as given by Einstein.

In order to understand the Einsteinian reasoning certain logical relationships are taken from “Relativity”, by Albert Einstein, Random House Publisher, 1916, page 50. Here given is;

(1) Proposition (A) is Electro-Dynamic Theory, Maxwell – Lorentz.

(2) Proposition (B) is Relativistic Theory Einstein – Minkowski.

(3) There are many experiments in favor of (A), or also in favor of (B).

(4) These experiments “limit the theoretical possibilities” so that only (A) holds to the test of experience.

(5) Certain experiments conform to (A) thru an “Auxiliary Hypothesis” which is “extraneous without (B).”

Consider Einstein’s statement on the same page 50;

“In the theoretical treatment of these electrons we are faced with the difficulty that electro-dynamic theory of itself is unable to give an account of their nature.” “For since electrical masses constituting the electron would necessarily be scattered under the influence of their mutual repulsions, unless there are forces of another kind operating between them the nature of which has hitherto remained obscure to us.”

Forces of another kind, you mean the dielectric lines of force, removed from obscurity by the Faraday – Thompson concept of induction? Every electron is a motional terminus of a quantity of dielectric lines of force, these lines contracting and stretching like rubber bands, giving motion to the terminus electron. The thermionic electron contracts, pulling the electron, the cathode ray stretching, pulled by the electron. In the former case the lines of force are dissipated, in the latter case the line of force are projected, both cases the electrons assume ray like motion, with non participating lines of force filling the voids, directing the electrons. Hence, it is the electrons travel in straight lines, that is, rays.

These facts have been known from the initial invention of the “Vacuum Tube” by Sir William Crookes, leading to the extensive experimental work into atomic science by J. J. Thompson, and Nikola Tesla. It is here seen that the so-called electron is only a shadow, its apparent physical mass is only an electrical momentum. There is no rest mass to an electron. It is given here the electron is no more than a broken loose “hold fast” under the grip of the tensions within the dielectric lines of force. They are the broken ends of the split in half package of spaghetti. Obviously this reasoning is not welcome in the realm of Einstein’s Theory of Relativity. Are we to believe that Einstein had no prior knowledge of the most prominent theoretical and experimental work of his time?

Continuing from “Relativity” by Albert Einstein, page 51.

“The second class of facts to which we have alluded has a reference to the question whether or not the motion of the Earth in space can be made perceptible in terrestrial experiments.”…”All attempts of this nature led to a negative result.” Einstein’s Relativity leads to the conclusion that no point of reference in the Galilean sense can actually exist, that is, all points of reference are relative to each other. This relativity is in a Lorentz transform rather that a Galilean Transform. No absolute reference possible, it is everything is relative. This is tantamount to the denial of the existence of God. Forgotten is that relativity did not find favor in its day, for this very reason, it is atheistic. Like Existentialism, or Cubism, Relativism represents a most destructive philosophical construct by which to afflict modern man. The destructive philosophical forces flowered as the “Third Reich”.

The monophasic dielectric forces developed thru the work of Nikola Tesla nullify relativistic relations. Tesla, thru a unique space-time hysteresis electrically “grounded” to a zero order Galilean coordinate system. It is also the cathode ray projector tubes utilized by Tesla in his atomic studies also nullify relativistic relations. Tesla’s remarks about “radiant matter” indicate the existence of cosmic rays of immense penetrating power moving fifty (50) times faster than the velocity of light (Le Sage particles). Here Albert Einstein is in direct contradiction with the experimental researches of Nikola Tesla, and in complete ignorance of the experimental researches of J. J. Thompson. Einstein “layed his egg” in the “nest of Faraday”. From here it is that “Theoretical Physics” is henceforth divorced from “Electrical Science”. In turn Theoretical Physics made a “Wh*re” of Maxwell, the “offspring” of Faraday.

Recently, in the “Los Angeles Times” newspaper, a series of page long editorials were given on Einstein, this as “Damage Control” over the European C.E.R.N. superluminal particle experiments. The L.A . Times is harsh, stating that C.E.R.N. was irresponsible, and must ask for permission to publish such findings! Later editorial writings express Einstein as the supreme authority, the spiritual master, etc. Well, after all, He pushed to make an E equals mc squared bomb to effect the genocide of the German People. A real holy man, don’t you think?

In epilogue, when Albert Einstein came to America, amid the accolades, and the fanfare, he was naturally introduced to T. A. Edison, the “Axle grease and timbers” all American Scientist-Inventor. The “coyote like” Edison cunningly produced one of his company intelligence tests for Einstein to complete. Einstein did not do so good on Edison’s company examination, he did not know the speed of sound! Is it possible here that Einstein is just another version of Marconi, both in defiance to Tesla. Finally, January 1, 2000 (http://www.time.com/time/magazine/article/0,9171,993017,00.html) A Time Magazine cover declares Albert Einstein the “Man of the Century”. We verily have been duped!

So here we stand. We have penetrated the Giant One Winged Parrot. While the multitudes have been quivering at the feet of this awesome idol, the Poodle went around to the rear of it, revealing no more than a diminutive circus operator at a small control panel. This formidable idol is no more than a giant CIRCUS PROP! Now can we go back to Kansas?


Metrical Dimensional Relations of the Aether

http://www.energeticforum.com/169730-post628.html at 12-02-2011, 07:48 PM

In order to establish the dimensional relations regarding the calculations of the Inductance of the magnetic field, and the Capacitance of the dielectric field, metrical dimensional relations must be applied to the Aether. It is however we really know very little of anything quantitive about this Aether. Names like J.J. Thomson, N. Tesla, G. Le-Bon, W. Crookes, and Mendelev, all have an important role in the Electrical Engineer’s understanding of the aether concept. The physical representation of the Aether as an ultra-fine gas has been qualitivly established, this gas relating to the “Pre Hydrogen Series” of the un-abridged Periodic Table of the Elements. In an analogous compliment is the Trans-Uranium Series of the currently known Periodic Table of the Elements.

This gaseous Aether is the seat of electrical phenomena thru the process of its polarization. This polarization gives rise to induction, which then gives rise to stored energy. Tesla gives a good presentation of his Aether ideas in his “Experiments with Alternate Currents of High Potential and High Frequency.” Given in previous chapters has been the Planck, Q, as the primary dimensional relation defining the “Polarized Aether”, this as an “Atom of Electricity”. It is however, from the views of J.J. Thomson, the Coulomb, psi, the total dielectric induction is the primary dimension defining the “Polarized Aether”. Thomson developed the “Aether Atom” ideas of M. Faraday into his “Electronic Corpuscle”, this the indivisible unit. One corpuscle terminate one one Faradic tube of force, and this quantified as one Coulomb. This corpuscle is NOT and electron, it is a constituent of what today is known as an electron. (Thomson relates 1000 corpuscles per electron) In this view, that taken by W. Crookes, J.J. Thomson, and N. Tesla, the cathode ray is not electrons, but in actuality corpuscles of the Aether. The lawyer like skill of today’s theoretical physicist (Pharisee) has erased this understanding from human memory, it is henceforth sealed by the Mystic Idol of Albert Einstein. If Einstein says no, then it is impossible. What a nice little package.

However, as Electrical Engineers we can give a “Flying Foxtrot” about Einstein, or about bar room fights over the constitution of the Aether. The City of Los Angeles wants its electricity and our job is to get it there intact. How to accomplish this begins with the understanding of Inductance and Capacitance. These represent the energy storage co-efficients of the electric field of induction, this induction in turn a property of the Aether. Magnetic Inductance is thus a dimensional relation for the magnetic properties of the Aether, and Dielectric Capacitance is thus a dimensional relation for the dielectric properties of the Aether. Inductance and Capacitance are thus the application of metrical dimensional relations to certain characteristics of the Aether.

For the magnetic induction the Aetheric relation is known as the magnetic “Permeability”, for the dielectric induction the Aetheric relation is known as the dielectric “Permittivity”. These two terms were so named by Oliver Heaviside. Here the Permeability is denoted as Mu, the Permittivity as Epsilon. These two relations represent the “Magnetic Inductivity” and the “Dielectric Inductivity”, respectively. This pair of dimensional relations, Mu and Epsilon, in conjunction with the metrical dimensional relations defined by the metallic-dielectric geometry bounding the electrified Aether, constitute the dimensional relations of Inductance and Capacitance. It is therefore the Inductance and the Capacitance, L and C are in, and of, themselves metrical dimensional relations. They consist of not substancive dimensions, they are not substantial, they are metrical.

The substancive dimensional relation of Dielectric Induction, psi, in Coulomb, is combined with the metrical relation of Capacitance, C, in Farad, giving rise to the compound dimensional relation of electro-static potential, e, in Volt. (1) Coulomb, Psi, substantial

Farad, C, metrical

Volt, e, compound, substantial and metrical. The Farad “operates upon the Coulomb, giving rise to the Volt.

Likewise, the substancive dimensional relation of Magnetic Induction, Phi, in Weber is combined with the metrical dimensional relation of Inductance, L, in Henry, giving rise to the compound dimensional relation of magneto-motive force, I, in Ampere (2) Weber, Phi, substantial

Henry, L, metrical

Ampere, I, compound, substantial and metrical The Henry “operates” upon the Weber, giving rise to the Ampere.

The permittivity, as a factor of Capacitance, and the Permeability as a factor of Inductance represent aspects of the medium bounded by the metallic-dielectric geometry. Mu represents the magnetic aspect, Epsilon the dielectric aspect of this medium, be it Aether or 10-C oil. Here it should be noted that the electrical activity is contained solely within the Dielectric Medium, not within the metallic portion of the geometry which bounds it. Again, the basic theory of J.C. Maxwell.

The concept of gradients is here again evoked. These gradients, (3) Volt per Centimeter, d

(4) Ampere per Centimeter, m can be represented each in a pair of forms, these giving four gradients total. One form represents the gradient co-linear with the tubes of force themselves, these considered as circuits. The gradients here are in “series”. This condition exists within the “lumped” capacitors and inductors. These gradients constitute “Forces” within the Lines of Induction and can be considered longitudinal in nature.

The alternate form of gradient exists broadside to the tubes of force. Here the inductive forces appear as “fronts” and the gradients can be seen as in “parallel”. This condition exists along the span of the long distance A.C. transmission line. This is, (5) Volt per Span, d’

(6) Ampere per Span, m’ Here the gradients exist perpendicular or transverse to the Lines of Induction.

Hence, as given, the dielectric gradients, d, and d’, as well as the magnetic gradients, m, and m’, can in general exist each as space quadrature pairs, and as such can represent versor magnitudes in space. See Space Versor part in “Theory of Wireless Power”, by E.P. Dollard. Here again basic electrical relations exist in the archetypal four polar form. The dielectric and the magnetic relations each can be expressed as a pair of versor sub-relations, or four relations total. It may be inferred that both the Inductance and the Capacitance each can be expressed in a pair of distinct forms. This is for (3) and (4) THE “Mutual” Capacitance in per Farad, and the “Mutual” Inductance in per Henry, respectively. For (5) and (6) it is the “Self” Capacitance, in Farad, and the “Self” Inductance, in Henry, respectively. Hereby the four co-efficients of induction,

(I) The Electromagnetic co-efficients; (a) Self Inductance in Henry, L

(b) Self Capacitance in Farad, C (II) The Magneto-Dielectric co-efficients; (a) Mutual Inductance, in Per Henry, M

(b) Mutual Capacitance, in Per Farad, K The co-efficient, M, may be called the “Enductance” and the co-efficient, K, may be called the “Elastance”. This four polar condition will be considered later on. In what follows will be in terms of the transverse electro-magnetic form, self Inductance and self Capacitance.

The Law of Magnetic Proportion is expressed by the dimensional relation, (7) Weber, or Ampere – Henry And for the Law of Dielectric Proportion, (8) Coulomb, or Volt – Farad The gradients of the Inductance and the Capacitance, are given as, for the magnetic, (9) Henry per Centimeter, or Mu, And for the dielectric, (10) Farad per Centimeter, or Epsilon. Hereby taking the Inductance gradient, Mu, and the Capacitance gradient, Epsilon, and substituting these into the Law of Magnetic Proportion and the Law of Dielectric Proportion, respectively, the product of the resulting magnetic and dielectric relations gives (11) Weber – Coulomb per Centimeter Square Equals Volt – Ampere – Mu – Epsilon Substituting the following relations (12) Mu – Epsilon, or Gamma Square, (Metric)

(13) Weber – Coulomb, or Planck, (Substancive) And substituting (12) and (13) into (11) gives (14) Planck per Centimeter Square, or Volt – Ampere – Gamma Square Since it is that (15) Volt – Ampere equals Planck per Second Square Substituting (15) into (14) and canceling the Plancks, produces the dimensional relation (16) Per Centimeter Square Equals Per Second Square – Gamma Square Rearranging this relation, the product (11) gives the definitive metrical dimensional relation (17) Gamma Square Equals Second Square per Centimeter Square Or thus (17a) Gamma Square, or one over Velocity Square And it has been determined that this velocity is the velocity of light. This is to say, the product of the Magnetic Permeability, Mu, and the Dielectric Permittivity, Epsilon, is one over the velocity of light square. This relation is the very foundation of the theory of Electro-Magnetic Wave Propagation thru the Aether, this in a transverse induction form. It is a T.E.M. bounded wave. Hence the product Mu – Epsilon is a fundamental metrical relation of the “Luminiferous Aether”, the carrier of light.

It must be remembered that here it is both Mu and Epsilon represent transverse relations only, and thus useful only in a Transverse Electro-Magnetic metallic-dielectric geometrical form.

Break, more to follow.


Explosion at the Shipyard, N.F.G.

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Lieutenant Junior Grade, U.S.N. Albert Einstein is seated before five senior officers at a Judge Advocate General Board of Inquiry. It has been convened at Pearl Harbor Naval Shipyard. Lt. J.G. Einstein is the defendant and the Board is about to issue it’s verdict. The charges are very serious.

It seems that Mr. Einstein utilized a college physics textbook, in lieu of Bureau of Ships directives, in performing operations on a shore power connection. Mr. Einstein employed “his understanding”, as derived from Physics, “Maxwell’s Equations”, in determining the connections for a shore power transformer bank (480V at 1500 KVA). Seaman Lopez was directed by Lt. J.G. Einstein to make the “backward” connections, but Lopez knew the outcome would spell disaster. He learned in his Naval Electricians Mate training that the connection would cross phase, however Mr. Einstein berated Lopez, as Einstein’s Princeton University education overshadowed “Electricity Schools”. Lopez was reminded that to refuse orders would result in a Captains Mast and possible Court Martial under the U.C.M.J. A terrified Lopez closed the switch and was killed in the blast. Four more were injured and the Shipyard was without power for several hours.

Lieutenant Junior Grade Albert Einstein was pronounced –guilty- by the Board. He received a life sentence at Leavenworth Federal Prison. The next day the Chief of Naval Operations issues the following directive to all Fleet Commanders. It reads in part; At 0000 hours U.T.C. Dec 21, 2012 the following order is in effect: The use of Physics Texts in any and all Naval Operations is henceforth PROHIBITED. The next day a Presidential Order is signed abolishing the practice of teaching Electrical Principles by Physicists. (But the Mayan Calendar says we will not make it that far)

We have reached the Final Proclamation. It can no longer be avoided. It is that the “Laws of Physics” find no application in the understanding of Electricity for the Electrical Scientist. The Physicist is best regarded as a subversive from an enemy country, and his efforts best suited for the development of “Weapons of Mass Destruction.”

The entire system of “Units and Dimensions” for electrical work as they exist today are an incongruous quagmire force fit to Einstein’s E equals mc square. Electricity is a “mass free” phenomena. This is given by Dr. Wilhelm Reich in his “Cosmic Superimposition”. Mass has no place in Electrical Units and a directive is issued to remove it from said units and dimensions. The question of mass is touched upon by Oliver Heaviside in his “Electro-Magnetic Theory” Vol I, pages 337 to 339.

Art. 189, Internal Obstruction and Superficial Conduction On page 339, “In the limit, with no resistance (perfect conduction) it never gets in at all. Where then is the current?” There is none.

It is further found that the existing system of units are infected with useless constants such as 4*pi and one over c square, as well as a multitude of arbitrary powers of ten. The systems of units as they exist today are pure N.F.G. This is given by Heaviside, same Volume I, pages 116 to 123.

Art. 90, “The eruption of the 4*pi”

Art. 91, “The origin and the spread of the Eruption.”

Art. 92, “The cure of the Disease by Proper Measure of the Strength of the Sources.”

Art. 93, “The Obnoxious Effect of the Eruption.”

Art. 94, “A Plea For the Removal of The Eruption by the Radical Cure.”

Here now the Primary Directive is issued: Rationalize the system of units and dimensions. Remove all “pathogenic” dimensional relations, MASS IN PARTICULAR. This will follow shortly. (Also, on this matter see “Impulses, Waves, Discharges”, Steinmetz, pages 14 & 15.)

Lamare has pushed forward these writings in order to accommodate the “Moon-bounce Initiative”. Hence certain introductory material for the “Youngsters” must be passed over for now. This “act of genius” on the part of Lamare must in itself be pushed forward; An International Ham Contest to disprove Einstein, (but do not ask the A.R.R.L.). Wow Mr. Wizard, that sounds like loads of fun. Lets get started today.

It should be noted however that Lamare is taking a most difficult path. His route lacks any definite engineering formulation but let me draw his attention to C.P. Steinmetz and the treatment of a related situation. It is found in “Theory and Calculation of Transient Electric Phenomena”, “Transients in Space” and section on “Velocity of Propagation of the Electric Field, Capacity of a Sphere”. When the one over c square and the 4*pi*10^-9 are eliminated, the velocity of propagation of the dielectric field is an independent variable. These relations were given by myself at the International Tesla Society in my lecture “Hysteresis of the Aether”. The P.E.E.E., QRM and Dis-infos were conspicuously absent from this presentation! I wonder why?

It is however, that the Telluric Transmission Networks of N. Tesla are completely engineer-able. This is also true for the U.S.N. Alexanderson systems of transmission. The Rogers U.S.N. system also should be noted. The Tesla “thru the Earth” radio has been rendered mere technical details by the writings of L.V. Bewely, Blume, Steinmetz, and Dollard. In particular note Bewely, “Traveling Waves on Transmission Systems,” chapter on single winding waves, and Dollard, “Condensed Introduction to the Tesla Transformer”, and “Theory of Wireless Power” section on coil Coil Calculations. The Tesla Magnifying Transmitter is now an engineer-able reality, this for any competent radio engineer. The 160 meter Ham Band, (1.8 – 2.0 Megacycle per sec.) is the perfect spot for our “International Contest.” My longitudinal videos show the construction of a “160 meter” flat spiral transformer. These medium wave frequencies along with large paths of transmission on a quadrant of the Earth make velocity determination possible. Note that Tesla’s drawing indicates that velocity depends on the cosecant of the latitudinal angle, it is infinity at the poles and luminal at the equator, if anyone ever bothered to look at the fine print. The pi over two is the effective velocity between the limits of c and infinity. There is no longer any excuse for not implementing Tesla Transmission on the Ham Bands, none!

Now the Coyote has to puke. Up comes the goo & mucus of undigestable matter, what a mess. Forget the Bearden fecal matter, Forget the Corum carrion. IT IS ABSOLUTELY USELESS. This material is Pathogenic, also from another standpoint. There are Journalistic Interest, such as the B.B.C. & etc. that sometimes turn a favorable ear to Tesla concepts. For these interested to get mired in a concatenated sequence of falsehoods & misconceptions is the “Kiss of Death” to any public awareness. It also illegitimizes “The Work” in the eyes of Scientists & Engineers. Puke it up once and for all!

The Bearden zealot stands at the bottom of the utility pole, exclaiming to the lineman on top, replacing a missing cross-arm brace, “You lose half your power in that 33KV line (50% efficient) because you don’t pump the Scalar Waves.” The irritated Lineman drops the brace and now must climb down to retrieve it. Angered, the Lineman slams his fist into the mouth of the yac-yac, knocking him to the ground and shouts, “This Line is 98% efficient you moron.” What more can I say, Heaviside E.M. Theory, Vol III, page 1, art. 450.

Adagio. Andante, Allegro Moderato.

“There is a time for all things: for shouting, for gentle speaking, for silence; for washing of pots and the writing of books. Let the pots go black, and set to work. It is hard to make a beginning, but it must be done.” Oliver Heaviside


P.S. It would be nice if someone puts all the aforementioned references, in part if too lengthy, on the Energetic Forum, this for easy review by the causal observer.

Prelude, Quadra-Polar Electricity

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It has been repeatedly observed in the previous writings that any given dimensional relation, say Volt, Ampere, and etc always exist in a dual relation. This is known since it is e, in volts and E, in volts. The geometric archetype of the electric phenomena is four polar. This polar quadrantal form is well expressed in Native American art forms. These serve as their "Versor Diagrams" for the four polar seasons and lunar positions. These are important for those that "live outside". See "When Stars Look Down" for a good popular, not technical, description of this topic. The quadra-polar concept in the mind of Nikola Tesla resulted in the polyphase motors and generators of todays AC technology.

It is likewise, Inductance and Capacitance are a pair of co-efficients representing a pair of fields, and in turn each representative co-efficient in itself exists as a pair, hence giving the four co-efficients total.

Steinmetz first noticed this quadrature pair of inductances in his study of the AC power transformer. This inductance now exists as a pair of inductances: the Leakage Inductance, L, and the Mutual Inductance, M. The lines of induction for L are at right angles (Space Quadrature) to the lines of induction for M. So it is L and M do not "see each other". Alexanderson utilized this is his magnetic amplifier. Here the saturation flux must be in space quadrature with the power flux. It is then that the two are separated but in the same core. In a metallic-dielectric form it is given as a torroidal magnetic circuit, wound with a pair of metallic circuits, one in winding around the core cross sectional area, the other winding at right angles to the torroidal windings, this being circumferal around the core. (See Alexanderson Patents). Here derived is a "Quadrapolar Inductance Coil". This quadrapolar inductance, LM, serves as a first step towards understanding tesla type transformers. Needless to say P.E.E.E. Pupin rudely declared Steinmetz as un-Maxwell. So Here we go again.

With regard to parameter variation only the first step has been taken. For example: Henry per 1, or Henry

Henry per 1 second That is to say Henry per second, or Ohm But what about Henry per second square, or what?

Hueristic (see Guillimen) dimensional relations will be utilized as before.

To quote Maxwell "Electricity and Magnetism" volume 1, page 2;

"A knowledge of the dimensions of the units furnishes a test which ought to be applied to the equations resulting from any lengthened investigation. The dimensions of every term of such an equation, with respect to the three fundamental units must be the same. If not, the equation is absurd, and contains some error, as its interpretation would be different according to the arbitrary system of units which we adopt."

Here utilized are the "Three Fundamental Units":

1. Planck

2. Second

3. Centimeter

See "Theorie de Chaleur" by Fourier



The Eagle Has Landed

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We have landed, and it is now possible to understand electricity with complete freedom from the shackles of Physics. We are now entering a New World and it is yet to be discovered what wonders may lay ahead.

We have broken the “Einstein Barrier”. He has been left behind on the Prison Planet, but Oliver has been taken with us. We are not done with him yet. No one will live long enough to exhaust the works of Heaviside, and in all probability, Human Society will not either.

The electrical “System of Units and Dimensions” that have been established and taught in the “Schools” of today is encapsulated in a thick coating of E equals mc square, intermingled with the likes of four pi and one over c square, and peppered with a multitude of arbitrary powers of ten. This system is really a complete, absolute, mess.

In order that we may continue to utilize the established size of the Ohm, Volt, Henry, and etc, and remain in accord with the new system of dimensions that has been presented in my series of writings, a mathematical “adapter” must be derived. This adapter will also make lucid the sheer extent of the mess. (See table at end)

Previously established in my writings has been a concrete dimensional system for the description of the “Electrical Phenomena”. These relations will serve as the screws, nuts, and bolts with which to construct a revised concept of electricity, this in accord with the efforts of J.J. Thomson, Oliver Heaviside, Nikola Tesla, and Carl Steinmetz. We no longer need to be involved in the convolutions of the Pendant, the Mystic, and the Dis-informer. They are back on the prison planet with Albert Einstein.

Three dimensions form the primary basis for subsequent relations:

(1) Q, Total Electrification, Planck,

This is our substantial dimension, the spaghetti, or the milk; and,

(2) t, Time, Second,

(3) l, Space, Centimeter.

These serve as our metrical dimensions, the forgotten past, or the throw-away package.

Subsequently established has been a series of dimensions and dimensional relationships, save yet Inductance, Capacitance, and the Electric Force. Two primary substantial dimensions were established by divorce from Q.

(1) Ψ, Total Dielectric Induction, Coulomb,

(2) Φ, Total Magnetic Induction, Weber.

Derived then are four secondary, or compound, dimensional relations:

(1) I, Displacement Current, Ampere,

(2) E, Electro-Motive Force, Volt,

The laws of induction; and,

(3) e, Electro-static Potential, Volt,

(4) i, Magneto-Motive Force, Ampere,

The laws of proportion.

Hereby it is we have two Volts and two Amperes: Volt; Weber per second, E,

Volt; Coulomb per Farad, e, And Ampere; Coulomb per second, I,

Ampere; Weber per Henry, i. These four dimensional relations serve the principle needs of Electrical Theory.

A pair of auxiliary dimensional relations are also important. These are given as,

(1) Energy; Joules, or Planck per Second

(2) Activity, or Power; Watt, or Planck per Second Square.

Here we have arrived at eight principle dimensional relations for the understanding of Electrical Theory and Practice. All other dimensional relations are developed from consideration of the Metallic-Dielectric Geometry and the Aether with which it is engaged.

In our effort to cleanse the system of units and dimensions, a foremost extraneous element is the “Bogo”, and its arbitrary powers of ten. The Bogo, bs, is entwined with most electrical units. Its function is to involve all electrical relations with “charge carriers” and E equals mc squared, the pathogens injected by Physics. With lawyer like skill the Bogo has been contrived in such a manner as to simply cancel itself out within most dimensional combinations, remaining itself occult. The Bogo however continues to lurk as a mischievous spirit.

Three primary dimensions make up the Bogo, (1) Mass, m, Gram

(2) Charge, q, “Coulomb”

(3) Numeric, b, 4*pi*10^-9 A principle dimensional relation in the makeup of the Bogo is given as, Gram per “Coulomb square”, s. The “Coulomb” here has an adulterated meaning, it is “charge” rather that Total Dielectric Induction. Hence the quotation marks on Coulomb. This is what Steinmetz refers to as a “Prehistoric Concept”. This relation, s, is the significant pathogen so its removal is of primary importance. This factor s is the “Seed of Confusion”.

On the Magnetic side of electrical relations it is for example;

Henry, L, centimeter square

This in the pure form, and its “adapter” is given by, s, Gram per “Coulomb” square, Multiplied by, b, 4*pi times ten to the negative ninth power Hence the application is given by L’ equals b*s*L, C.G.S. Henry. On the dielectric side of the dimensional relations it is for example, Farad, C, Numeric. This is in pure form, this dimensionless numeric Farad is based upon the numerical value of one over the speed of light square as has been previously discussed. The “adapter” is given as the product of Per (gram per “Coulomb” square),

Per (4*pi times ten to the negative ninth power), And properly, Per Velocity of Light Square, Substituting the relation, c, Second Square per Centimeter Square Gives the complete dimensional expression as, “Coulomb” Square – Second Square Per Gram – Centimeter Square Hence the application of the “adapter” is given as C’ = C/(b*s*c^2), C.G.S. Farad In order to combine magnetic relations with dielectric relations in an Electro-Magnetic configuration all dielectric relations must be multiplied by one over c square. Magneto-Dielectric relations have not been considered.

Another most stunning pathogenic relation is what can be called the “Sheisenburg non-functionalability Principle”, Weber equals; Coulomb – Gram – Centimeter Square Per “Coulomb” Square – Second Yikes Mr. Wizard, don’t let the coyote eat it! This one is surely meant for Davy Jones’ Locker. Weber equals,….Weber! How simple, don’t you think? It is a wonder that today’s electrical units are of any use at all.

Next down the line is the removal of mass from the dimensional relations for Magnetic Force, and Dielectric Force.* (*Note: These are tentative relations) In addition the Magnetic force and the Dielectric force must be expressed by the same dimensional relation. Also, the Magnetic force and the Dielectric force are considered to be equal and opposite in magnitude when a certain condition exists. This is the condition when the actual, or forced ratio of magnetic induction, phi, to dielectric induction, psi, is equal to the natural, or characteristic, ratio of magnetic induction, phi, to dielectric induction, psi. Here relates to what is known as the Natural, or characteristic impedance of the Electro-Magnetic system, Weber per Coulomb, or Ohm This has yet to be proven, however by intuition it must be correct.

Magnetic force is the product of the following, (1) Magnetic Permeability, Mu,

(2) Magneto-Motive Force, i,

(3) Displacement Current, I, These are defined by the dimensional relations, (1) Mu, Centimeter

(2) Ampere, i, Weber per Henry

(3) Ampere, I, Coulomb per Second And also (4) Henry, L, Centimeter Square The magnetic force is thus expressed by, Dyne, or Mu-Ampere Square

ƒ = μ*i*I, Dynes. In dimensional expression this magnetic force is given as Mu – Weber – Coulomb Per Henry – Second Substituting the relation Mu per Henry, or Per Centimeter And also Coulomb – Weber, or Planck Gives the dimensional relation for Magnetic Force as, Planck per Second – Centimeter Substituting the relation Planck per Second, or Joule Gives the final form in dimensional representation for magnetic force as, Joule per Centimeter, or Dyne. Likewise for the Dielectric Force, ƒ = ϵeE Substituting e, Coulomb per Farad

E, Weber per Second And ϵ, Second Square per Centimeter Cube, Gives the complete dimensional expression as Coulomb – Weber – Second Square Per Farad – Second Substituting the relation Epsilon per Farad, or per Centimeter And the relation, Coulomb – Weber, or Planck Gives the Relation, Planck per Second – Centimeter, And substituting, Planck per Second, or Joule. Arrived at is the final dimensional expression for dielectric force, Joules per Centimeter, or Dyne. It is hereby shown that the magnetic force and the dielectric force are dimensionally equivalent since it is, Mu per Henry, Equals Epsilon per Farad, Or Per Centimeter. This is for the Electro-Magnetic configuration. The Magneto-Dielectric configuration is yet to be investigated. It can be seen that both the magnetic and the dielectric forces, in energy per distance, Joule per Centimeter, represent and “Energy Gradient”, much like “m” and “d”, as previously given.

Turning now to the dimensional relations for mechanical force, ƒ = ma Where it is, ƒ, Force in Dynes

m, Mass in Grams

a, Acceleration in Centimeter per Second Square Expanding gives, ƒ = m*l*(t^-2) The Electro-Magnetic Force is given by the relation ƒ = Q* (l^-1)*(t^-1) Taking the ratio of mechanical electrical force, it is, ƒm/ƒe = n or (m/Q)*(l^2)*(t^-1) Dimensionally it is given as, Gram – Centimeter Square Per Planck – Second And the relation for mass equivalency is given as, Gram, m = Planck – Second per Centimeter Square m = Q*t*(l^-2) Likewise the quantity equivalence relation Planck, Q, = Gram – Centimeter Square per Second Q = m*(l^2)*(t^-1) The dimensions of Physics and the dimensions of Electricity are hence shown in comparison.